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  1. Sibcoe added a post in a topic Leveling speed   

    Thanks guys - appreciate the tips.
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  2. Sibcoe added a topic in Classes   

    Classes with PvE sustain
    Hi Community - I would like to know which classes, after awakening, have solid HP sustain such as life steal or healing etc?  Also worth asking which also have energy sustain
    Important to note which classes do not need to switch back to regular non-awakening for this.  I assume some do in awakened mode, I have not reached 56 yet.
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  3. Sibcoe added a post in a topic Question about musa   

    is it annoying to switch between awakening and non-awakening mode?  Never played an awakened character yet, but this is an incredibly important question, given the amount of hours spent grinding.  If it is even slightly awkward or annoying to switch everytime you need HP it could be really clunky to play.  Any thoughts?
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  4. Sibcoe added a topic in Musa   

    next upgrade
    Hey Musa Community - wanted your advice on which weapon upgrade to go for next. I am about to hit 56 and awakening, and currently using Rosar blade +15.  Is it recommended to upgrade to Pri, save for higher tier crescent or something else?
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  5. Sibcoe added a topic in Musa   

    Taking tons of damage
    Hi - I'm a new player of about 3 weeks, starting from scratch in the game.  I have been trying to level my Musa, which has been awesome, until now.  I am Level 53 117AP/101DP and I am getting absolutely wrecked at Elrics.  I take so much damage and take so many combos to kill that I am eating HP potions every 3 secs to stay healthy.  Can anyone offer any advice on what might be the issue?  Is this normal?
    Thank you.
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  6. Sibcoe added a post in a topic Leveling speed   

    Trying Elrics right now - they wreck me pretty hard at 52   Exp does seem a bit better though.  DP is about 88.  
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  7. Sibcoe added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Leveling speed
    Hi BDO Community - 
    I recently started the game and am loving it.  I have been exploring life skills and leveling a few different classes to see which I like best.  I recently started Musa and got him to level 49.  I found that I was able to grind out level 49 itself extremely fast with buffs and on Olvia +exp server.  Howerver, once I hit 50, the exp seemed to become massively slower.  I went from completing a level in about 30 minutes to taking over 2 hours just to get 10%.  
    I understand there is a massive grind once you get past soft cap at 56, but is it normal to his such a wall at 50?  I am clearing fast, almost 1 hitting packs, I have 112AP and am using a +15 weapon, crystals etc.  At this rate, it would take me weeks to hit 56.  I keep hearing people say it can be done super fast, but I am seeing this incredible slow down.
    I am wondering if I am doing it wrong?  I have tried grinding Helms, Crows Castle, and Catfish at 50 - same result on all.
    Appreciate any advice on where or how to level 50+ more efficiently.
    Thank you!
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  8. Sibcoe added a post in a topic Hit damage wall   

    Thanks for the reply.  So sounds like you're recommending an AP increase to solve the problem?  I am still learning the benefits of level versus AP versus accuracy etc in dealing damage.  Still not sure if some monsters have natural resistances.  It was just like hitting a brick wall though, from the camp before it being super easy greens to the greens at the trolls and golems taking almost no damage.  
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  9. Sibcoe added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Hit damage wall
    Hi all - fairly new to the game and have been trying out wizard.  I was clearing enemies in the contaminated camp and just absolutely destroying them with my Wizard, it was incredibly fun.  I started there with monsters light red to me and was able to stay until they were about to turn gray.  I then moved to two other places to keep leveling.  I first tried the big trolls, and then I moved to some area with golems and spiders.  When I got to trolls and golems, they were green difficulty to me but when I cast spells on them they seemed to take basically no damage.  They took 2-3 rotations of normal spells to kill, and my efficiency dropped massively.  
    Anyone advise if this is an AP issue (AP around 88) or is it a resistance to magic damage these monsters have?  Really wondering what is going on that I am struggling to damage them.  I use mostly lightning skills and rotate in fire spells.  I have a good rotation that was working well at the contaminated refugee camp and other places, but my damage has just dropped off so dramatically that I am wondering what is going on.
    Any advise much appreciated.
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  10. Sibcoe added a post in a topic Just got the game!   

    I'm fairly new too and loving the game, thrilled to have found it and getting immense value from it.  Embrace the complexity in the game, because unwrapping it and jumping into it is so much fun and gives so much to look forward to.  There are so many layers and little details that you mostly never see about the game, but are really cool and you can have fun with.  Overall, find a class you enjoy by playing a few to 20 (which you can get really fast playing on Olvia servers). 
    Welcome and have fun.  
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  11. Sibcoe added a post in a topic This game is a parasite.   

    I am really enjoying the game, including most of the things you seem to dislike.  It can appear complicated etc but it is really not once you unwrap it all.  I am happy and it relieves my stress everyday.  Great game, so glad to have found it.
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  12. Sibcoe added a topic in New Adventurers   

    What is BDO?
    Hi - I am looking for a game that will let me focus on hunting and killing monsters, level up by killing monsters, gain loot to sell by killing monsters and avoid quests as much as possible.  I like the sandbox style of doing my own thing and not feeling like I have to do uninteresting things just to progress.  
    I tried to watch a few streams of BDO today and it seemed like everyone just spent their entire time gathering or selling things or traveling between towns.  I don't think I saw an actual monster or dungeon in the 2 or more hours I was watching.  I also hear a lot about having to leave the game on AFK 90% of the time.  
    Can anyone please confirm if this is a sandbox style game that will let me progress via combat, monster hunting, dungeons etc?  I love an big living gameworld, but I want to play it as a combat player, not necessarily into trading, growing things, crafting etc.
    • 6 replies