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Yun Che

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  1. Yun Che added a post in a topic My name is taken!? I reserved it!   

    pretty sure reserved names are by Region (NA / EU), so if you have already used the name you would have to get rid of the old character before you could make a new one with that name, but you should probably double check, just check the website, im sure it says.
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  2. Yun Che added a post in a topic Dye Vendors   

    yeah, TBH i would be okay with paying something for dye but the fact that its mostly random means you have to either be lucky or buy a hundred dye boxes if you want to use the same dye multiple times on your equipment,
    With most costumes having 8+ areas that you can dye it would be nice to have the dye count remain one use but be able to dye multiple parts on a piece of gear the same color.
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  3. Yun Che added a post in a topic Damn you travelers...   

    yeah its already crowded and that's with only the first more expensive packs, I think ill have to log in tomorrow just to see how much of a crap shoot it is. 
    TBH its right at launch (technically not even that) so im sure it will improve and people will settle down a bit once everyone finishes rushing from 1-50 in a huge wave.
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  4. Yun Che added a post in a topic Top 10 Things To Know Before Playing by PvtWiggles   

    I enjoy both Pvt.Wiggles and TheLazyPeon but I swear they have both posted videos with info that is 100% opinion but they present it like its fact. Only thing that has ever annoyed me about their content, other than that they are some of the few YouTubers whose videos I watch ASAP after they upload.
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  5. Yun Che added a post in a topic How hard did you work to afford the Pre-order?   

    Nope, sorry. I'm a Prairie boy, never even seen that side of NA, closest I've gotten to an ocean was when i was in Mexico  
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  6. Yun Che added a post in a topic How hard did you work to afford the Pre-order?   

    Not hard at all, my job is 10% paperwork, 70% sitting around killing time, and 20% playing games with kids (Community Centre Manager)
    I can basically afford 1 costume every hour. Heck I might even play BDO to kill time at work.
    my Pre-order was basically the pay from one shift (140 ish Canadian for Conq pack)
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  7. Yun Che added a post in a topic PM Diary 3   

    the devs have heard all the complaints and they have responded with an agreeable solution, but im sure there will still be people -----ing in the forums like they want cash shop items to be free.
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  8. Yun Che added a post in a topic Witches/Wizards perma or holdover?   

    I love the wizard but I really get envolved in the visual apperance of my character and I love how the Blader looks like, same with the ninja, gonna be hard for me to chose which I will use as my main.
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  9. Yun Che added a post in a topic 5000 hours for a pet is a punch in the face from Publishers   

    I think people are taking the whole pet situation a bit too seriously, if you friend next door saved up and bought 3 rumbas for his house and you were stuck with a regular old vacuum cleaner, its all just convenient, doesn't mean that one will clean better or worse than the other, your friend is just much lazier than you are so he needs automated robots to clean his home.
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  10. Yun Che added a post in a topic Release Client - Patch Question   

    Ran into the same thing, was wondering why there was no patch. Guess I'll start up the launcher tomorrow after breakfast and see if it's up then. 
    Tbh I'm a bit happy that I have to do a short shift at work on Sunday,  hopefully when I get back it won't be so crowded in the starting areas and it will be easy to claim pre order items.
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  11. Yun Che added a post in a topic Conqueror's Package armor ingame   

    would love to see one for the wizard.
    IMO the zerkers axes look like they should be red, white & blue. they just have that like 4th of July fireworks type design going on.
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  12. Yun Che added a post in a topic What I don't understand   

    Oh I see, because you don't agree with someone you insult them and accuse them of being intolerant? Just because it's anonymous doesn't mean you can't be civil. His is a valid opinion and being rude isn't going to make his opinion less valid or your more so. 
    Neither of your posts are going to get the missing classes included in NA/EU any faster so just try to have fun.
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  13. Yun Che added a post in a topic What I don't understand   

    it's 3 males to 5 females. 
    Warrior, Wizard, Giant.
    Tamer, Sorcerer, Ranger, Valkyrie, Witch.
    And yes I know that some are just equivilent classes to their male counterparts but they are only similar and not the same, like Valkyrie is the female Warrior but they aren't the same exact class just similar. Only time I would count them as the same class is if their awakenings were the same, and they are not.
    In the up to date content the amount of classes Male vs Female are almost the same, and I understand that they ported over the most requested and most played classes first, but I think most male players would appreciate 1:1 male to female classes to chose from.
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  14. Yun Che added a post in a topic Interview with the Developers   

    maybe they shed their antlers like deer & elk. so he takes the helmet off only during the winter?
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  15. Yun Che added a post in a topic What people don't realize when they say KR/RU version has cheaper Cash Shops, is, they have SUBSCRIPTION   

    didn't you read the dev Q&A ? you will probably be able to get basic dyes without buying though the shop.
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  16. Yun Che added a post in a topic [POLL] What package did you preorder?   

