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  1. moodswing07 added a post in a topic Two New Classes Join Black Desert Online   

    I'm not upset but anyone else think that they should have used the names Blader and and Plum? Those names traditional or not are just too, well, difficult. They changed Beast Master to Tamer. Why not just leave it Blader Plum to make it easy for us Eu/Na people to spell, pronounce and understand.  
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  2. moodswing07 added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Game Crashes on Character Switching
    Almost every time 9/10 times my game will crash when I swap to another character of mine. I've tried to repair files and it did not fix the issue I tried to reinstall and that did not fix the issue. I know some of my guild mates who are also experiencing this problem. Is there another way I have not tried to fix this? 
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  3. moodswing07 added a topic in Suggestions   

    Player Drinkable Alcohol
    I mean come on workers drink beer, you can buy beer from food vendor, you can even have a bar drinking mini game (which costs energy that gives you certain knowledge if you didn't know) but we never get to actually drink the alcohol ourselves. I suggest we have craftable alcohol our purchasable alcohol. It could even have stat effects such as +5 luck 5 - 10% knockdown/bound -10% knockback/floating resists -3 movement speed for the strong ones and -1 movement speed +1 luck for the small ones. Something like that. I was hoping i could celebrate special occasions in game with getting s*it faced. Like that time I got pk'd while fighting an ogre.... good times.... or when I tamed me my first t2 horse. Anyways Craftable / Buyable Alcohol that we, the players, can consume. Damn tell Peal Abyss to make it happen. please
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  4. moodswing07 added a topic in Suggestions   

    Sitting while fishing
    So why not be able to be sitting on a ledge and fish? I mean anyone who has fished or does fish knows you can hold a fishing pole while sitting but depending on the size of the fish have to stand up to catch it. So why not be able to say sit on the ledge of the boat and fish? Sounds like fun to me.
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  5. moodswing07 added a post in a topic Kzarka Date ?!   

    What channel(s) does it spawn in? 
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  6. moodswing07 added a post in a topic Wizard Gear - PvE / PvP Optimisation (GUIDE)   

    I am always in a party with a friend who is a warrior. I went for a support / healer secondary dps build. Meaning I took most of the support skills and maxed the heal spells and also have the staple damage skills. I use Yuria with critical and 3x Talis (helm chest and boots) with agerian gloves.  I currently have from gems: 5 CS,  3 crit,  5 movement speed, 4 luck {2 from titles, 1 from gem in dagger, 1 from lingerie). It works for me anyway cause I love moving fast and kiting mobs if needed to. Also really helps to chase fleeing players. I may not be using a "recommended" or "preferred" gear set up but I have not found it to be any sort of problem. In fact the opposite. Since I can kite I don't take much damage, pvp players don't expect witches to chase them down thus making it so my warrior friend and I can flank and kill. 
    TL,DR:. My pvp & pve: Yuria + crit & 3x Talis (helm chest and boots) agerian gloves. Stats w/ gems: 5 CS,  3 crit,  5 movement, 4 luck (2 from titles, 1 from gem in dagger, 1 from lingerie). 
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  7. moodswing07 added a post in a topic More mana usage? Did we get a nerf?   

    I too have noticed this. I do mostly pve and occasional pvp when an opportunity presents itself and try to role as a support / Healer / secondary dps. Before the patch I very rarely had to use a pot. Now I cast magical shield, spell speed, blue orb buddy (my name I gave it), and lighting and it's finisher and I'm oom with slight recovery from Blue orby and 3x parts of talis gear. The regen isn't enough so I've been drinking pots and using magical absorption a lot more than before. Used to carry 15 now I carry 30+ depending on what I'm doing. 
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  8. moodswing07 added a topic in Suggestions   

    Swimming to raise Strength stat
    Just as title implies. What do yall think?
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  9. moodswing07 added a post in a topic Witch or Valkyrie   

    Thanks. I am going to start with Witch and go with that then make Valk. After I get both to 55 I'll make my final decision then on which I want to main.
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  10. moodswing07 added a topic in General   

    Witch or Valkyrie
    I've been torn between these 2 for a long time now even in CBT2 I played both and enjoyed them. I like to play a support/healer but also enjoy (in other games) CCing, DoTs, Buffing and debuffing. I know witch has a lot more support skills than Valk. Valk killed things way quicker than Witch (at least for me). I got to 20 with Witch and 15 with Valk. Like in Sieges will Witch's be playing the healing role or the nuking role? Same question for Valkyrie too. Like how much use will the witches support skills ultimately be used vs the Valkyrie I guess is what I am asking. I will play both eventually but wanted some insight to these classes to help me pick which one I will start out with. Thank you in advance.
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  11. moodswing07 added a post in a topic Am I the only one feeling this way?   

    I HAD 2 days off but I took extra shifts in order to not be home bored, waiting. On the plus side of working so much extra overtime, I worked 51 hours and now can afford some stuff on the cash shop. 
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  12. moodswing07 added a post in a topic Mechanical Keyboard   

    Yes I do. The other 2 I do not like. I have thought about buying another one incase mine does break though. They are expensive as hell now though.
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  13. moodswing07 added a post in a topic Mechanical Keyboard   

    I use this as well had it for almost 5 years now and 0 problems with it. I love it. Much bigger than an ordinary keyboard but its totally worth it.
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  14. moodswing07 added a post in a topic What hair color will you have on release?   

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