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  1. TT added a post in a topic Quest The First Sailboat Bound to Magoria.   

    Thanks it helped (the speed of running also affects swimming)
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  2. TT added a post in a topic This game is a parasite.   

    Maybe you are right. But in this game there are so many good things,but a few bad things make it so much worse.
    This is feels not like a challenge but struggle.
    And my black spirit in alts is big and evil and constantly mocks them.
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  3. TT added a topic in New Adventurers   

    This game is a parasite.
    This game is a parasite? The game in which you spend a lot of time to get nothing. 
    The drop rate is incredibly small. People already offer real money for things at the auction. Things you need to play in Valencia, or further on just do not sell on the auction and do not drop from mobs and bosses.
    The deficit of everything you need just frightens. And for the crafters even worse. More than not enough black stone powder, a profession with every patch get Nerf. Silver embroidered Clothes improves worse than the accessories (no possibility to use cron stone).  At the auction from the beginning of the game only 1  +4 Silver embroidered Clothes was sold. Even the ogr ring +4 was sold 19 pieces.
     Raising the level after 56 is too boring and long. And there are no normal places to raise the level. 
    Improving weapons just infuriates. Every few days I want to delete the game. And no one will want to pay the game that he wants to delete.
    About the game store with inflated prices people have said many times. But really is there a benefit in 1 person buy a suit for 30 euros than the 100 people for 3 euros?  And valu pack If it cost 5 euros, everyone would buy it. The same applies to the functions and pets If the pet was worth the euro people would prefer to buy them all. And the function for alts is now rarely bought.
    It's feels that this is not a game but a job. The game should be to relax, relieve stress.  And not to cause hatred,desire to delete the game every night. The desire to smash the monitor by hitting the face of the black spirit. 
    In this game such a big interesting world. I want to enjoy THIS game and NOT wait in it until some interesting game is released.
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  4. TT added a post in a topic What is BDO?   

    This game is a parasite.
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  5. TT added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Quest The First Sailboat Bound to Magoria.
    Quest "The First Sailboat Bound to Magoria" Can not be done without the pearl shop suit.
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  6. TT added a topic in Suggestions   

    How to make the field bosses not so boring.
    It would be interesting if the players could call the bosses themselves. Within half an hour. Random players can get map parts from any activity.  
    1) And when players gather together they perform a search ritual that will indicate where the field boss is found. The ritual may be something like the summoning of daily bosses but involving 5 players or more. After the ritual, in a random location on the map appears the location pointer of the field boss. Which all players can see.  
     It is possible that many players will find parts of the map with the location of the ritual. But the ritual of search will be performed only by those who have gathered together in the location of the search ritual. Parts of the maps of all others after the ritual become invalid
    2) Or parts of the map indicate where special mobs are located. The murder of which will cause the appearance of a field boss in a random location.
    If the player does not want to participate in the call of the field boss  He can throw out the scroll so that someone else could find it. If no one uses a part of the card within half an hour, it disappears from the inventory.
    It would be nice if the warning about the appearance of field bosses did not disappear so quickly. It's probably worth it to show it in a separate line.
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