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  1. Talraina added a post in a topic Which class to stay with?   

    Do you still play your kuno? I noticed you talked about making the adjustment to "going back to warrior" in another thread. If you did, I was wondering why. Shortcomings of the class.. vs you just wanted to do something else.
    I actually want to have one small scale (assassin type) and one siege. For siege, i'm leaning valk and witch as my other potential.  However, for assassin, I'm still not fully decided--but it's tamer, kuno, and maewah.  Of those 3, on paper tamer looks best from forum posts--because it's solid on both PVP and grinding. Maewah is weaker on grinding. Kuno seems pretty decent at grinding--but on PVP, I get a lot of mixed opinions.
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  2. Talraina added a post in a topic Pets are overall real cancer, specially T4s.   

    It would be like if World of Warcraft charged you $250 to use mounts. "But you don't have to have mounts--they are just for convenience." Yeah... 
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  3. Talraina added a post in a topic Pets are overall real cancer, specially T4s.   

    Well, I wish I had known all this before starting this game. I have no problem dropping $40 for some pets, but the tiers and casino is some big time BS. Not only is it hundreds of dollars, but upgrades aren't even guaranteed. I'm past the days of Diablo 2 style looting. I love the combat, graphics, and complexity of the game's systems, but I'm on the fence about continuing because of this.
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  4. Talraina added a post in a topic Is Tamer still taking double damage from magic attacks?   

    Is this really a thing? If it is, why isn't it on the front page and getting a lot more attention (at least from tamers) like the Valk's shield thread?
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  5. Talraina added a post in a topic Which class to stay with?   

    I keep reading tamers take 30% more magic damage.  Is that true?  If so, that sounds pretty awful. And the consensus seems to be kunos have to work three times as hard and have super gear to be even decent.
    OP didn't list sorc, but they are a melee class with awakening that are strong in PVP (all categories) and very good at farming.
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  6. Talraina added a post in a topic <Vertex> Maehwa Siege Gameplay   

    Whenever I see a post from you, I think of this.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSbBvKaM6sk
    Nice vid btw :).
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  7. Talraina added a post in a topic PvP Class for Skill-less player   

    Thanks for the info.
    Anyone else agree/disagree or care to fill in the assumptions with those in parentheses?
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  8. Talraina added a post in a topic Could someone break down DK for me please? Thinking of Maining   

    DK is "broken down" into pieces per your request.
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  9. Talraina added a post in a topic 5 Minutes of PvP | Maehwa L60 221/263   

    Same from ESO?
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  10. Talraina added a post in a topic New Player Looking for Easier Female Classes (after Witch)   

    I did go ahead and make a Maewha. I have read that it is weak at PVE. My son rolled a DK, so I am hopeful by grouping with him that will help. I plan to try a Witch when I'm solo, too.
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  11. Talraina added a post in a topic PvP Class for Skill-less player   

    Can I get a quick tier list on class complexity?
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  12. Talraina added a post in a topic New Player Looking for Easier Female Classes (after Witch)   

    Easy but not witch, which I know is easy from many many other threads.
    So DK is the only one?  Any others?
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  13. Talraina added a topic in Classes   

    New Player Looking for Easier Female Classes (after Witch)
    New player here looking to get into PVP eventually.  I have leveled Kuno to 20...and then I watched some guides, and it looks like that might be a bit too much for me at this point.  Any suggestions for something that might be easier to pick up?
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