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  1. amirgelman added a topic in General   

    My opinion about why you should stop taking level-grinding too seriously in BDO
    hey guys,
    let me know your thoughts on this video of mine:
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  2. amirgelman added a topic in General   

    This 2 minutes review of BDO is beyond weird! ^_^
    This 2 minutes review for Black Desert is the best thing that happened to me lately!
    OMG what did I just watch??!!
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  3. amirgelman added a topic in General   

    Whats the use of a boat nowadays?
    so i got a boat and been running around from random spot to another in the mid-sea and i'm telling you - i get the same if not worse then what i get when i fish near a town.
    not to mention the fact that every time i'm full i go a few meters > sell to trade dude > back to the beach.
    are there any hot spots now?
    i remember they had these jumping gold fishes scattered through the map and if u found it - u would have like a few minutes of straight gold-fishes to fish.
    but now i can't see those anywhere.
    would appreciate an update and if the boat can still benefit me with anything, from faster fishing exp to better spots.
    thank you!
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  4. amirgelman added a topic in General   

    Best discord\TS channel to uplift the social experience of the game?
    game feels very much alone after my 3rd character now.
    seriously, i try talking to some people i bump into, maybe ask them to grind together for profit - everybody are just way too deep into their own grind, leveling etc..
    anyways, was looking for some funny people to play with on the EU servers.... 
    any recommendation?
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  5. amirgelman added a topic in European Guild   

    Looking for a fun & mature guild + discord
    hey all,
    looking for a new and talkative guild that actually does things together\grind or maybe even PvP (more into PvE though).
    Char name: Amirg
    Family name: Gelman
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  6. amirgelman added a topic in General   

    SILVER KEY collection contest!
    Hey all,
    Not even sure why I do this but it seems the keys are more for self-keep (or sale) then actually opening chests.
    So just screenshot your inventory to see how many keys you got. Winner will be the one with the most keys.
    Will think of a reward while we go... 
    In the meanwhile:

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  7. amirgelman added a post in a topic Horse leveling - One by One vs Wagon?   

    this is PERFECT. exactly the information I was looking for. thanks!
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  8. amirgelman added a topic in General   

  9. amirgelman added a post in a topic Horse leveling - One by One vs Wagon?   

    thanks for the comment.
    about the wagon not raising the training exp - one of the false info i got from people inside the game.
    i know checked while riding the wagon and did see the exp moving. but i have the feeling you get less exp gain on a wagon then regular riding. could be just me.
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  10. amirgelman added a topic in General   

    Horse leveling - One by One vs Wagon?
    hey all,
    I got into the breeding business and trying to figure out which option is the best for faster horse leveling?
    - If I wanna level 2 horses - One by One or Wagon?
    - If I wanna level 3 horses - One by One or Wagon?
    I won't ask about 4 horses since I do believe the wagon is surely a better choise.
    One thing to take into consideration though:
    does leveling your "Training" boosts your horses leveling speed while riding?
    because if that's true, while we know wagon doesn't level Training at all - maybe its almost always worth leveling one by one because once very skilled your horse level faster?
    also, if wagon is better in some cases - which wagon is the best?
    any recommended upgrades that are not hard to get? (can be purchased on the market)?
    hope someone already calculated something like this.
    Thanks in advance!
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  11. amirgelman added a topic in General   

    Things I wish I knew when starting to play BDO
    Hey all,
    I made a random list of things I wish I knew when just starting to play BDO.
    Let me know your thoughts
    - The question marks scattered around the map are knowledge yet to be obtained. If it's on fields - usually that means monsters you haven't got ranked or gained knowledge about or if it's in a city then knowledge with NPC or something.
    - Wasting Black Stones in enchantment RNG is silly. Buy the cheapest green jewlery you can find on the marketplace (in couples) and enchant them only to fail. That way you gain FAILSTACKS which increase your next enchanting attempt. Try the actual attempt to upgrade your armor\weapon\whatever after at least 5 fail stacks or so.
    - Don't just randomly connect nodes. Connect them between cities without wasting side-nodes unless they are relevant for a mine or a farm you want to send your workers to. Save them points for connecting nodes in places you know you're gonna grind for a while (places like these come in about level 40+, like the Chimeras, Giants etc…).
    - Don't bang your head with the amity mini-game. There's a website that can calculate the whole thing for you - http://bdotools.com - you might find it innacurrate at times but 95% of the times it's spot-on and helps a whole lot!
    - There's no such thing as "your main city" unless you really aimed to do this even though it's not useful. Some cities you will need more than others. For example - you want a big ranch to breed a lot of horses. Horses need a lot of space so you'll need a level 5 ranch to have enough space - something that Calpheon provides while Velia or other cities don't. But then, I need to upgrade my Yuria sword - the place to do this is Keplan! So, as you can see - don't stick to a specific city. Think big!
    - Love fishing? Buy a wagon, take it along the shore to the left side from Velia and park it where you'll see many other fishers\wagons. Right in front of it there's probably the biggest and most well-known hotspot for fishing. There will ALWAYS be ships to stand on there and just fish there. When you inventory is done - pack your wagon and go back to fish some more. When finished - go to the trader and repeat.
    - Use your loyalty points to buy them green rods to fish. They cost like nothing (25 loyalty points) and they add +1 to fishing and have better durability.

    - Workers can be used ANYWHERE as long as you connect the nodes between the cities. Just remember that the actual enchantment\crafting\whatever should happen in the city the worker is at.

    - Don't throw the first weapon you get with the spirit's quest. Always keep it and every 10 levels or so, equip and un-equip it. It will sometimes reveal a continuation of the quest.

    - Don't waste your loyalties on scrolls and such or basically anything other then weight-limit. It actually is the only thing you can boost so much and it's never enough even if you leveled your strength to level 20+. Having a boost of 40lb is pretty good. For scrolls just look for food that boosts the same thing and sometimes you will get these scrolls as gifts. Have faith!

    -if you want constant progress – you're in the right game because BDO gives you a lot of opportunities to advance while you are AFK. If you are on a horse and need to go somewhere - put it on auto-path and let it run. You will train your "training" (riding horses) and level up your horse. Need to go while you are without any mount? Auto-path yourself running – will increase your Breath which increases your WP.

    Feel free to share yours too

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  12. amirgelman added a post in a topic Read this before any RNG related action in the game   

    i would love to see the source of this info.
    now, that being said... i must admit it sounds very logical. as you can see, there's no real meaning for the horoscope sign during the game and i doubt they will put a choice to make, let along - at character creation, that just has no meaning or reason. they wouldn't bother you with choosing this.
    so that just might be true.
    still, would love to see a source
    holy smokes, you called me Will Farrel? that dude is hilarious ... thanks for the compliment
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  13. amirgelman added a topic in General   

    Read this before any RNG related action in the game
    Hey all,
    This is something I've made - taken from the bible of RNG.
    It has been said you must read this before any RNG related action.
    May the lord of RNG watch over us all.

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  14. amirgelman added a post in a topic The game needs more group content   

    so much this.!!!
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  15. amirgelman added a post in a topic What's the point of Auto Loop if we can't stay connected?   

    i can confirm. I havd an amazing connection and before the patch I was able to stay connected 3 days streight. Just today I got DC which never ever happened before. Wierd...
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