    IMO probably getting skewed result as most people that are constantly browsing the BDO forums on a Tuesday night probably bought the Conq pack. 
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  17. Yun Che added a post in a topic Interview with the Developers   

    at least is the case of the classes i think so too, it couldnt be hard to just copy the same classes over and then use CBT1 and CBT2 to tweak them to the standard they are using in NA/EU, sure you might have to translate a little bit of text but i doubt it would be anything major. 
    really though idk, maybe they didn't expect BDO to take off like it did in NA/EU (and half a million sales before launch isn't too shabby especially since  a chunk bought the more expensive packs to get access to the closed beta tests) and so they didn't initially dedicate anything more than minimal resources to the project which would make dealing with a game like bdo which has lots of interconnected systems difficult. could also possibly explain the lack of widespread advertising.
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  18. Yun Che added a post in a topic What the hell?   

    shes obviously gone super saiyan v_v
    shes obviously gone super saiyan v_v
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  19. Yun Che added a post in a topic Interview with the Developers   

    WHAT?! a game that launches in a different region with less content than they have already developed so they can add it later? yep that is completely not at all like BDO (except we are missing 1/3 of the released map and a handful of classes that are available in KR) i don't think its a marketing ploy or anything.
    To be fair im giving them the benefit of the doubt in thinking they just want to get everything localized with voice before they release it in NA/EU but im hoping that after launch they quickly start monthly updates to add in the missing content.
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  20. Yun Che added a post in a topic one week till (early) release. Still no statement regarding changes to cash shop.   

    just took this straight from the "DO NOT MISS THE KEY DATES" thread in the announcements section.

    03.03| 08:00 UTC
    • Hard Launch for everyone who purchased the game will begin
    • Cash Shop will be opened
    And on the note of lower prices, they might lower them but nobody on the devs side have really been posting any news about it that I've seen, so i wouldn't get my hopes up that they will suddenly decided to change prices a little more than a week from the main launch on March.3rd . We can always hope that the prices drop before launch but I have some doubts.
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  21. Yun Che added a post in a topic Anyone else not going to invest in pets? I know I am getting my free one and thats it.   

    have they released the price of pearls yet? I know they said that 100 pearls is a dollar but I've yet to see the page listing their actual price for launch.
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  22. Yun Che added a post in a topic one week till (early) release. Still no statement regarding changes to cash shop.   

    Cash shop doesn't launch till March 3rd. 
    Also I doubt the devs have the power to change cash shop prices without asking permission from higher ups.
    They will probably launch with higher prices and then if the sales are bad they might consider lowering them or having monthly sales.
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  23. Yun Che added a post in a topic Anyone else not going to invest in pets? I know I am getting my free one and thats it.   

    I'm for sure getting some. Love dogs. Wish they would add a wider variety of dogs to the game as pets though, I would love to have a rottweiler (could be a recolor of the fighting dog) I don't even care about the benefits they give  
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  24. Yun Che added a post in a topic Options for Voiceovers   

    Would love to be able to turn off some of the voices.
    TBH its not even the voice actors fault, the lines that they are speaking sound like they were translated by someone who has a 6th grade understanding of how to write interesting dialogue, translations should never be 1:1 as they frequently lack the flair they had in their native language. Something that rhymes or flows well in Korean might sounds like nonsense in English.
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  25. Yun Che added a post in a topic Can we just watch this amazing review?   

    LOL, its sad but this is what people complain about (and to be fair they have a point). BDO has such amazing customization tweaks you can do to make your character look different but in reality its only tweaks and not outright large changes. You can't make an old lady ranger, you can't make a young wizard, you can't make a old warrior, you can't make anyone obese or anorexic, everyone has some muscle tone. They created such a good system but they restrict you to a specific look for each character which basically makes it so you will never have a unique shape in the game, all the customization is in the face.
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