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  1. Sandy added a post in a topic Zerk population   

    That laugh tho 
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  2. Sandy added a post in a topic Trading is so Confusing!   

    Is there any way around the magnate debuff? Because that kills any powerleveling of trading right there. I mean after 2-3 hours of trading the trader's stock gets cut to 1/3rd of what it normally is.
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  3. Sandy added a topic in General   

    Weird bug just happened to me
    So I logon this morning to this?
    It's attached to me, what do I do?
    aaaaaaaand I just crashed.

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  4. Sandy added a topic in General   

    How long have you kept your workers working?
    Just curious to see, has anyone gotten down to the 30,000s?
    Here's my hardworking giant who has mined ore 1307 times without stopping.

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  5. Sandy added a post in a topic Bikinis and Bathing Suits   

    If this happens, expect Giants to get even more grabby.

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  6. Sandy added a post in a topic Skill-Addons Any good ones?   

    I did this same thing except with Hidden Strike for HP/MP restore, 3sec cd and follows Unveiling Dagger. I've been using it as filler (F + F + Space) inbetween the bigger attacks like Shift + F (wheel of fortune), Shift + lmb (Kamasylvia Slash), and Shift + Q (Corrupt Ground)
    This is all for pve though, pvp I'd probably switch it up, haven't gotten into pvp yet though.
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  7. Sandy added a post in a topic Skill-Addons Any good ones?   

    F (Unveiled Dagger), which seems to be a pretty spammable skill, has +20 attack against monsters and +20% crit chance
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  8. Sandy added a post in a topic My theory as to why we have not yet visited the land north of Valencia.   

    The link DarkBever posted above is the most in-depth lore website I know of.
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  9. Sandy added a post in a topic My theory as to why we have not yet visited the land north of Valencia.   

    I think I read somewhere that KR Beta had rangers starting there, but scrapped it because people complained about the ferry ride to get back to the mainland 
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  10. Sandy added a post in a topic BDO is not P2W!(Unless you spend $200k per toon!)   

    You can't sell artisan memory, you still need to have the gear and enhancement materials, but it shortcuts the process of enhancing and saves you millions in the process.
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  11. Sandy added a post in a topic BDO is not P2W!(Unless you spend $200k per toon!)   

    The real value of pearls comes in the form of Artisan Memory. The new 4000 pearls for 100 artisan memory saves you 200 memory fragments in repairs of endgame armor/weapons (200 x 750,000 = 150,000,000 silver).
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  12. Sandy added a post in a topic My opinion about why you should stop taking level-grinding too seriously in BDO   

    "Black Desert is basically a sandbox mmo. It's a game where you choose what you love to do"
    Goes on to tell you how to play the game...
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  13. Sandy added a post in a topic Seriously though why is the reward vs punishment for PvP/PK so imbalanced?   

    Do you have a link to the actual study, because I find this so hard to believe, and I can't seem to find it.
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  14. Sandy added a post in a topic Value pack   

    as long as you collect the money when you have value pack active you'll get the 30% bonus. It won't show on the marketplace interface, but you can easily check your silver before/after collecting and see the extra silver received.
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  15. Sandy added a post in a topic Ornamental Knot For DK   

    yep, ultimate-ing an offhand gives it the additional special attack modifier instead of bonus ap/dp. For saiyer though it already has accuracy, dp, and a decent amount of ap, so it's like an all-in-one offhand. What other offhand are you considering? 
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