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  1. BloodyPleasure added a post in a topic New Boss set event?   

    Well thats just you being lucky, which is okay. However you cant expect everybody to be this lucky. I for some reason, some call it RNG, have not received the blessing of getting any Bossarmor out of any bundle - since beta. NV, Event & Marketplace made it possible for me, but consider new players chances on the MP & not having any event giving out free armor. In any case, I'd say they should not have placed the armor in attendance, rather should've made it a reward for 3k/5k hours or 300 days playtime^^ 
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  2. BloodyPleasure added a post in a topic New Boss set event?   

    Getting boss items through regular ways (loot + market/NV) is hard enough without this crappy gifting function in the game. People purposely hold back items to get others pay their pearls, which is definetly a really bad attitude in general and a bad system overall for game economics. It slows down the whole progress of the entire server if you think it through. Sadly PA & KG make profit of such behaviour since ppl get inpatient and may spend more on the game in shortterm, maybe leave and spend less overall.. could bite em in the end. However even when that problem was adressed to the team, I dont think they said any word of this issue being considered a problem at all.. 
    In my opinion this method of pearl/item-trade may result in killing the game for a lot of people someday^^ 
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  3. BloodyPleasure added a post in a topic Save Cooking byproducts until kamasylvi region ?   

    With 230cp the Valencia Questline will give you around 13-16 cp. Takes a bit of time and a few looks into the database reguarding some locations, but it's still rewarding enough. 
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  4. BloodyPleasure added a post in a topic Memory Fragment market (Eu)   

    where did I say enhancement exploit? Jeeesus people are .. 
    Exploits and hacks where happening relatively early in the game, where ppl created shitloads of Tet and Pen using "methods" - many were deleted in the following cleanup process, some were not ~i guess. 
    Well if you selected "Veteran" and played Sorc, Ranger, Plum or Ninja you definetly had Crescents ^^ dunno how you ended up with Cadrys 
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  5. BloodyPleasure added a post in a topic Memory Fragment market (Eu)   

    I'm under no obligation to give you any proof. 
    As far as I know Gamescom gear included PEN Crescents, not Cadry and on top those numbers would be way different if the statistics were influenced by GC-Gear. 
    Furthermore I didn't say that the data was fully correct. I suspect that some items were produced when the exploits happened a while ago. 
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  6. BloodyPleasure added a post in a topic Memory Fragment market (Eu)   

    Those Gamescom items were created, used and stored on another, private server. The data shown in the 1y anniversary graphic is gathered from EU/NA.
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  7. BloodyPleasure added a post in a topic Memory Fragment market (Eu)   

    Source? Lol pretty wrong in any aspect tbh
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  8. BloodyPleasure added a post in a topic Dark Knight Awakening coming next week / new content reveal this Saturday - Updated*   

    For that to happen, they need someone of their team to actually be at work lol
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  9. BloodyPleasure added a post in a topic Dark Knight Awakening coming next week / new content reveal this Saturday - Updated*   

    And there we go with the next fail...will this company ever learn? 
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  10. BloodyPleasure added a post in a topic No. Games that ignore their customers die. Every time.   

    Pretty much true on every aspect. Rare enough I share your opinion. 
    Still it's not about how bad (~ ~) it is, but how much room for improvement is left
    The goal is always to get the best possible result in every aspect of service, performance & co.  
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  11. BloodyPleasure added a post in a topic Yebis post effekt, grafik update, erstes video aufgetaucht.   

    Die neuen Unschärfe-Spielereien sind vollkommen unnütz.. warum sollte ich meine schöne Grafik mit weitem Ausblick eintauschen gegen 3,5 Dioptrien oder 1,5 Promille? 

    Zu der Sache bzgl. der Server: 

    Die Serverstabilität allgemein ist kein Problem. Allerdings die Positionsübermittlung der einzelnen Spieler und deren Eingaben sowohl im Smallscale, als auch im Largescale PVP -> Desync 
    Dabei ist es egal ob die gesamte Gilde mit i7 & 1080GTX und co. rumrennt oder mit i5 und 800er/900er Series, einige kommen ohne Ruckler durch, manche bleiben auf der Strecke und stehen hoffnungslos in der Gegend rum. Selbst eine 100k Leitung bringt einem nichts wenn der Serverresponse einfach nicht kommt. 
    Als Beispiel für Smallscale dient einfach mal mein Sparring mit nem Kollegen gestern in der Arena. Beide mit guten Systemen & Internet ausgestattet. Wenn ich z.B. mit Sorc Helikopter spiele und meinen Gegner mit Violation umrofl muss ich raten wo er auf dem Boden landet. Denn sobald er zunächst einfach nach hinten umfällt und liegt, portet er liegend entweder nach links oder rechts zur Seite. 
    Diskussion also ziemlich überflüssig  
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  12. BloodyPleasure added a post in a topic No. Games that ignore their customers die. Every time.   

    LOL Gameforge is literally the worst publisher EVER  they ruined each and every game they released or bought and implemented hilarious upgrade systems and cash shops. Not to mention they did ban people without reason to lift the ban for a 50$ fee repeatedly and hired Gold Seller Companies to cooperate with them and milk the playerbase even more ! (proven fact, even went to court) 
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  13. BloodyPleasure added a post in a topic PVE Server oder nicht angreifbar Option bitte   

    @Amuria haben die hier irgendwie den Launch restarted oder wo kommen die alten Kamellen voller Mimimi bzgl. PK & Spot-Contest plötzlich her? 
    Immer diese durchgekauten und längst verdauten Themen.. nur weil iwer mal wieder meint ungerecht umgelatzt worden zu sein QQ :< jeeeez 
    Entweder wir PK-Spieler bekommen ein vernünftiges Karma-System 2.0 mit dem das Karmabomben verhindert wird oder wir gehen eben bis -1.000.000 und sorgen so für einen freien Spot 

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  14. BloodyPleasure added a post in a topic Coming this Sunday....   

    Compensation! Hang out with us on Teamspeak/Discord/Raidcall/Skype/.../ next sunday  
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  15. BloodyPleasure added a post in a topic Boss Event   

    Nice troll anniversary 

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