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  1. Silent God added a post in a topic Best Way to use my time for money   

    I've done the kamasylven tree buff at least three times, with sleeping in a bed and gathering once I have full energy, producing lucky tools (extremely cheap to do and worth the while, unless you do afk fishing at night, you can use magic fluid collectors which can be gained from handing in the fishing seals when you sell your fishes through imperial trading). I also do use a life stone (yellow tier) but I understand that you might not have that right away so I'd say by the end of a week with no life stone but sleeping in a bed and gathering with lucky tools or magic tools, rinse/repeat, after 7 days (duration of the buff), you should have roughly 90 hards, 40 sharps. But that alone is enough to tri all your gear unless you get unlucky but then again getting unlucky gives you stacks for other areas which in a sense can be lucky down the line.

    TLDR: Roughly a week, the duration of the kamasylvn buff. 
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  2. Silent God added a post in a topic Best class to win against DK ?   

    Berserker or warrior would probably be best? I'm not entirely familiar with the classes 1v1 potential but I know that the Dark Knight isn't trash in 1v1 since their kit is very good for kiting. I'd say any class can kill DK but it's heavily dependent on how the class is going to catch her. Once she's caught it's easy but like I said, the kiting is very good on the class. 
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  3. Silent God added a post in a topic Soldier's Grave Mob Density   

    As the true evil duck, you must teach them how to waddle quicker. 
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  4. Silent God added a post in a topic Best Way to use my time for money   

    Honestly just set up the worker nodes for Calpheon, Serendia, Mediah, Balenos timber crates, Brass ingot crates and do active trade rolling. It's been nerfed but only nerfed to a certain limit per day and once you reach the limit, just move on to grinding, gathering and afk fishing at night. Starting the crates is going to net you a ton of money down the line once you do reach Master 2 trading, the fishing over night is 3-6M, grinding with your ap unfortunately is only 6-7M like you mentioned. If you start your crate nodes and crafting now and save them up, it'll be a massive chunk of profit down the line. Also the Master 2 trade won't take that long even with the nerf. Other than crates, you could sell or save the hards and sharps from gathering, selling will give lots of money and saving will making your goals easier. Sorry for the message being all over the place but TLDR: Start the crate node crafting ASAP, move on to fishing every night for afk profit and relics, while in game you should do gathering, RBF daily for the 200 extra energy. If you really have time to invest, use a kamasylvn buff to get increased chances at hards and sharps and sleep in the bed to regen energy over time, repeat. You should get over 100 hards and over 50 sharps, not even being 100% active which is a lot of money and should be enough to sort out your tri gear. 
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  5. Silent God added a post in a topic This sounds awesome!   

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  6. Silent God added a post in a topic Best class for perma red -1mil karma.   

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  7. Silent God added a post in a topic Get rid of the stupid bidding when....   

    But that 1x listed beer for 500 silver cheaper is going to be highly contested. No but honestly, I agree, hopefully they send this suggestion over to KR and that it gets implemented. 
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  8. Silent God added a post in a topic How much crates can u loose if u die?   

    I guess you learned to be more aware, crates too valuable. Using a Pony though, I can respect that.  
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  9. Silent God added a post in a topic Awakened Black Spirit Crystals and Kakao servers LOL   

    Just combine both of these, should get you by. 
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  10. Silent God added a post in a topic Do you think BDO will last long enough?.   

    It'll last a decent while, there's enough going on with the game, it's not the biggest or the best financially stable game but it has the resources to last a good while. Note: Just my assumption based off the current sales of the game, how the game was after p2w was announced, other countries versions of the game and how the game currently is. 
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  11. Silent God added a post in a topic Let negative karma players defend themselves if attacked   

    You missed the irony behind it. There's a reason why it's in quotations. 
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  12. Silent God added a post in a topic Let negative karma players defend themselves if attacked   

    I'd prefer not to share a rotation that I already have to wait for mobs to respawn on. It's asking someone to waste their time to benefit someone who they do not know, plus if the person doesn't want to leave after being asked and intentionally goes out of their way to make someone lose karma, I'd prefer not to "share" with that person. Not to mention (not directed to everyone) that the majority of these players who karma grief will follow it up by remarks like "i got all day idiet". TLDR: I don't mind sharing a grind spot if I'm not already having to wait for the mobs to respawn and if the person isn't going to be an "idiet" about the situation. 
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  13. Silent God added a post in a topic Game Disconnected on 87Mill Muskans AS I clicked Purchase   

    I don't think Support can do anything for you in this scenario, unlucky. 
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  14. Silent God added a post in a topic kzarka or liverto which best for DK?   

    Kzarka is better. Liverto just gives critical and kzarka gives attack speed. Attack speed benefits Dark Knight much more. Also the general consensus is that Kzarka gives more accuracy than Liverto so all in all, the Kzarka just benefits the class much more in every aspect. 
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