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  1. Katsuragi added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    How about you mention that part where we can't have a password we've ever set before. This is for whatever reason always left out.
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  2. Katsuragi added a post in a topic Why ranger is melee?   

    You forgot to mention in a game where it doesn't matter if you're a pure DPS class because all the utility classes can one-shot other people regardless.
    You're not using bow outside of PvE. The only time you're using bow in PvP is to finish someone off with a shotgun.
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  3. Katsuragi added a post in a topic Ranger dmg pre/post awk   

    not even around us, just in front of us, with both long wind up and wind down animations, which is one of the reasons rangers get so easily -----ed by pretty much any class.
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  4. Katsuragi added a post in a topic Massive Ranger Buffs INCOMING!!!!   

    sweet innocent child
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  5. Katsuragi added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

    That's also ignorant because the issue with desync and or lag goes way beyond just the hardware and configurations.

    But hey dude, I don't give a flying -----, I barely even play this game anymore and I'm not defending PA in any way and even less so am I doing Kakao.
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  6. Katsuragi added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

    Because they don't just patch during maintenance, that's an ignorant statement.
    Have you heard DKs voice? LOL
    It's actually a shameful.
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  7. Katsuragi added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 29th 2017   

    Because the changes didn't include Ranger nerfs so there's no reason to hurry them over to this side in that case.

    jk idk and idc anymore.
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  8. Katsuragi added a post in a topic Slow downloading speed?   

    For people having this issue, you might want to try throttling your upload speed, it's most likely what's choking your connection.
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  9. Katsuragi added a post in a topic DP Still useless in End Game PvP   

    That's why I'm speaking of reworking class kits from the ground up. There are ways to do it. It's just not worth it on the development side. They already went this route and they're not changing it.
    Point in case, it doesn't matter how viable a Ranger is, it literally brings nothing to the table besides damage. It does nothing you can't do with any other class, better, and with less of a risk.
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  10. Katsuragi added a post in a topic DP Still useless in End Game PvP   

    Things wouldn't become much worse unless they didn't rework the class balance from the ground up. Which is why I don't believe that the game will ever be more than a oneshot autismo fest.
    The only thing the game's oneshot fest is achieving is having most classes be utterly pointless since they don't bring as much as others to the table and any class can instagib.
    But like I said, I don't give enough -----s anymore. I surrendered to the fact this game's just gonna be this.
    Sizer's been auti........ Sizer since I remember. No one plays BDO specifically to play solo. People play it solo because they can play solo. Also sometimes people are just that much bored.
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  11. Katsuragi added a post in a topic How is the game P2W   

    It isn't. It just has a retardedly high paywall behind your main.
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  12. Katsuragi added a post in a topic DP Still useless in End Game PvP   

    You don't team up. Only people under a certain gear threshold think grouping is how you grind, be it for exp or money, or that DP builds actually work.
    These Forums are the memes.
    The only reason I'm playing this game is pretty much the same, I can play it solo and afk.
    Yeah, because some classes have been utterly cancerous since they showed up. That doesn't mean anything towards the overall balance of DP.
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  13. Katsuragi added a post in a topic Looks like Wizard is still the most op in bdo- and perhaps of any game ive played   

    Yeah... no. Shotgun is the same. The difference is that it requires a ridiculous amount of AP to not be pointless to play Ranger (actually, it is pointless even with enough AP, but at least viable in 1v1 and small scale) and the Rangers that stuck to their class over there got enough AP that shotgun (which scales exponentially past a certain threshold) actually destroys.
    Everyone rolled away from Ranger over here because it's the most late blooming class and even after blooming, it's hard to pull off right and it doesn't bring anything to the table except damage. Which means jack shit in a game that's a deletefest whatever the class.
    You might as well play one of the Ws and pull the same delete cancer with way less AP and being basically failproof because they're way more forgiving, not to mention they bring utility to the table.
    I guess this last paragraph is an overall combat balance/design issue, whatever the class. And this is the main reason I can't for the love of me believe they actually take PvP any serious in this game.
    Also, our servers being desync city is fun.
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  14. Katsuragi added a post in a topic Looks like Wizard is still the most op in bdo- and perhaps of any game ive played   

    They don't give a shit. They don't give a shit about PvP, they don't give a shit about balance and they certainly don't give a shit what you or anyone has to say. In the very least since Belsazar walked away there have been literally no -----s given about anyone's opinions.
    You shouldn't be taking this game seriously, much less so as far as PvP goes.
    btw let me insert the mandatory ranger op meme here
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