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  1. BloodyCleave added a post in a topic Pirate Fanart Contest   



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  2. BloodyCleave added a post in a topic Red Nose World Boss.. Fail at scripting?   

    Indeed, and it hurts alot........

    Yes i can confirm this as a warrior myself, its impossible to do anything.. and then start talking about 'We' are the tankers.. but all we get is a 1 shot kill from a "Red Nose"...
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  3. BloodyCleave added a topic in General   

    Red Nose World Boss.. Fail at scripting?
    Dear people,

    Today we did the Red Nose World Boss.. We died over and over but at the end we stand tall and killed the mob, once it died infront of me i didnt receive anything?! wait what? why only me? there was even a guy who came last 1 sec and he got a loot aka liverto bundel without doing anything??!?! Seriously wtf? DAUM IF YOU ARE READING THIS: Just be honest and tell me.. Do you guys fail at scripting or what? why I didnt get anything???????? did i just lost 10% exp by dieing for nothing???!!!!! 

    There are so many other things that are still not fixed etc.. and you guys just make small updates for more then 8hours.. like seriously? if you cant make something then dont start doing it..!

    Yes im Pissed off.. and yes its still fkign weird that i didnt get anything! You guys didnt even respond to my tickets that i applyd a while back when i had lots of buggs for differnt things!!! Now i know for sure that you guys aka DAUM is the same as TRION, this is just a TRINO V2. for me now....
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  4. BloodyCleave added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Horse Spawn Bug?!
    Dear BDO Team,

    Today i was playing Black Desert Online, then i left to go to work. Meanwhile i was in Mediah city and my horse was just next to me when i left... Then i just came back from work and opend BDO... Then My Horse was gone?? so i tryd to call it it sayd its too far?? i looked on the map and it showed me on the other side of the map?? Like Seriously? i didn't even go there once etc..! Can you guys help me out please?? 

    Thanks in Advance!

    ServerName: Croxus
    FamilyName: Brothers
    CharacterName: BloodyCleave

    Ok so today i found out that horses can run away and sail with a boat??? Cause today when i opend BDO it sayd that my horse was at Velia Beach around there, so i Quickly Ran towards it and what i saw was So Strange! Like How Is It Even Possible?! Take a look yourself...

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  5. BloodyCleave added a post in a topic Event: One for all, and all for one. 3rd - 22nd March   



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  6. BloodyCleave added a post in a topic Event: And the oscar goes to… 3rd - 31st March   


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  7. BloodyCleave added a post in a topic Regular Maintenance - 9 March   

    Please Fix the CHAT Also... You need to retyp or press Arrow key and Enter the Same Message like 100x till it sends....... It's Really Annoying ya know.. ;/
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  8. BloodyCleave added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   


    1. Mount

    2. Boat

    3. Wagon

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  9. BloodyCleave added a post in a topic PM Diary 3   

    This means that DAUM And Pearl Abyys, ruined the MEGA SERVER by listening to some idiots on the forums to change this mega server thing... Now you have 3 different servers instead of 1 nice server where everyone should be in which is Always full and not empty... now you can never find any players and make a team or any guild. this means RIP Server. euhm.. Yup Thats it..
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  10. BloodyCleave added a post in a topic PM Diary 3   

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  11. BloodyCleave added a post in a topic Cant get pets anymore?!   

    And even to get more of those % You should need to buy more pets to get that.. so they want all of us to spent 100€ for pets to let them breed etc.. all i see here is: Trino v2 Pearl Abbys Edition...
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  12. BloodyCleave added a post in a topic House Decorations [How to Get?]   

    That was a quick reaction! Thanks man now i understand it!  Again thanks!
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  13. BloodyCleave added a topic in General   

    House Decorations [How to Get?]
    Hey Guys, I was wondering about the player houses how does it work? like how to get decorations for it? i've searched abit on youtube trying to find some videos but i didnt, i saw a screen where u could buy them (cash shop).. But i dont want that. Is there another way to get decorations? Like killing mobs, doing quests, etc?

    I would appreciate it if someone can explain me about this. Thank You in advance!
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  14. BloodyCleave added a post in a topic Inventory slots $1.5 for 1?!?!?!?!   

    Everything is Much in cashshop Dafuq! Trino V2 incomming...
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  15. BloodyCleave added a post in a topic CBT2 Patch Notes   

    GG Told ya guys, Prices will be too high for pets! Pay 2 Win There we Go!!!! Bullshit..
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