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  1. Moolin added a post in a topic Name the TOP warrior's in the game.   

    Is this about who the "best" warrior or who is the "best" geared?
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  2. Moolin added a post in a topic If your girlfreind deleted your Black Desert character?   

    Looks cute, but deadly.
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  3. Moolin added a post in a topic If your girlfreind deleted your Black Desert character?   

    Woah, nice gif in your avatar.
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  4. Moolin added a post in a topic If your girlfreind deleted your Black Desert character?   

    added, rofl.
    I was just asked this just by looking at the prank couple videos on youtube and was like, she deleted his whole save file, then said it was prank. I was laughing so hard.
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  5. Moolin added a topic in General   

    If your girlfreind deleted your Black Desert character?
    If your girlfriend deleted your Black Desert character and said you play the game too much, would you break-up with her? 
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  6. Moolin added a post in a topic China just ban Locked Boxes from MMO games.   

    You're all fascist. Who gives them the right to ban anything someone else does as a form of commerce? It's no different than gambling. That's what you stupid people who cry about p2w don't get. THIS GAME IS A BUSINESS AND THE PEOPLE WHO CREATED IT NEED TO EAT.
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  7. Moolin added a post in a topic Warrior nerfed again?   

    Many of the awaken classes rely on block, lol. And the dash skill is for damage avoidance. Have you freaking fought a warrior? There big damage skills are not only down attacks, but superarmored -- as many classes awakening skills are -- once you're down, you're gonna get zerg'd down or manage to survive by the skin of your teeth. That's what warriors are, they're zerg busters, that are suppose to be in the front line. Have X amount of warriors in siege all doing grave digging, flow of the dead, and reckless blows. Right now the top classes in terms of awakening are Ranger, Sorcerer, and Warrior. It's not up for debate either. . .
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  8. Moolin added a topic in General   

    Tri Kutum Shield
    Hello, I'm looking to buy a second Pri - Tri Kutum shield (TRI "max price" preferred, so people can't snipe me). Just need a second shield to make tet, so i can try for Pen. Not willing to spend 1bil on tet kutum. If you are on NA, pm me here or Arinki in-game. I will buy your shield ASAP. Also looking to buy Pri - Tri Kutum Bow (offhand). 
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  9. Moolin added a post in a topic Is this game so easy?   

    once you get duo-tri end-game accessories Tri - Tet weapon, armor and offhand, then you can have some fun -- maybe. Make sure not to go negative and die in pve, you'll lose all your hard work. 
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  10. Moolin added a post in a topic Black Desert is A PVE Safe-Space   

    Could even increase prison penalties or put a 2nd prison in the middle of the ocean for the most severe offender's, that give you no npc to call your boat, so you "have" free willy your way back to the mainland. 
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  11. Moolin added a post in a topic Black Desert is A PVE Safe-Space   

    So, you are more for the item being in-game through an npc or loyalty store to prevent gear degrading and crystals breaking, than being in cash shop.
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  12. Moolin added a post in a topic Black Desert is A PVE Safe-Space   

    I'm sorry, but the gear sync is not only invalid, it's infantile, stupid, and asinine idea for you wishing for gear to sync in open-world. 
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  13. Moolin added a post in a topic Black Desert is A PVE Safe-Space   

    I still would like an item -- same as elion's tear -- that prevents armor from degrading unintentionally. I get your point, but what about a lag death while you're doing some pve with neg 1mil karma and you degrade tet muskans, dandelion, or hebetate? 
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