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  1. Clunkety added a post in a topic Fix desync issue that puts weapon away during combat   

    ive had this happen to me in the past, you have to give it a few moments for your session to expire before you can log back in on account of it isnt a requested logout, during that time the game behaves as if you are still standing there. Its a purposeful mechanism to stop people just shutting down the game and relogging safe and sound if they dont like the way things are going for them. I think.
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  2. Clunkety added a post in a topic NA BDO = Roll DK or Quit   

    more fool you for thinking you were buying the devs rather than the content then
    though to cheer you up, i too have dashed into destruction more than once. i overcame it by not driving my musa like an erratic teenager in a 2l BMW
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  3. Clunkety added a post in a topic Revert Stupid Enchant Change   

    praise kek
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  4. Clunkety added a post in a topic Suggestions v2   

    sounds great, though theyd have to be careful how they impliment it, on account this isnt your standard mmo setup - no tanks to ragequit, no healers to pretend to dps and let everyone die, and no dps to charge on ahead and kite things away from tanks who cant handle aggro anyway
    hmm.. actually i like the idea even more
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  5. Clunkety added a post in a topic Male equivalent of a sorceress   

    nope, wizard is male, witch is the female equivalent, the genderless term your thinking of would be Mage, and a warlock is otherwise known as an oathbreaker, which is, off the top of my head (youd be surprised what i stuff in there for rainy days, most of it is covered in cobwebs) nothing to do with one's job description. for an idea, if Gandalf is your mage, Saruman would be your warlock. He only does the same magic-ey stuff as gandalf, but he betrayed everyone and turned to the proverbial dark side. Another one would be roger bacon, the friar-come-druid as yoru wizard (which he was revered as, oddly enough for a church type) and edward kelley, who convinced the royal magus John Dee he could talk to angels through a mirror and shagged the queen, as your warlock.
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  6. Clunkety added a post in a topic Buff to anvils   

    that'd mean the anvils would have to cost some bonzer silver, when you consider repairing max durability on anything past ogre rings. Unless they release different grades of anvil that can repair blue and yellow gear respectively, in which case i like the idea. most of the non combat stuff seems to be done afk anyway so it isnt as if they'd be adding some groundbreaking mechanic that everyone weeps over. it'd just be business as usual.
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  7. Clunkety added a post in a topic Why I'm quitting my 30th day.   

    I'd be curious to see what your actual circumstances for quitting are, because though i admit ive been kicked from different servers maybe five times since release, even if it had been triple that number id have still chalked it up to harsh reality as this happens on literally (actual meaning of literally, not american shoolchild useage of literally) every game requiring an internet connection. Ive partied with lads who have been DCd three times in a couple of hours and every single time, by admittance, its from unstable connection, usually wifi from another room. None of this is in any way an indication that Pearl Abyss is out to scam you. If somehow hell has frozen over and the stars aligned and the first Burnley girl ever recorded managed to hit 15 and still be a virgin all on the same day, and there is some inherently bad connection between their main servers and your pc on all but the Olvia servers, then my only advice would be to stay on bloody Olvia.
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  8. Clunkety added a post in a topic Voice chat though the characters   

    this could cause so much more upset in node wars with groups of players being able to communicate freely with each other if the other guys have to keep stopping to type... i  like it. bring it in.
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  9. Clunkety added a post in a topic I'm the only one who feels like the priority in the game is character with tits?   

    Some people are just inherently better at playing some classes than others. I, for a poor example, both suck and swallow as a healer. As a tank, its a different story. I at least spit.
    just kidding, im actually alright as a tank, always been meh at dps, not good not bad just.. you wouldnt notice if someone swapped out with me. Ive been wallopped good and hard by a zerker as a warrior, which im pretty sure shouldnt happen, but gone toe to toe with another zerker for the most epic of random ten minute pvp battles ever as a musa, which is just a maewha with a dong, and ive heard it said a maewha cannot beat a zerker so... yeah. I dont have running pvp knowledge of all classes in all gears at all stages, so take my lil story for what its worth (to save you time; not much) as for Daum recognising their game has some balance issues... yes, yes they do. Almost every patch brings forth a new rebalancing.
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  10. Clunkety added a post in a topic GenderLock is outdated   

    Sorry sorry, I know this comes as very late on (im making something of an unremarkable return after yet another hiatus and boring myself with forum chatter until the 21gb of patches finish downloading) and I really dont want to come across as dismissive but... well. It is as they say; their house their rules. If, as you say, you read about the gender lock and this utterly convinced you that not only was the game cheaply made with no effort in, and that it put you off looking at _anything_ else about it until now, then that speaks more about you than the devs. Every game outside of mmo has gender locked characters (okay elder scrolls doesnt, maybe one or two more that i dont know about, im not a walking library, but if anybugger tries rubbing two examples in my face i will bury a them in a thousand examples which prove my point) and even games in develpment right now still have gender locked characters. if you want to play those games you have to play as the big burly guy with huge beard, or the slim waif of a hip wiggler who can kick someones solar plexus out through their arse through a bulletproof vest. Up to now the only person its ever hurt the feelings of in the history of gaming is anita sarkeesian, and unless you have a friend with a steamroller you dont have much chance of sinking to that level.
    Maybe im just butthurt because i dont get my dark knight because im one of those rare types who wont pretend to be a woman to get free stuff (and to hell with the argument of "well if i have to look at a characters backside all the time" STOP PERVING ON YOUR OWN ARSE ITS SAD) or maybe im completely taking your suggestion out of context because i started talking about ALL games and you were referring directly to classes on games such as this (even then its not a first, tera also has gender locked classes, the gunner and the.. erm.. one with the fists, i forget, and the pedotrap one that you can only play as a ravager if you play as her, yeah that one) But thats just the gender bit. The race bit, on the other hand. You are asking them to redesign and rewrite the given backstory of all the classes, which are race based by the way, all new character models, movements, armours (though admittedly with female armour thats more a case of removing armour than changing it) all of which would add up to quite a bit of work, entirely for free. to keep the minority of the minority of the minority of the player base happy. Who may or may not decide the game isnt for them for entirely different and unrelated reasons a week later. Unless you just write in something akin to the game shrugging its shoulders and say, oh some giants decided to train the pre-teen tamers how to dual wield massive axes and one handed slam things into the deck one day, amen. Now that would definitely be cheap.
    Now to make my tangeant clear; theres nothing wrong with your suggestion, and if the game were still in developmental phases then id back this too, but its not. This is the game, and the devs are busy every day making it run smoother, balancing it, bugfixes, addons, not to mention the self flagillation that is trying to optimise it for ps4 (good bloody luck). As folk have said, its just something you get used to. No harm no foul, eh?
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