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  1. Warius_Qc added a post in a topic Colors dont match   

    Some dye are made for metal other for lather and to get the same collor you need to use Exemple a Velia white on a part and calpheon white on another.
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  2. Warius_Qc added a post in a topic Any chance of Life-Skill bonus days?   

    Maybe the option to Sellect life OR Combat for the main bonus (the one with 30 or 60 min and contribution)
    Or make it available on the second one for Gathering And/Or Production bellow Proffesional 10
    Maybe just a side kick to help neew players because exemple gathering...
    4cats tier 4 = +16%(life) +12% gathering
    Gathering cloth+2 = 15%
    Cathering cloth (costume by Tailoring coupon)= 10%
    Value pack = 10%
    "permanant" bonus = 26% life + 37% Gathering
    Life skill scroll (pearl OR loyalties(no stack))= 10%(life) 1hour
    GM blessing = 8%? 1hour (not shure cause it's on an alt and i dont want to look)
    Elixir 15% 5min
    And Food, Event items, ... and gathering tool with gathering speed bonus
    also the energy regen/buff items.
    do old players realy need that buff?
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  3. Warius_Qc added a post in a topic Easy Fix for Raw Chicken Economy   

    What i think he/she mean it's somes items are so cheap and impossible to sell so you bank end with 2546432chicken after 1 year.
    but you should realy read that post:

    anyway, asier to NPC them if you canot sell them in auction house or chain make ton of frie chicken to level your cooking.
    Thanksgiving event!
    Player could use special events items with the chickens to make a special turkey meal?
    Craftables Housing chicken plates?
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  4. Warius_Qc added a post in a topic Equipment Tailoring Coupon for Armor Sets / Armor Remodeling   

    I agree with that, easy to implant, no neew armor skin to add, no neew dye part,...should not be hard to do and also another reason to waste our money!
    but the problems will be ;
    1) Just the armor or the set?
    We could use the actual coupon for the armor and another more expensive coupon for an Armor set.
    2) the items(sets) effects...
    Maybe small effect like movement+1 or evasion+2 but nothing more cause Boss+Boss will be abusive
    3) PK troll
    Somme players wiill fake "bad" armors costume like Agerian but they use boss tet/pen. Players will try to pk them and ... bah voilà...
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  5. Warius_Qc added a post in a topic Get servers that actually work   

    It's not the bug i wanted to say but ok...
    Somme GeForce have massive fps drop when you do somme actions with the map i think...to lazy to search the post but anyway the fps drop to like 20 and it wont go back to normal until game reboot.
    Anyway all this to say that maybe anithing between you and the server and before complaining on a game that big on a single map witout loading when other came canot load a "chunk" of a main city... do some research and show PROVE they are the real guildties. 
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  6. Warius_Qc added a post in a topic LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG   

    Like i said to another QQ player like you. I'm Canadian and i play on europe witout lag.
    So without elements that prove that the game server in cause and not your internet service or any other network step between you and the server, i dont see why insult will help to fix the problems.
    please respect the post procedure like this link bellow and maybe they will concider your post.

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  7. Warius_Qc added a post in a topic Get servers that actually work   

    I live in montreal i play on europe and i don't have lag. I saw on the forum there some video cards with compatibility problems in certain situation in game that cause FPS drop. They are aware of the problem but that kind of stuff take time fix.
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  8. Warius_Qc added a post in a topic Region transfer NA/EU   

    i did a similar post before

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  9. Warius_Qc added a post in a topic Familly Transfer Na/Eu   

    I tryed a neew guild and after 2weeks they said (who are you?) but i've played everyday....when they sleep *sigh*
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  10. Warius_Qc added a post in a topic Immunity from PVP while Fishing.   

    but... how we are supposed to get easy fail stack ?
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  11. Warius_Qc added a post in a topic Immunity from PVP while Fishing.   

    i use my level 49.999999 for fishing/trading. Voilà problem solved.
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  12. Warius_Qc added a post in a topic Get rid of HP reset for mobs   

    You have a max number of monsters you can agro and hit in same time. it's a system to avoid a level 61 to steal all the mobs of a poor level 50.
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  13. Warius_Qc added a post in a topic Marketplace   

    Thanks for the information i'll sell my two boats i MADE and get ton of Ca$h.
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  14. Warius_Qc added a post in a topic Social   

    This is a pvp / Korea game so inevitably a grinding game.
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  15. Warius_Qc added a post in a topic Get rid of the female haircut that looks like a penis.   

    someone din't read the GM post : http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/2-want-to-help-making-bdo-even-better-click-me/
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