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  1. leettari added a post in a topic Calpheon Timber Crates: another 10M/day for a few clicks   

    You are an absolute godsend to returning folks like me.
    I just want to say a heartfelt thank you from bottom of my heart to you.
    I did play a week or so on launch, then took a break for a month and returned for little over than a month. So we're talking Spring '16.
    Late last week I returned to BDO again. I didn't get far on my first run, I knew some of the basics but there's still a lot to take in (e.g. I didn't hit even 50 last time around).
    Hitting 50 earlier this morning I've started to think life skills more carefully as I still have some workers in Velia and Heidel I want to put in use.
    Much thanks to your humble guidelines I've been able to restart my self-sufficient beer production for getting that CP up with rewards until I move onto more profitable methods.
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  2. leettari added a post in a topic Returning Player - State of the game?   

    So far I've enjoyed my stay, albeit there some minor annoyances.
    Such as the fact there's still no proper 'help' channel in chat and Roleplay (read: Trollplay) gets used for assistance a lot and depending on time of the day heated topic is either Trump, Religion, P2W Game or WoW 1st MMO. Although for now it's enjoyable but I reckon over time it'll get repetitive.
    Another thing I wish there was would be timestamps for chat, such a small QoL could go a long way.
    Pop-ins still seem like an issue although performance wise I'm mostly fine on very high settings.
    Some questionable design choices such as attendance reward reminder (when you can redeem for the next day if you happen to be online when counter resets) popping up mid combat.
    Other than that it's been all positive, more or less.
    Currently leveling a Warrior to catch up my friend. I was going to play Sorceress with him but after ~35 levels I didn't feel Sorceress much. Vastly preferred Witch in terms of gameplay that I'm going to main as my solo character.
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  3. leettari added a post in a topic Returning Player - State of the game?   

    I just returned and Olvia servers all have XP boost and I can enter them.
    However, my friend also returned with me but he cannot enter Olvia servers; what gives?
    I played last time few months after launch, he played briefly (practically logged in and out few times) over month ago.
    How does this work exactly? How does it determine who's eligible for XP boost and who isn't and for how long does it last and when does the counter start?
    Also, can you see it anywhere or nah?
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  4. leettari added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Returning Player - State of the game?
    I played for maybe few weeks around launch and didn't get too attached to it, didn't feel the appeal it had.
    After about couple months I returned and played it for two or three months straight and genuinely enjoyed it although I did not get too far in the game.
    I mostly liked combat and how gardening, nodes, horse taming/breeding and fishing was implemented.
    I felt compelled to complete nearly everything in a zone before moving onto the next one.
    I'd like to get my MMO itch scratched and thought of getting back to BDO.
    How is the game doing, generally speaking, currently?Do servers still feel active or little dead (e.g. compared to ESO/GW2/LotRO/SWTOR/WildStar)Few expansion since I last played have been released; are they all noteworthy in their own right?Is the game (EU/NA) still in active development or do we eventually only get content from Korean version once it's localized?
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