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  1. SlyFox79 added a topic in General   

    need some help with gear
    i'm  half way to lvl 52 wiz and still not sure how or where to get better weapons and armor i have 62AP/90DP
    i'm not sure how to go about getting better gear if i should farm for it or craft it and what the best gear is and i've only been playing for close to 2 weeks.
    blue ultimate basteer staff +7 38-42AP
    green basteer dagger +1 5AP/DP
    green +6 taritas helm
    green +6 taritas gloves
    green +6 taritas shoes
    green +6 agerian armor
    green yuria belt
    blue witch earing 5ap
    blue jarette's earing 4ap
    jarette's ring x2 4ap each
    blue bansho's necklace 10dp
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  2. SlyFox79 added a post in a topic coming to PS4 when ?   

    can't call me a liar if i have no idea if its true or not lol confused maybe,clueless probably but not a liar sir :-P
    i'd suggest just google search it 
    I think it probably won't at least i hope not those control schemes would suck with a controller
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  3. SlyFox79 added a topic in General   

    coming to PS4 when ?
    I heard awhile ago that this was coming to PS4 but does anyone know for sure if it is or not ?
    i'm confused on how the controls would even work out.
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  4. SlyFox79 added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    Travelers pack went to wrong account
    I just bought the travelers pack (29.99) and i didn't get it for the right account (different email vs what is linked the the credit card) how can i get the travelers pack transferred to the one i'm playing on ?
    i didn't like my character name or family name and instead of paying to change it i made a 2nd account and did it right so i really need the travelers pack for the right account.
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  5. SlyFox79 added a post in a topic New player needs help with housing and crafting   

    ok cool thanks this gives me a idea how things should work more clearly 
    i'm looking at the more unique stuff in this game as more of a priority.
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  6. SlyFox79 added a post in a topic New player needs help with housing and crafting   

    good to hear, i'm just confused with so many options for stuff
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  7. SlyFox79 added a topic in General   

    New player needs help with housing and crafting
    i'm currently lvl 41 wizard, roaming around doing quests but i wanted to do a bunch of stuff and need some advice.
    how do i access places i've bought to level up the homes or sell them ?
    is there any main city hub that is best for buying a lot of property up for crafting,storage ect ? i wanted to have a few towns/cities as hubs for storage/crafting ect.
    would it be best to have one main focus per room ? like i bought up most of Glish and was trying to figure out what each room should be for ?
    because i noticed if i switch between say storage or residence i gotta pay and wait for it to switch and level up again.
    basically right now i wanted to try out crafting and i have two workers i hired but i'm missing something, because i can't seem to send them anywhere, one is from glish and the other from heidel.
    the idea i had for crafting for starters was to catch horses (can't find any yet) then make crafting shops for horse equipment and have my own stable.
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