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  1. Whimsical added a post in a topic Low quality classes   

    heh, good luck! Even with my monster PC I always have lag in the major cities.
    And when you enter a large-scale PVP fight, I'm sure your PC would not be able to handle that let alone make your char fight/do things and win.

    But if you are looking for a class anyway, then do NOT go for Wizard (or Witch, but you want male) because of the huge skill animations.
    Don't think a class like Ninja (Kunoichi = female) would be good either because you need to have no lag whatsoever to evade, block and land your skills.

    So I would say try Warrior OR Valkyrie if you do decide to play a female character.

    Do keep in mind, all classes have animations and some animations will cause lag no matter how big or small they are.
    And even if you have skill disabled from other people (not very wise to do so in PVP), you will still lag just because there are people in your screen that are moving/dashing/etc.

    BDO is not very well optimised.
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  2. Whimsical added a post in a topic Post pics of your Ranger   

    Made a Ranger as a Boss hunter today, and I wanted her to have a look like those pale, light eyed, no-emotion, doll like girls from some Japanese manga's.
    I think I got it about right. ^^


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  3. Whimsical added a post in a topic Post pictures of your Maehwa!   

    Bought my very first costume, because every class I played just never felt right.
    But I found Maehwa to be so much fun and exciting to play, I now know she will be my main.

    SO yeah, I bought Karlstein cause of the sleek leather look and hood <3

    Also gave my Scarlett Macaw an appearance change (the bright exotic colours started to bug me =P )


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  4. Whimsical added a post in a topic first impressions on DK now that youve played her yourself   

    Haven't been this bored in a while. Can't wait to reach lvl 55 and go back to my Maehwa.
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  5. Whimsical added a post in a topic Class Comparison - Advice Please?   

    I tried Tamer (30ish), Ranger (30ish), Witch (51), Wizard (56 awakened), Sorc (56 awakened) and Maehwa last and also got her to 56/awakened.
    There are so many people saying Maehwa is bad or just a 1v1 class, but I have never had so much fun in my life with this class as I have had with ANY other class in BDO

    Maehwa' s attack speed and mobility is insane! She also has such good burst and CC's it's amazing!

    Even if Witch/Wizard/Sorc/Ranger are often picked and suggested. I personally did not like leveling on them, or their awakening was either boring or made no sense to me.
    It all comes down to trying it out yourself. My boyfriend is in love with his Ninja and when playing this class well you can do anything! Same goes for Maehwa.

    Maybe Witch and wizard are a little less gear dependent than the rest, but when it comes to further content they all are. And it's VERY easy to get everything to +15 and that's all you need for PvE content up to Mediah. After that you really need to upgrade your gear higher. Unless you want to pvp from lvl 50+ straight away then you need better gear from the get go.

    So go try the classes out yourself, we get 100% extra exp in weekends (starting Friday evening) so reaching lvl 50+ is very easy if you just grind at the right spots.

    So if you want a class with a LOT of speed than:
    Maehwa/Musa/Ninja/Kuno /(maybe Tamer) might be something to look into, their skill ceiling is high though (specially Ninja/Kuno).

    if you want a class with a lot of self sustain than:

    Less gear dependent:
    Just get your gear to +15 and all will be fine, you can use the same set on every char anyways.
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  6. Whimsical added a post in a topic Show off your dyed Maehwa pearl store outfits/costumes!!   

    Loving these pictures guys, keep em coming ^^
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  7. Whimsical added a post in a topic What is Maehwa missing?   

    Didn't feel like that to me when leveling. Had really good clear speed, loved the skills and gameplay. And now that I have awakening I'm loving this class even more. The burst, movement speed and amount of CC's that she has is fantastic.
    This compared to the sorc I leveled before that felt like a total drag to me. The awakening was good. But I was already bored with my sorc after a few days.
    So I guess that's also the case for you. It's not the Maehwa but You not liking the class.
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  8. Whimsical added a post in a topic Show off your dyed Maehwa pearl store outfits/costumes!!   

    Thanks guys! Looking great <3
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  9. Whimsical added a topic in Maehwa   

    Show off your dyed Maehwa pearl store outfits/costumes!!
    Hey everyone,
    I have recently leveled a Maehwa to 56 and gotten my awakening.
    And I am love it (such fluid combat and the speed!!), now I'm looking for an awesome outfit/costume for her but I can't choose which one.
    (Personally debating between Order of the Apricot and Jegrina)

    So I would love to see your pearl store Maehwa costumes and outfits that you dyed (or didn't) ingame!! 

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  10. Whimsical added a post in a topic Share your DK creations!   

    Here is my Bayarde ^^


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  11. Whimsical added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

    Remade my DK because I didn't save the file nor screenshots of her.
    So this will be her when the DK comes out ^^


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  12. Whimsical added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

    I sadly forgot to save the file and didn't take any screens during creation, but here is my DK Bayarde


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  13. Whimsical added a post in a topic Post pictures of your Maehwa!   

    Made a Maehwa yesterday to see if I will like the awakening and I wanted her to look more vintage/pinup and not asian looking.
    I used one of the templates in the beauty gallery and changed it to my needs ^^

    So here is my "Dieudonne" 


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  14. Whimsical added a post in a topic Whats More Fun To Play? And why? Wiz/Sorc   

    I leveled a wizard after seeing the awakening trailer. I LOVED the normal skills, the lightning, the huge ass blizzard
    but after reaching lvl 56 and getting the awakened weapon I hated it. The skill range made no sense to me and it just didn't feel nice to me
    so I went back to my sorc and leveled her to lvl 56.

    Now that I have the scythe on my sorc I'm having a total blast! The sounds and feeling of the scythe are very well done!
    I love plowing through waves of mobs =p

    I have a witch at lvl 51 so I can't say much about her awakening ^^
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  15. Whimsical added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

    Made a witch to level together with my boyfriend ^^
    Her name is Aaram

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