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  1. Tutorial Boss added a post in a topic Dim magical sub-weapon   

    I have had a similar problem as well. I already possess an Ornamental Knot, but for some reason it gave me the quest to turn in a Dim Ornamental Knot for an Ornamental Knot, which I've already done to get my ornamental knot.
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  2. Tutorial Boss added a post in a topic Post-50: Wot do?   

    I actually had a problem actively trying not to overlevel for my quests, because I didn't want to grow too overleveled for the areas.
    +15? Should I be looking for a specific weapon first, because I'm still using one of the old quest weapons and my armor set is Taritas.
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  3. Tutorial Boss added a topic in General   

    Post-50: Wot do?
    So I've just hit level 50, and Black Spirit released a bunch of new quests. I've also learned that apparently, the black spirit questline is going to end in a little. So far I've basically just been following that, so I want to ask: what should I be doing post-50? What kind of quests, grinding what? I've been producing beer and working on getting CP(speaking of which, good ways to get contribution points?) so I can put together some production and lifeskilling fishing, I'm more questioning what I should do on the fighting side of things.
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  4. Tutorial Boss added a post in a topic Thinking about purchasing   

    (I also don't have the game yet, so this is just stuff I've heard/learned)
    You can actually get the value pack through auctionhouses for in-game currency. I've seen the prices, and they're not too extreme for late game.
    You'll want those 4 pets for farming, but often you'll want to level up those pets by breeding them, which takes 2 pets of 1 level to make a third one that's possibly the next level. One level 4 pet, from what I can tell, costs about 80-100$ depending on your luck.
    Also, there's a gift package around that's really value. It gives someone the game for 9.99, offers either a polar bear or 1000 pearls (which is the same amount of pearls you'd get for 10$ anyway) If anyone offers you one, if you give me it I'll buy one for you ;).
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  5. Tutorial Boss added a post in a topic Some Noob Questions   

    Thank you! :> Any specific recommendations for what type of inventory to get? What are these crates stuff?
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  6. Tutorial Boss added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Some Noob Questions
    So I'm enjoying the game so far, but I have a few questions.
    1. What exactly is the point of conversations with NPCs?
    2. What should I do (with my workers) after getting a reasonable grain (beer) production?
    3. Does making more characters actually increase your energy? Why do people reccomend making alts for energy?
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  7. Tutorial Boss added a post in a topic New players   

    I'm a scrub, so I don't know, but as far as I can tell pking in this game has little to no point.

    People get no benefits for PKing, and karma has a -----ton of downsides, so really pking has almost no point outside of tournies or node wars. People could do it, sure, but it just messes them up and has little to no benefit. Other than being a -----, anyway, and getting rid of karma is apparently ultra difficult.
    The biggest problem you might have is deciding who gets the gift package benefits, heheh. I wish I had a polar bear. Or someone to get me a gift package.
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  8. Tutorial Boss added a post in a topic [Press Start] - Player Self-Assistance Links   

    Do you guys have any advice on the worker/buying house system?

    Love the link database so far, btw.
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  9. Tutorial Boss added a topic in General   

    Guest Pass & Gift Package Question
    So me and a friend are getting into the game, and we're both on the 7 day trial. Is it possible for us to both buy the Gift Package, and gift each other, even though we're both on trial?
    Edit: We were originally going to get another friend of ours who has been playing for a lot more to buy us both the package, and send us the bear, but apparently the game has no trading, so...
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