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  1. LongSock added a post in a topic Help me choose?   

    I've been playing warrior and wizard to sort of jump into the generic opposite ends of the field. I like how Wizard can do tons of AoE damage, but single target damage is slow and they're super squishy. Warriors can spam 100% crit stab 5-6 times to take down bosses then regen WP in a couple hits, they are also tanky.
    I haven't tried the tamer yet, but it seems like an extremely fun class. If its fairly mobile and can take a few hits, it would probably be a good class to develop. Warrior seems pretty flat so far, and could probably get boring after a while; On the other hand, Warrior is incredibly resilient and extremely forgiving if not paying attention.
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  2. LongSock added a post in a topic POLL: Is Blader absence keeping you from pre-ordering?   

    I totally understand where you're coming from, but likewise, some people don't want to pay now for a game they wont play now if their intended main class won't be there on release day. It also gives them time to see how mature the game is after launch to see if they still want to start playing. It may seem like there's no reason not to pre-order, but its not like that for everyone, or else we'd have 100% of the projected playerbase in CBT2 right now. I'm playing devil's advocate so please don't take it as a personal affront, i'm just pointing out the valid counterpoints to why/why not people are hung up on pre-ordering (with a focus on blader)
    Think of it like this, if you really wanted [insert any hypothetical class here] to be available on launch day, but it wasn't going to be, and you didn't want to waste your time learning a different class and progressing with it when everyone else will already be making progress on their long term characters, maybe you tell yourself "I'll sit this one out, I'll see how it plays out"
    You then filter your interests to things like: whats the cash shop going to be like? whats endgame content looking like? how buggy is the game so far? will it have more or less grind than RU or KR version? When is my favorite class going to be released? etc.
    Some people are held back from pre-ordering because there aren't enough desirable factors right now behind the decision making process for pre-ordering. While exclusivity incentives like Tier-5 mounts and free pearls help add to those positive factors (which do work and push people to pull the trigger), some people are simply not concerned with the superficial bonuses to warrant an early purchase into something not really completely hashed out to a satisfactory level (for some). As is the point of the thread-- it's not a complaint or whine thread by any means, but a real hard look at people who haven't made the decision to jump in.
    As I've said before, this isn't for me. I've already pre-purchased, and while I really wanted the Blader on release, it didn't stop me from going big ($99 guy here). This is for people who haven't decided to pre-order, and for DAUM and community moderators to learn from the data being collected from the poll. I'm sure it helps them gain feedback from the community actively searching for information on the game before purchasing.
    If you are reading this post and want people to pre-order despite the lack of Blader, this thread would be a good place to discuss positive reasons why you did choose to pre-order. That way there is a sort of constructive guided discussion that could help push other people towards joining the club. 
    Or, you could talk about what about the absence of Blader and how it affects your decision to not pre-order. There are valid reasons on both sides. If anything, constructive feedback helps guide change and development in e-communities, so it would be great to highlight more pros/cons.
    Repeat comments along the lines of "Man, stop whining already, idiots need to just pre-order, there's no reason for a class to hold you up" aren't exactly constructive and divide people into anti/pro pre-orderite groups with little to show for it. (This comment is not directed at you, Tinaral, but in general for readers)
    Figuring people are up in arms about the cash shop and how there are stat bonuses tied to the sets, you're a bit wrong on all the details being addressed already-- also generalizing everyone as users who don't user the search function is also insulting.
    One of my primary worries past the absence of Blader was for there to be any hint of P2W in the cash shop, as is the nature of more Eastern MMOs. And I wasn't crying about Allods having a shitty system. I was using it as a prime example of what COULD happen to any game with poor cash shop implementation.
    "all fail at the search function then cry because other shitty games (allods seriously? Lol) have fail systems that don't work for the western market. "
    The way these sorts of comments are posed invite toxicity into game forums and their communities. I'd highly suggest chilling out and reading people's posts with a little more passiveness.
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  3. LongSock added a post in a topic POLL: Is Blader absence keeping you from pre-ordering?   

    Because for a couple reasons. 
    1) Prices will vary post-launch. Instead of paying higher prices for "exclusivity" benefits per-tier, you're looking at just spending enough to cover the basic tier price.
    2) If and when details are hashed out on what is included or available on launch day, it will give people a better footing on whether or not to buy the game. 
    Example: I pointed out mainly the cash shop being a deciding factor for myself, but chose to pre-order anyway. Now that cash shop items are released with in-game stats at $30 for full sets... It really pushed me to consider refunding my order and walking away from BDO
    These are very real and serious things that adults (who work a day job and feel the pinch of their hard earned dollars leave the safety of their wallets) want to know before "jumping in"
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  4. LongSock added a post in a topic Show off your beast   

    I was reading Borrasca last night and when I first read the part about the skinned men I imagined this.
    In case you haven't read borrasca..

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  5. LongSock added a post in a topic CBT-2 Date and Character Creation!   

    Will the character creation client be expanded on release day to become the game client? 6.2 Gb for character creation is massive!
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  6. LongSock added a post in a topic Petition to have more classes available at launch day.   

    I would rather this game come out an entire quarter later and include everything and gain some polish from CBT1 and CBT2 notes than come out immediately after CBT2 ends WITHOUT half of the classes being available.
    Because right now, we're looking at being 1) an old man in a robe, 2) a tank or 3) a fat giant for men.
    we're going into a launch with.. zero assassins? If they push release date out later, we can all enjoy the head start with the class we want and overall the game should also be more ready by then.
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  7. LongSock added a post in a topic POLL: Is Blader absence keeping you from pre-ordering?   

