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  1. Athran added a post in a topic Why cant we easily report people in game for ToS violations (chat mostly)   

    listen sweetheart there is a such thing called the Block list/Ignore List it removes their chat messages form your screen, also there is a swear filter and custom filter they give you all the tools you need to be in your own little hug box
    Tools include but are not limited to the following: Custom filter option, Ignore list which blocks all messages and contact except for in game pvp killing, CS page where you may upload screenshots if it is severe enough I.E. if Player A told Player B to Commit Suicide
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  2. Athran added a topic in General   

    How do I link my facebook to my existing account
    how do I link my facebook to my existing account
    ok I just looked up support so new question, any news on making facebook connect and possibly google connect a thing for bdo for existing accounts, maybe 2 factor authentication like through google or authy 
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  3. Athran added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    You guys -----ing about the item merge are retarded everyone had equal chances to get this process done so maybe you should put on your big girl panties and stop -----ing nobody held a gun to your head and said not to do this so you can respectfully shut the ----- up.
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  4. Athran added a post in a topic Are autologin scripts Against the TOS   

    that's nice but I just found out what BDO's Launcher uses it uses internet explorer so any child can intercept my password if I use a script
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  5. Athran added a post in a topic Are autologin scripts Against the TOS   

    I set up lastpass instead which does not use a Script Kakao/PA can look at lastpass I will give a link

    that is not against the tos I know that much
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  6. Athran added a post in a topic Are autologin scripts Against the TOS   

    I may just use lastpass to auto fill instead
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  7. Athran added a topic in General   

    Are autologin scripts Against the TOS
    As it says above is autologin scripts against the Terms of service the only advantage it gives is not having to type in my password every time the game crashes or every time I have to launch the game,
    this is the script or something like it it will be what I base mine off of
    #include <IE.au3>; If command line arguments are there, use them. Otherwise use pre-defined ones.If $CmdLine[0] > 0 Then   Local $username = $CmdLine[1]   Local $password = $CmdLine[2]Else   Local $username = "youremail@email.com"   Local $password = "yourpassword"EndIf; Creating IE Window$o_IE = _IECreate ("http://login.daum.net/accounts/loginform.do?url=http:%2F%2Fblack.game.daum.net%2Fblack%2Findex.daum",0,0,1,1); Hiding itLocal $hWnd = WinWait("[CLASS:IEFrame]", "", 10)WinSetState ( $hWnd, "", @SW_HIDE ); Filling in the form, javascript since i'm lazy..._IENavigate ($o_IE, "javascript:function logmein(){document.getElementById('id').value='" & $username & "';document.getElementById('inputPwd').value='" & $password & "';document.getElementById('loginBtn').click();} logmein();",0); Waiting till the main page shows upWhile NOT IsObj(_IEAttach("http://black.game.daum.net/black/index.daum","url"))   Sleep(300)WEnd; Attaching itself to it$o_IE = _IEAttach("http://black.game.daum.net/black/index.daum","url"); Making sure its loaded_IELoadWait($o_IE,300,3000);; Clicking the "Start button"$oBtn = _IEGetObjById($o_IE, "gameStartButton")_IEAction($oBtn, "click"); Waiting till launcher is startedWhile NOT ProcessExists("BlackDesert_Launcher.exe")   Sleep(100)WEnd; Closing the Hidden IE window so it doesn't linger...WinClose($hWnd)
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  8. Athran added a post in a topic PVP is bad   

    lol this guy, I came back and I saw we still get retards in the forums also it ain't cyberbullying, if you got something I want in a game of course I am gonna kill you for it IRL if your a criminal your not gonna ask nicely before you put a gun in someone's face and say give me the -----in money or your breathing through a a new hole in your head.
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  9. Athran added a post in a topic Please just remove all PK altogether.   

    standard rederick form the enemy someone -----s with you just kill them, having a bad day find some carebear and light them up, want that one guy in chat to shut up kill him alot can be solved by killing
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  10. Athran added a post in a topic Please just remove all PK altogether.   

    I was not insulting SWG Players completely I was trying to say that he was the kind of person SWG players would kick out of their community
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  11. Athran added a post in a topic Please just remove all PK altogether.   

    good Becuase I am blocking you... by the way the trash that came out of SWG had more class then you.
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  12. Athran added a post in a topic Please just remove all PK altogether.   

    I know what kind of trash came out of stars wars galaxes, you don't fit the bill sweetheart.
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  13. Athran added a post in a topic Please just remove all PK altogether.   

    born 1992 and you are just an uncultured swine
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  14. Athran added a post in a topic Please just remove all PK altogether.   

    I have bean playing mmos since 1999 started with eq1 you probably started with world of shit craft. also your the one defending the carebears while I am on the pvpers side. Two sides who refuse to accept each-other's existance.
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  15. Athran added a post in a topic Problems I see with the current state of the game   

    Agreed bring back exp loss, and balance classes for sure.
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