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  1. Yamiino added a post in a topic Nearing 1,000 hours played   

    Uhm... no? Why would you leave your PC on all day? To get some silver? Some levels? Even if you are competitive there's people with less afking and more active play time who will get better than 24/7 afkers. So yep I don't see the point to afking all day while I'm at work, I'm in no rush to level fishing or getting silver. Nor am interested on being competitive. :)
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  2. Yamiino added a post in a topic Nearing 1,000 hours played   

    Def. cry, having to leave your PC on to have progress in the game is just sad to see and not because of AFK fishing or auto looping is bad, it's about what people think they have to do in order to get some things done in the game, instead of enjoying doing all that or afking only once in a while.
    But hey do whatever you enjoy and afk all you want to, more power to you.
    Personally I don't care if I don't leave my PC on when I go work, haven't played in like 3 days (wish I could, but have been getting home pretty late)
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  3. Yamiino added a post in a topic Is the Mediah Fishing Rod realy usefull?   

    The more you upgrade the rod, the chance of catching rare fish increases.
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  4. Yamiino added a post in a topic Is BDO your last MMO too?   

    Man! That's so sad! That game was really promising, but I guess it was too big of a project for something like daybreak. They can barely maintain the power bills for the servers (lol). I was kinda expecting this when SOE got sold and all of the sudden all new content in landmark was props and some materials. And that the only thing devs did to maintain the little interest after 1 year was doing building competitions.
    I miss SOE  they were great at what they were doing, atleadt was able to go to their last SOE Live in 2014.
    And about the games you mentioned, nope only heard of crowfall, will look up the other two  thanks!
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  5. Yamiino added a post in a topic Is BDO your last MMO too?   

    Was eq: next really cancelled? Haven't heard anything of Landmark either, it's pretty much like daybreak ate the whole EQ cake.
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  6. Yamiino added a post in a topic Is BDO your last MMO too?   

    Not the last, for sure. If EverQuest: Next is actually released I'll most likely play that, if Star Citizen is released soon then I'll most likely play that too.
    If VR becomes the next big thing with MMOs then I'll play that.
    Saying this game will be your last one is just blocking you from accepting that there will be, for sure, better MMOs. Just look at all the WoW people, perfect example.
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  7. Yamiino added a post in a topic What's the hype around blader o.O?   

    My hype is looks, blader will probably be my main PvP/PvE/PK class, while wiz will be focused on fishing and probably later will gear it for PVP.
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  8. Yamiino added a post in a topic What was your main MMO before Black Desert?   

    Planetside 2, and some times League of a Legends with some office friends.
    I suck at FPS games, and also suck at MOBAS but playing with friends and YOLO was fun, I miss PS2 might play it again soon if I get the time.
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  9. Yamiino added a post in a topic How much money have you used on the cash shop?   

    Probably over 200 not sure, but seems accurate. Too lazy to check lol.
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  10. Yamiino added a post in a topic Immune Buff When Afk   

    Also, I haven't been poked once because I'm below lv. 45 haha. And planning on staying like that and even if they pked me the only thing that would bug me is just having to go back to my fishing spot. Exp? You can take it all, I'd even accept negative EXP, I don't care of that level.
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  11. Yamiino added a post in a topic Immune Buff When Afk   

    Real fishermen don't need a fishing pole, use yor manliness, just stare at the water and watch the fish jump into your boat. 5m in 1 min, no need to afk.
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  12. Yamiino added a post in a topic Just bought the game!   

    *gets the anti-troll-o spay out*
    just in case
    and welcome!
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  13. Yamiino added a post in a topic Why Should The Game Cater To You?   

    I paid $30 for a fishing simulator with chat and cool cosmetics. It caters to me.
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  14. Yamiino added a post in a topic How much are you addicted to BDO   

    This is pretty much it.

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