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  1. SocknBoppers added a post in a topic New Karin/Boleyn costumes from Korea   

    Well at least it gives females a covered option, for those that want it.
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  2. SocknBoppers added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 13th   

    You should really do some research before you go off talking like you know things. Advanced enhancement (16-20) and Blader (Musa) were out six days after the initial Mediah patch in Korean. I don't care about the additional classes but I know we're getting them next week and there has still been no hint towards the enhancement. We also have no idea when we'll be able to fight the Ancient Automatons/Pirates from the second wave of Mediah.
    And if you think enabling Boss armor to increase the value of doing daily scrolls is a "Major patch" then I'm sorry about your parents being related.
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  3. SocknBoppers added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 13th   

    No boss armor, no Kzarka timer fixes, no +16, no sign on Mediah part 2.
    You guys were doing so good for the first month when it came to patches now it just seems so bleh. More credit farming for a week I guess.
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  4. SocknBoppers added a post in a topic Where is Zaka?   

    Must have messed up, not flipped the switch on NA Kzarka.
    I know EU has Kzarka.
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  5. SocknBoppers added a post in a topic Why I think Berserker is weak - Discussion/ rant   

    The natural dodge is mostly just there to allow us to pass through mobs/players and is there until you get shake off. Yes iframes mean invincibility frames, these are moments that your character can't take damage. Called frames for multiple reasons. Shake-off is better for the most case, more iframes, farther range and less stamina use.
    If you are surrounded then usage of evasion will allow you to pass by them while shake-off will make contact, do light damage and you will have wasted your stamina on it.
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  6. SocknBoppers added a post in a topic Why I think Berserker is weak - Discussion/ rant   

    Your post is full of statements that should be common sense. Lower levels' CC is just as effective as the higher level's, so of course you take them out.
    And yes, we're not a tanking class. There are no tanking classes. But every other melee class has things to help them out in the heat of things. Bladers, plums, warriors and valks have a block on demand. Kunoichi and Ninja have dashes and stealth. Tamer has a pet that can CC and free her from grapples/focus. Best we have is our dodges with a few i-frames.
    I have fought multiple groups as well. With opponents ranging from higher leveled than me to groups that I kill on accident as they walk into me flagged.
    In no way is our class helpless, or bad. That would be a stupid thing to say. But you can't ignore that we're also damn limited in comparison to other classes. We have no innate defensive measures and most of our abilities are reduced in PvP. Why make us so offensively focused but half our damage on our hard hitters?
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  7. SocknBoppers added a post in a topic Why I think Berserker is weak - Discussion/ rant   

    As one of the more geared Zerkers (at least on edan), I have to agree with a lot of this. I won't pull it apart piece by piece but the few points I disagree with are the "Berserkers are fragile and they're immobile". We're giant targets with giant hitboxes so we have potential to be bursted. We're the first to go in so we get stuck on a ton of crap like monsters and non-target worthy players.
    I think lava pierce should do its bonus in pvp. I think our tackles should do heavy single target damage instead of being useless. They should remove the bleed passive from fierce strike and rework the base ability into a hard hitting single ability. Our spin should reduce DP for every hit because this game does not allow channeled abilities to go through in PvP.
    I would love for Daum/Pearl Abyss to see this and consider working on the Berserker's non-awakened abilities.

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  8. SocknBoppers added a post in a topic Yuria Weapon for Tamer?   

    I got a Yuria weapon from Hexe sanctuary. So you can go there and farm if you need them.
    Also on the competitiveness of Tamer; They're OP right now because of the non-scaling pet. They can just dodge around and their pet will shred you until you get 200+ dp. Yes 16-20 will beat the tamer down in terms of raw damage and usefulness but they won't be useless.
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  9. SocknBoppers added a post in a topic Event: One for all, and all for one. 3rd - 22nd March   


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  10. SocknBoppers added a post in a topic GUYS!!!! MAJOR NEWS!!! THIS SHOULD END ALL PROBLEMS!   

    Generation 5 made me sick. Probably the worst region both by Map and new pokemon.
    Gen 6 was a very sizeable upgrade from Gen 5 so if the pattern continues we might be looking at another pristine pokemon game.
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  11. SocknBoppers added a post in a topic ALL Premium costumes Released   

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  12. SocknBoppers added a post in a topic How exclusive is the costume?   

    I agree, the full face helmet will look great on your zerker. Really brings it all together.
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  13. SocknBoppers added a post in a topic +100 stamina on the weapon skin   

    Mana drain also uses stamina to continue channeling up to it's maximum duration. Simply meant that 100 stamina (10% of base) might allow you to use it after dodging as much as you can.
    Like I said, i do not consider it p2w myself but it does have a somewhat noticeable effect imo.
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  14. SocknBoppers added a post in a topic +100 stamina on the weapon skin   

    I don't believe costumes/skins are P2W whatsoever but that's just silly. It gets you closer to another dodge, not to mention allows you to use your mana drain ability after what would have been an empty stamina bar.
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  15. SocknBoppers added a post in a topic Attack of the double post   

    Every 60 seconds a minute passes in Australia, with your help we can this devastation.
    1 like = 1 prayer.
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