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  1. KAMIKADzE added a post in a topic Territory of Service - Updated 13.11.2015   

    Well 67 cap was lifted 1,7 years ago or so (just a bit before merge with GPotato) so I managed to get 66 or 67 before I couldn't play once again, don't really remember (last SS I have is dated 2014.05.25 with lvl 66.4535) ;D but yeah haven't seen viking.
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  2. KAMIKADzE added a post in a topic Territory of Service - Updated 13.11.2015   

    Can't say of how is it now but 1,5-2 years ago (when you still supposedly played, since CBT started at the beginning of 2012) I would not say that it was P2W, getting money to buy cash shop stuff was pretty easy (at least on higher levels), in 2-4 weeks or so you could easily farm out enough of money to get all cash shop stuff you needed, with like 3-4 hours/day (that's considering I'm terribly unlucky when it comes to drop, and if there is someone here who know me from the other MMOs, than he/she can surely approve that ).
    Then you could argue that selling cash shop stuff could be considered P2W because of getting money fast, but hey that's pretty much the same for all and any MMO that has something else besides pure cosmetics in their cash shop (you don't even need to go very far away for an example and just look at F2P versions of BDO, as I have no idea how it is going to be here).
    The real problem of C9 is Webzen, unfortunately, even though I got all slots in inventory opened and all cash shop items you would ever need at all (and at that point it doesn't really matter if I bought it from other players or not, as it brought them real cash) when I got a problem that my char from OBT to release was transfered with few missing titles and there would be no way I could reset them or earn, so it would require their intrusion of few seconds to database it took them somewhere near a year to do that, and when they did I could no longer enter the game with my password and I couldn't change it nor reset it via mail, and so I couldn't enter the game because of that, sent a support ticket again and this time it took them 4 month and all they did - manually changed my password on an easily one to crack and sent it on my email, since then I've played with relying primarily on my secondary password which would be harder to crack...srsly (and even then I easily farmed back to top, so I can't really see P2W), and after few month they merged companies with GPotato, since then I can't enter the game even though I can login to site, no reply on the last ticket up until now(well I no longer consider Webzen for like more than a year already, for example there is upcoming title under them that I would try, but only if it wasn't Webzen), not even to mention that I had my Guild established there...and all that is purely their fault.
    Just in case someone here will be Webzen fanboy - you could possibly find aged thread on their forum about my problem as I have posted there as well (because let's face it - waiting months for ticket reply about their fault is not just simply wrong but completely disrespectful, not even to mention that I was asked constantly by my guild members about situation...and still asked to this day from time to time), of course if they haven't removed it by now (as I already said, I'm no longer following this issue, and I know of no reply just because I read my mail doh), and I wouldn't be surprised about that, guess why?
    And yes I'm discouraging anyone to play Webzen titles (even though I'd consider C9 to be one of the best if not the best non-target example of MMORPG so far [haven't played Asker yet, so can't decide]), the worst MMO publisher I have met in my entire life, and I can be surely considered as a dinosaur of MMORPG world. And my attitude to them is entirely their own fault.
    -C9 ain't P2W, C9's problem is Webzen.
    -You're fine with Webzen until you have to deal with their support, or so it was 1,5 years ago and before that.
    Well at least they allowed to play on their servers for those that registered before that change in license, I can play without any VPN/proxy whatsoever, so you could theoretically find out someone who doesn't want to play anymore and could provide you his/her old acc. Though note that I wouldn't recommend Vindictus to unlucky people (e.g. ~250 runs on Ancient Elchulus without tear, and that was even before Season 2) as this game drop is heavily luck-based since Season 2 (Lakiora, Kraken, etc. for like 100+ runs each without any luck). The only way to get those items required for crafting end-game gear or buying gear - is to get tons of money and without luck you'll be able to do that only by farming Enchant scrolls on Hero mode or loading enormous amount of $$$. Even with perfect playing skills you'll still need good enough gear to output good enough DPS on bosses, not even to mention boats names  (that like dungeon party preparing lobby), unless you want to solo, but there is time restriction so good DPS is required anyways. This game is definitely not noob-friendly, unless you're lucky.
    Though note that I haven't played since few month before Season 3 (including it), as I haven't had any time for last year or so, and so I have no idea what's going on there now, though as a newbie you'll still need to run through Season1-2 firstly
    As for petition I agree, it won't change anything, at least for "countries sold to RU publisher", as I previously mentioned - this is just business, the agreement costs money, if RU publisher got rights on us and don't want to share them with Daum then PA will need to refund that somehow to them and that will be surely from pocket of Daum not PA, not even to mention all the hassle, so I doubt Daum and PA would go for that. Though I haven't seen their agreement so don't take my words on it, maybe there is only percentage cut and rights could be claimed back by PA in their sole decision (which I highly doubt).
    What is really more or less possible - license renewal, though I have no idea on what time current licenses were given by PA, but I'm sure that ain't gonna be anywhere close to this date (as for example this is the way Cabal changed its publisher, and it was somewhat 5 years or so).
    Anyway from what I see Daum isn't interested in sorting this out for "countries sold to RU publisher", so if you're from one of those then you should either start on KR/JAP/RU or forget about BDO. If you want then you could still wait for OBT/release though, as it won't take few years more
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  3. KAMIKADzE added a post in a topic Territory of Service - Updated 13.11.2015   

