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  1. A Korean Poro added a post in a topic What are your plans?   

    What level did you get your DK to, pre-awakening? - 58Are you in a pvp or pve guild? Or neither?(Soulmates is recruiting) - PvXWhich awakening weapon have you planned on using? - Dande Box ready~What do you plan to grind when you get your awakening and feel you're ready to push forward? - most likely PiratesDid you switch your main character to play DK full time? - Yes, from SorceressWhat's your projected gearscore once you become awakened and start grinding? - 203/205/244, am missing only Dim Tree and am using Roaring Armor until thenIf that was your dad, then who was phone? - yes
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  2. A Korean Poro added a post in a topic Dealing with Sorceresses   

    Not to shittalk but I was about to say this too, a good sorc plays differently from my experience.
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  3. A Korean Poro added a post in a topic Dealing with Sorceresses   

    That one you can CfS aswell. I can make a video of some of my practices against the Mage later if you'd like @Ayl. Even though I'm pretty sure Ayl didn't mean residual.
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  4. A Korean Poro added a post in a topic Dealing with Sorceresses   

    It's possible to spam CfS through a chain lightning. Since it's a lock on spell it loses the lock after every iframe, and the time in between the jumps isn't enough for it to hit again even at maxed cast speed, at least that's how my guildmate explained it to me, and tested it too.
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  5. A Korean Poro added a post in a topic Show your progress!   

    Do they actually drop from the bundles? Or have they changed the item ID.. I hope they have personally I haven't been stacking bundles
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  6. A Korean Poro added a post in a topic Patch Notes 04.05.2016 [Questions/Feedback]   

    Does boss gear drop from the bundles?
    EDIT: As in will people that piled up a lot of bundles be able to get the pieces from those bundles?
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  7. A Korean Poro added a post in a topic Boss Gears from bundles   

    Stating that without anything to back it up seems weird, it says it has a chance of dropping upon defeating the boss, no mention of bundles.
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  8. A Korean Poro added a post in a topic Ranger Match-ups   

    So Desync also means that we can't hit them between their iframes? I noticed something similar when I try using Kiss of the Wind right after their iframes, or a Pinpointing Gust too, but they never seem to hit.
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  9. A Korean Poro added a post in a topic Complete guide to all Ranger combos   

    I've noticed this as well.
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  10. A Korean Poro added a post in a topic Ultimate charging wind vs. SP charging wind?   

    I think I'm sticking with the U:CW because the difference is negligible and I'd rather use the 48 points in different spots of my build.
    The reduced recoil also feels better for me personally.
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  11. A Korean Poro added a post in a topic I have no job, no wife, and no kids. I cant compete still.   

    Is this actually viable?
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  12. A Korean Poro added a post in a topic Ogre Spawn Map with Screenshots   

    Awesome, thanks Ayl!
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  13. A Korean Poro added a post in a topic Ranger PvP   

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  14. A Korean Poro added a post in a topic As a ranger, how do I beat you guys?   

    Hehe I didn't play that much on KR server 
    Hm yeah, the times that I have hit a knockdown I usually win, resulting in me blowing them up. But I usually can't hit knockdowns because of the iframes, only time they ever hit is at the beginning of the jump move you guys do..
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  15. A Korean Poro added a post in a topic Ranger PvP   

    I myself don't see this as very impressive either.
    Some points of criticism:
    Blasting Gust easily out-damages shotgun in mid-long range situations, the further you go the less arrows are likely to hitWill of the Wind might not be a 'DPS skill', as you worded it, nevertheless it does a big chunk of damage and is a free -12 DP debuff, which is hugeYou have two knockdowns with Penetrating Wind and Blasting Gust (which you don't have to fully cast, I recommend Pinpointing Gust I as well, because it is a lot quicker and less predictable) that you can use, take a break from spamming shotgun from time to time, a knockdown will end in a certain kill for youYou can cancel Call of the Earth with an evasive shot, so you're not stuck in the full animationOccasional random waste of endurance on Riding the WindPlease don't backpeddleUsing the LMB part of EES with no enemy infront of you just wastes time and makes you immobile, as @Shanst Takeda has saidYou don't only have to use camera locking exclusively to try and catch someone with Blasting Gust, be creative with it, try using it to get away from someone on top of you or in other waysSpamming Call from the Sky while running away from a sorc for example, just camera lock and see if you have anything you actually need to I-Frame, and conserve that enduranceFluidity, I think this is one of the biggest areas for you to improve in, because your game play seems quite frankly and it And as a last point, I'll have to agree that I think there's no way your enemies are even close to being as geared as you are, when you are 2 shotting them with shotguns in a place where people farm for gear, and surviving a 'geared' sorc's burst with half of your health remaining. Keep improving.
    @miri: is this specific enough?
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