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  1. Okottekoneko added a post in a topic Happy Red Nose Day 2.0 Everyone!   

    Got another rednose
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  2. Okottekoneko added a topic in Tamer   

    Azure thunder or practice bo staff?
    The Practice has bonus vs all, where the Azure has it vs humans. 

    The practice is a little weaker but would be cheaper to level being green. 

    Are they locked to blue and green? or can they be enhanced?

    unsure where to go from here. 
    Then there is the Yellow dandelion staff somewhere. 
    ill need to look at that too. 
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  3. Okottekoneko added a post in a topic what was in that small extra patch?   

    ahh ok. well i was on for the awakening them set up fishing, i dont really ever turn the game off. it stops my workers and i can fish when im not at my desk. 

    anything to try fix server issues is good. one day they may actually find one that works.
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  4. Okottekoneko added a topic in General   

    what was in that small extra patch?
    No update to the notes. 

    Would like to know what was in the patch that kicked me overnight while afk fishing
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  5. Okottekoneko added a post in a topic Cannot apply item results to memory error   

    Anise tea can be made with pure water, that can be gathered from node that drop muddy bags then thin them
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  6. Okottekoneko added a post in a topic EDIT: anise tea can be made with pure water.   

    just found purified water work for anise tea, i can use that thank -----.
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  7. Okottekoneko added a topic in General   

    EDIT: anise tea can be made with pure water.
    Need anise tea, purified water works for that too. 

    Get muddy bags thin them.
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  8. Okottekoneko added a post in a topic Attendance Reward Box   

    as long as the new box does not have a chance for red nose armor i think people will be happy but needing to wait another 2 weeks is shit
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  9. Okottekoneko added a post in a topic New Attendance Reward Bug   

    I have the issue too, never was able to claim the reward, simply logged in to find day 1 stamped with no mention of the reward. 
    EDAN server.
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  10. Okottekoneko added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 10th   

    Again people who dont understand Pay to win making stupid comments. 

    the ability to sell cash items on the AH was always planned, and was advertised as a feature. 

    when the game launched and it was not implemented the was back lash calling it pay to win as these items where locked behind a pay wall. 
    (still could be argued as functional items are non salable.)


    Now that we have it, stupid people are cutting sick and calling it pay to win now. 

    its stupid, just stop. if you don't like it leave.
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  11. Okottekoneko added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 10th   

    funny thing i find with this shit show about being able to sell cash store items on the AH, this was a system the game was originally advertised with. 

    there was a lot of hate that this was left out. 

    It was considered them not allowing it was making it pay to win. 


    Now we are getting it and the argument has changed. 

    now ppl are calling it pay to win and making a fuss to having it dropped. 


    Just cannot keep the players happy.
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  12. Okottekoneko added a post in a topic Rebind "~" option for the ping.   

    it would be like 15 mins work adding a set of entries that would allow rebinding.
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  13. Okottekoneko added a post in a topic Rebind "~" option for the ping.   

    such as what? its a simple key binding bound to a ping in game. 

    its an easy fix, its just a ping swapping it to another key is easy. 
    the ~ key is just another key on the board. 

    "a technical issue" just sounds like a cop out, im sorry but PA are lazy.

    hell they cant even make a patch that correctly names off hand items on a heavily delayed class
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  14. Okottekoneko added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    i hope this applies retroactively, so my unwanted pearl items i can sell off.
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  15. Okottekoneko added a post in a topic Rebind "~" option for the ping.   

    "UPDATE: The developers have informed us that they cannot be bothered because they are too lazy"

    ^ i fixed it for you. 

    I dont blame DAUM i blame the greedy lazy devs at PA
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