    You've missed my point, I haven't claimed that it is Daum EU fault, they're licensing what they think is good for them, in terms of money gain per price of country, or however the price is figured by PA in EU, in the end it is just business, the point was that they haven't announced block of EU countries from start, and I'm like 99% sure that they knew all the countries blocked by agreement right after they got rights for EU publishing, and you would expect to play EU from EU if otherwise is not stated, moreover they later on announced Turkey block only, so like I was still waiting it, and as I previously mentioned - if there were no complains on forum (the exact reason why this thread was started) I'd probably have to wait up until OBT/release, just to find out that I'll not be able to play on EU server(s). I personally don't have anything against their decision, but they could clarify it a bit earlier, at least they did it before founder packs (or smth else involving money and access)...
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  4. KAMIKADzE added a post in a topic Territory of Service - Updated 13.11.2015   

    I have no idea how many players from those countries will play BDO, but calculating it from amount of closed-nation guilds is plain wrong, even if there will be such then at least half of those won't have recruitment on this forum, some part will join in one chunk, not even to mention this is CBT without proper advertisement, but most will just be international with English, not even to mention that game is not translated to those languages hence most of the players from those countries that would play and stay here - will know at least Engrish, in order to play properly (I haven't heard about any patch to those languages so far, nor someone willing to make it).
    Just to make it clear - I also hardly believe in 15k from those countries at start, later on possibly, but not now, for the most part those who know about BDO are those that followed it for a long time and their friends, but lack of ad campaign is a whole another topic.
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  5. KAMIKADzE added a post in a topic Territory of Service - Updated 13.11.2015   

    I can't really say for everyone, but even if they'll eventually get around to remove IP block like 2+ month after OBT/release then I'm not going to get myself on EU version, even if they move to F2P model (unless I'll get banana on JAP server), as I've mentioned in my previous post in this thread I'll start on JAP server (already have everything needed to start, but just shortly after B&S CBT2 end) so it would be kind of pointless to switch at that time, moreover someone would possibly take my name already (for instant just because of this post xD), not even to mention invested time.
    But I agree with first part of your post, I don't even consider buying Blocked B2P access as an option.
    P.S. To be fair - this whole situation just makes Daum EU look incompetent in my eyes, like if they couldn't say earlier...the list kinda differ a lot compared to first thread about allowed countries (and even this one probably wouldn't be posted up until the OBT/release if there weren't that many complains on forum about it), you'd expect to be able to play on EU server from EU (if opposite is not stated from the start).
    Hopefully there will come out of shadow something like BDO but with proper flagging (like La2) and proper non-target system (like C9) in the nearest time, because it's a bit sad after I've waited BDO EU for like 4 years.
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  6. KAMIKADzE added a post in a topic Territory of Service - Updated 13.11.2015   

    Well...seems like I'll need to play with proxy/VPN and Eng patch on JAP server (not even considering russian server with their fails and spying bloatware) from EU...because * logic. Should have started playing there since release instead of waiting EU version, but oh well I didn't have a lot of time for the past year or so anyway. Good thing is that I already downloaded JAP client and patcher just because there was zero clarification on cash shop of EU B2P, now I'll hope to not get banana there .
    Still gonna check forum from time to time, if something will be changed in your policy let us know, preferably both here in news section and on site as well.
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  7. KAMIKADzE added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    "Please try again later"
    If while logging to forum you see the message equal to the title of this thread then you might have the issue I did, so I'll just leave this info for those who couldn't login to forum, even though that account was created perfectly fine and login to site works:
    Seems like some chars for password aren't supported by forum, even though that are by site (in my case it was "<") and forum gives you false advice currently. What you need to do is pretty simple - change password (you can do that HERE). I also must say that some "special/symbol chars" do work, but I won't name all of those that worked for me due to obvious reason (password safety), so meanwhile devs/admin will work on either solution for all chars to work or add some validation to password creation, it is safely to say that your password shouldn't contain at least "<" and ">".
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