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  1. FoxGod added a post in a topic Gahaz vs Bashims pros and cons   

    Bashims have a more convenient geographical location and they're less tanky than even Elric mobs. 
    If your gearscore isn't that high Bashims would be better than gahaz.
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  2. FoxGod added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    Yea those follower dudes can really mess you up at night. I first ran Pila when I had 250~ DP. I was doable but scary. With 263 you only need HP potions with those random magic back attacks, and with 283 you don't really need to use HP pots at all. 
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  3. FoxGod added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    Oh interesting. I'll try an hour run at Pila with my Kutum and see what's up. The Pila mobs are really evasion heavy, so Incense trinket does more damage to them from my testing.
    EDIT: TRI Kutum with 2x AP crystals still performs worse than PRI Incense with Crit crystal at Pila. Same buffs, same rotation. 
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  4. FoxGod added a post in a topic Deciding whether or not to buy   

    I've been playing since CBT1. Cron Stones have always been 1mil each. I don't know what you're smoking xD.
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  5. FoxGod added a post in a topic Returning Player - State of the game?   

    Dedgame bro
    Also Olvia servers only available to people that haven't logged on for 30+ days. Your friend screwed himself over by logging in every now and then. 
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  6. FoxGod added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    While in PvP I haven't really noticed much difference, there's absolutely a huge buff for Tamer in PvE. I used to run Pila with 187 AAP w/ Incense Trinket and get 1800 drops an hour, after the patch I'm getting 2200-2300. 
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  7. FoxGod added a post in a topic 58 Witch, Single Dad LF Guild   

    We might be what you're looking for. Many of us have kids so we know the whole shtick. Node Wars twice a week, but no requirements to be at any of them. Check us out.

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  8. FoxGod added a post in a topic Buying Gear and Selling It   

    I disagree. It's one of the things I like most about this game.
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  9. FoxGod added a post in a topic delete please   

    Check us at Aethereal!

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  10. FoxGod added a post in a topic <Aethereal> The casual, but serious Guild! [PvP/PvE/Node Wars/Life Skills/Social] [Recruiting for Node Wars]   

    Some spots open for T1/T2 Node War participants. 
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  11. FoxGod added a post in a topic Deciding on your first class   

    Flash -> Stance shift -> bolt/jolt is all you need to PvE Tamer pre-awakening. Good luck on your journey. If you have any Tamer questions hit me up in game on Aialize ^^
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  12. FoxGod added a post in a topic If the idea of grinding large mobs doesn't appeal...   

    You have to grind in this game. There is really no way around it. 
    The end-game gear grind is one thing, but really if all you're looking for is good PvP, it's available at all levels. Sometimes I get bored and go out to Sausans with shitty PRI gear and go ham on people there until I'm -1m karma. You don't have to be 250+ AP to get good fights in. 
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