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  1. bdomanos added a post in a topic Update : Eu mem market improvement   

    And this is exactly what I assumed - EU apparently is lazy and doesn't want to do scrolls, lol.
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  2. bdomanos added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    The hilarious thing about all this is people are often times literally griefing themselves.  
    A) Learn to Share
    B) Change Spots
    C) Change Channels
    D) Quit, as you won't be missed as you clearly only care about yourself and not the community anyways
    The Karma system is not perfect.  The ONLY solution is creating limited Karma penalty "PvP channels.  However, you all cried (before the XP loss changes) that it would "split" the community to have PvP/PvE focused channels.  You need to live with your mistake and accept the current Karma system or beg PA to actually make separate channels despite "splitting the community" nonsense.
    I'm sure there are a very small handful of people who are maliciously trying to grief others.  Just like there are the idiots who think it is fun to dunk afk fishers or knock off afk horse trainers.  In fact, I bet a fair number are the same people doing all of that.  There will always be jack@#$@ no matter what - deal with it.
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  3. bdomanos added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance April 26th   

    I'd rather see an increase in the number of items (supply increase) you can sell in a week rather than a price increase.  You want the benefit of more silver? Pay up the $$$
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  4. bdomanos added a post in a topic killed while horse training   

    Exactly.  I love the people that complain about being killed life skilling and yet the ability to avoid it exists.  If it bothers you that much, make a life skill only alt.
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  5. bdomanos added a post in a topic Karma bombing vs large non optimized rotation?   

    If you allow yourself to be "karma bombed," it is your own damn fault.
    Being a PK'er is part of the game - it has consequences.
    The old Karma system was magnitudes worse for the player base as a whole, but the current system sucks too.
    If someone is stubborn and refuses to move despite you PK'ing them, you
    Either go red because you want to go red (and then probably ----- that someone karma bombed you...even though that is actually impossible since YOU physically have to do that to yourself under your own control)
    The whole karma system is @#$@# stupid because it is never going to please one side or the other.  Just give us PvE and PvP Channels because the Karma system sucks no matter how it is designed.
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  6. bdomanos added a post in a topic Striker : Talisman or Trinket?   

    Trinket makes the most sense but might be a talisman to absorb all the supply from Sorc to DK rerolls, lol.
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  7. bdomanos added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 19th - *Extended   

    May 17th or 24th - you heard it here first!
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  8. bdomanos added a post in a topic Value Pack   

    Pre-orders for pearl items is a bad idea imo.  I would like to see them A) increase the amount of VP's you can sell and/or B) put a weekly or monthly limit on how many VP's you can buy off the market.  One of those would increase supply and the other decrease potential bidders (so ease demand.)
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  9. bdomanos added a post in a topic Striker off-hand confirmed!   

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  10. bdomanos added a post in a topic BRING BACK EXP LOSS ON DEATH   

    This is when entire guilds controlled all the good grinding spots back before the change so no ty - this was one (if not the main) reason for the change.  If you want xp loss on PvP death, start crusading for a PvP, low karma loss only channel.
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  11. bdomanos added a post in a topic Problems with Legend of Florin event quest   

    Sounds like the perfect use of a level 49 life skill alt
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  12. bdomanos added a post in a topic Striker class (Poll)   

    Not interested.  I will level one for the inevitable level up rewards / free character slot - then possibly delete it since I still need to make a Wizard to go with my two Witch.
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