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  1. MononokeZ added a post in a topic Tired of server problems?   

    I really like bdo but for people with lower quality internet and living rather far from the NA server (east coast) this is hell plane and simple I get lagged allot like if I could see my lag it will be like 250ms. Now if you think that's just my net your wrong I have had good days where my Ms may be around 150-120 or even 80ms (which is what I avarage in most games) and my game more fun my fps are better my damage latency which is so damning that anyone who experience it knows how dreadful it is when you hot a target and your damage is late or worst is 0 because you actually didn't hit them, I know for a fact that it's not my side but there's because I can play some very fast pace games like overwatch or warframe or elsword blade and soul even co-op killing floor and this lag is not even present and o get 80-100ms which is green Ms in black Desert only it's almost cringe worthy how bad the lag is
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  2. MononokeZ added a post in a topic Spring love is in the Air! Couple screenshots!   

    These are cute
    only ask one person out and got stumped... So like..this won't ever happen for me
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  3. MononokeZ added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    I never played wow (kill me for it :P) it was out when I didn't even know what a computer was
    Guild wars 2: I played the free version of this game and it's not bad I see no reason to say it's bad or to say it's good I don't see why people would even argue or compare it to black desert sense it's aimed at a very different audiance MMOs are not all aimed at a MMO player in general
    There different MMOs for different people with similarities yes but always slightly different as well as different pay to wins and ways to progress different game plays oh and of course different Themes
    Guild wars 2 for me was not awesome but was ok I actually like the combat and the world overall I just didn't care much for the characters and the creation as well as the story
    Black Desert for me is ok but after hitting level 50 I felt black desert get well. Less interesting black desert does not hold me (me) one my biggest gripe is the lack of outfits and the fact these outfits they have In shop (if you want the full set) cost $$$ lots of $$$ then there is pets which is consider pay to win but we like to call it pay for convince and it is.. sorta 
    Black Desert compared to other MMOs I feel black desert has way more potential it's just young right now and sense it's going up on steam soon we may see some good or game killing changes
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  4. MononokeZ added a post in a topic BDO on Steam? Nah.   

    Am I the only person. Ok with black desert being added to steam. It will be easier convincing my friends to play now sense if they looking for it just look on steam
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  5. MononokeZ added a post in a topic Strange sparkly ball of light on ground   

    Awesome ty for info
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  6. MononokeZ added a post in a topic Coming this Sunday....   

    Aw to bad I didn't get see this
    It's cool that the GMs want to socialize with the community
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  7. MononokeZ added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Strange sparkly ball of light on ground
    We are still relatively new to Black Desert Online and we decided to explore a beach near the Masked Owls when we found this on a sorta mini island nearby the beach barley a swim away and we were wondering what is it?

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