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  1. Rayl added a post in a topic New classes   

    Some sorta twirly-whirly- blade dancer type from the looks of it, yeah...but they haven't begun any mechanics work according to the stream so it could end up being a Maehwa costume instead or nothing at all if they decide to go a different direction (doubted).
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  2. Rayl added a post in a topic He Will Always Be Watching   

    But who watches the watchman?

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  3. Rayl added a post in a topic Striker class (Poll)   

    I'm more interested in how limited the chara sliders will be.

    ...Like how limited the Young Wizard sliders are?
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  4. Rayl added a post in a topic How about an exorcist for the next class?   

    ...I thought you said extortionist for a second.

    Either way it COULD work, though don't forget this is a close-range oriented game. It'd have to be built with that in mind.
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  5. Rayl added a post in a topic Combattant - New class preview   

    Let us take bets on how broken and lacking the sliders are.

    ...Five bucks says they're better than Male Young Wizard. I like safe bets.
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  6. Rayl added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    Oh look, a non-removable watermark for screenarchers to enjoy!
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  7. Rayl added a post in a topic "Dungeon" Suggestion   

    First off, real talk, I got REALLY confused when I saw this topic pop up.



    ...actually, that's about it. No strong feelings one way or the other given that PvP is not my jam though I can imagine ways the system would get abused rather than used.
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  8. Rayl added a post in a topic Dating Profile - The Ugly Characters   

    NAME: Burgalumpster
    RACE: ...Somebody once told me, but I forgot.
    PERSONALITY: Ogre-Aggressive with a rapier wit.
    INTERESTS: Frogs, Swamp Fever, and Nickelback

    P.S. Look at this photograph!

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  9. Rayl added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    I got bored and made a young, innocent looking DK...then got bored and tweaked the ears to make her human.
    ...Then I got really bored and made her JACKED. MUSCLES FOR DAAAAAAAYS.
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  10. Rayl added a post in a topic Somebody able to create a template for me?   

    The problem with wanting a character based on one from a cartoon is that you can't really get a proper sense of features from one...unless you're the type of person who is REALLY into the Uncanny Valley type of thing...in which case, hey: more power to ya.

    ...I didn't go that route with mine, though, because that sorta thing scares the crap outta me. Instead, I looked at rough face and eye shape and just went from there:
    Jaw ends in a thin, pointed chin. Kinda has a peach shaped head?Upper lid curves inward to the nose with a sharper outer curve to the top. lower lid curves nearer the middle with a thing tip near the nose.Dark Eyes, pale skin, Maroon-ish hair. Thin eyebrows.
    Nothing else can really be extrapolated from the pictures or the concept in general.

    The image is included in the spoiler below:


    To repeat, an anime character is not easy for re-creation unless one favors uncanny valley, so liberties were taken. Hair color was also not easily possible without being too red or too pink/purple, so I mixed the best medium that I could. hair style was also not an option, so I picked the most similar and touched  it up slightly for better fit.
    I only did minor body tweaks as I'm people would rather do that on their own.

     Link to the Template
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  11. Rayl added a post in a topic Roleplaying server?   

    Most other RP is guild-locked as well, with little interaction between groups.
    ...unless something's changed in my few months absence. (and, let's be honest, it really hasn't)
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  12. Rayl added a post in a topic Share your DK creations!   


    Am I the only one who hates how the default DK face has that weird lip thing going on? Like- the mouth is constantly ajar like a shrew or other type of rodent's...I do have to say, though, that the DK's sliders are a lot better than the Maehwa and Kuno's, being more flexible in the eyes and jaw without being as ridiculously bad as the Maehwa's. Mouth sliders aren't too fancy, though; the upperlip causes issues without a fair bit of modification (often ending up as an inverted triangle de to it's default mouth-gap placement).

    Seems the DK's sliders are based more around a mixture of Witch and Valkyrie than other characters...outside of thigh jiggling they don't have much from there ranger counterparts, especially considering their different ear slider-proportioning; on rangers, you could make human ears that were quite convincing...the same can't be said for DK's...


    AHEM! Now, back to your regularly scheduled picture posting.

    "Badass Grandma"
      "Some young people, I dunno."
      As is tradition, I have to break the default face.
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  13. Rayl added a post in a topic BDO Anime   

    This made me go Nuclear and form a private army off an oil tanker.

    (For real though...a game where you can carry your teammates, per chance to throw them? That's the dream right there.)
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  14. Rayl added a post in a topic Show what your little elephant has :D!!!!   

    >Not naming your elephant Tantor.
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