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  1. Novre added a post in a topic Pirate Fanart Contest   


    Well, ----- proportions. Uploaded it anyway now.
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  2. Novre added a post in a topic 5 reasons why I can't take Daum serious   

    rather necro than writing all again
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  3. Novre added a post in a topic 5 reasons why I can't take Daum serious   

    So, we have now the pet & the horse issue solved (great job on that). Still no reply on the misleading dye box names.
    Communication from Daum seems to get even worse. However the problem with randomly closing forum threads got solved.
    We can also see some improvement on the customer support (thanks to Dew), but overall still way too bad.
    Still no official statement about horse tiers. KR also knows what their max tier is. This isn't something that we should've to figure out.
    Ingame Wiki still didn't got fixed.
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  4. Novre added a post in a topic A thread for Fond Farewells   

    @Deska If you wouldn't care, you wouldn't post.
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  5. Novre added a post in a topic Patch Notes 22nd May   

    I couldn't tell the difference
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  6. Novre added a post in a topic Dye Box Names are Misleading and Should be Changed   

    One month has passed and still no answer on this.
    People still getting misleaded by the wrong dye box names. (Biggest issue here seems to be the blue dye boxes).
    @GM_Dew @PM_Belsazar @CM_Jouska
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  7. Novre added a post in a topic Horse-taming Confusion   

    Man, this topic makes me laugh.
    However if you have trouble to finish the minigame, just use both hands for it.
    I would recommend anyway to get one of those:
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  8. Novre added a post in a topic Horse-taming Confusion   

    This minigame was clearly designed for boys.
    If you have a boyfriend i would recommend you to practise with him.
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  9. Novre added a post in a topic Refund Fail ty CS   

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  10. Novre added a topic in General   

    For what do we have Support?
    I wrote 2 tickets so far. One got closed after 2 weeks the other one after 25days. Both times without an answer. (First time because it was in the wrong section by their definition).
    I'm not sure about this, but isn't the support supposed to help players? Why should i write a ticket to just see it getting closed after x amount of time?
    Inbefore "This is not something we can adress via the forums". I already wrote an e-mail to the review team (also without answer so far),
    this thread is to discuss if my definition of "support" is wrong.
    Maybe my expectations are too high because of the standards of the country i live in. Is this kind of support normal for other countries?
    For me Daum-Support is the first support where i don't feel supported.
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  11. Novre added a post in a topic Another patch, no Merv's palette or dye fixes.   

    I wish someone would make a video opening like 50 of those boxes, so we could see if sky is really avaiable in blue dye boxes.
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  12. Novre added a post in a topic Another patch, no Merv's palette or dye fixes.   

    I didn't ment you as in "you"  My english just sucks.
    And you really got a dye that isn't labeled as indigo out of the blue box? Or is it just a very bright indigo?
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  13. Novre added a post in a topic Another patch, no Merv's palette or dye fixes.   

    The dyes you get out of the blue boxes are even called "indigo" when you hover over them. So it's not just "his ideal". It's misleading labeled.
    And you can't tell me that everyone that opened a blue dye box just had "bad luck" to get a indigo dye out of it.
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  14. Novre added a post in a topic Dear Publisher, can you please talk to us?   

    Even the publishers of this very... umm....special game know how communication works:
    Can someone donate CM_Jouska such a hat? Maybe he also starts doing it.
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  15. Novre added a post in a topic Mildly irritated - Pet Appearance Selection   

    Have fun waiting 1 month
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