    I too left GW2 for the same reason. If they had blader announced for launch day and some more concrete facts about what's going to be available on launch day, I would have pre-ordered sooner. There is a lot of (nothing) at endgame right now for BDO which worries me.
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  8. LongSock added a post in a topic POLL: Is Blader absence keeping you from pre-ordering?   

    I'm curious about this, since from what I understand, anything up to +5/+7 for weapons/armor is guaranteed safe but all the way up to +15 is RNG. AFAIK you can upgrade past 15, but it has riskier outcomes since you can roll all the way back to +15. This worries me because of two previous implementations of a similar system:
    Allods Online (an RU MMO) uses a similar exponential cost system like black stones called "runes" that overall increase your power output. These runes ended up as a cash-shop item so it ended up as a strict P2W game.
    Maplestory (another Korean MMO) uses a similar RNG based enchantment system that fostered a volatile economy based around such highly enchanted objects. Since the individual enchantment items were not entirely expensive on their own, the objects themselves were ridiculously expensive which created negative rifts in the global trade market with overpriced items left in their wake. This gave birth to organizations like WAL-MART in-game that capitalized on crowdfunding enchantment materials to control the outlet of perfectly enchanted items in-game. This can be a good thing in terms of ultimate player control, but not always.
    These worries kept me from pre-ordering for a while as well, but I chose to go into this as a trust based endeavor. Also, I have IRL people who want to do this as well.
    Also, i got over that worry because I found even in an MMO like MS, even if you weren't rich as all can be, it gave you a constant sense of growth and goals in-game. The other end of the spectrum is an MMO like Guild Wars 2, where pretty much everyone has the best gear and legendary items, which cheapens the experience and gets boring quickly.
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  9. LongSock added a post in a topic POLL: Is Blader absence keeping you from pre-ordering?   

    https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=what is the benefit of the doubt
    That's not what benefit of the doubt means, by conjuring a statement quoted from nowhere and then proceed to rant against your own quote.
    I think you had things you wanted to say, perhaps misdirected in this specific thread given they were unfounded. As always, please try to stay constructive on the topic.
    and to your last sentence...

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  10. LongSock added a post in a topic POLL: Is Blader absence keeping you from pre-ordering?   

    "TL;DR, still not significant enough for threats."
    Nobody threatened anything
    "Of all four, Blader is the popular choice for individuals to raise their pitchforks and torches over not seeing."
    Nobody is raising pitchforks?
    "You know what's actually important? Making sure their systems are balanced and working correctly. As I mentioned in my post, the karma system might need work. The balancing of potions needs work. The leveling progression and flow need to be worked on. What kind of servers we're going to have needs to be discussed. Cash shop items and options needs to be addressed. These issues matter infinitely more than this one particular class because they have an impact on ALL players, not just Bladers. So they shouldn't re-prioritize Blader until the actual important things are dealt with."
    They are already testing Blader, which means the development on these features are unimpacted. It's not an either/or. They're working on all of it, so this comment seems more defensive than constructive.
    "Rather than try to demand that it be available, provide false information on the status of said class or anything relevant to said class, or try to act like their preorder is so important that the game will clearly fall apart without it"
    Nobody demanded it be available, I'm not sure what false information was provided since the only things stated were Blader is not available on launch day but may be released post-launch. And nobody said the Game will fall apart without it. Only, and I quote myself "could potentially degrade the value of BDO on release" was stated. In no way is anyone saying 'no blader = dead game'
    Please scroll to the top of the thread, I'm not sure you are replying to the right one? This thread was just an open poll for people not pre-ordering because of a launch without Blader, and why. I think your first post on the thread quoted something that didn't exist in this topic.
    I mean no offense, but its a very clear white-knight retort. I think you should re-read through the topic and see that nobody is trying to attack anyone, and people are just choosing not to pre-order because certain things they look forward to would not be present on launch day which makes pre-ordering obsolete to them. This serves as a sounding board for why, and to collect information to help shed some light on it.
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  11. LongSock added a post in a topic POLL: Is Blader absence keeping you from pre-ordering?   

    I don't think anyone was threatening anything, more of just stating that they are just not pre-ordering because a few key features aren't going to be there on release which makes pre-ordering a little less logical for those individuals.
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  12. LongSock added a post in a topic POLL: Is Blader absence keeping you from pre-ordering?   

    They never stated they would release Blader at launch, but its known they will (maybe) eventually release Blader post-launch. Whether or not that actually happens could potentially disappoint people.
    Also, this entitlement you imply goes both ways, if someone does not want to pay for a game that does not have a feature they want, they don't have to pay for it. It wouldn't make sense to pay a car manufacturer full price of a car up front and ask for good word on delivery of a certain car with certain features they expect without binding contract that they deliver exactly what was paid for-- why do that with a game?
    Perhaps not everyone is what you imply "a small following of self-entitled kids who don't want to contribute to getting what they want" but simply patient adults who simply want to know what they like will be available near or on release before putting down their hard earned money for it.
    AFAIK the blader class is already in the works alongside everything else, the idea of it existing is irrelevant since we know it's there, but if 14%+ of the playerbase wishes to main a blader, that's a very large portion of the market to cater to.
    A larger view on the issue isn't a simple binary black and white (if they don't have blader, BDO is worthless) thing. It's simply a significant impacting detail that could potentially degrade the value of BDO on release, which all in all DOES impact the rest of the game experience in the end. Even if only half of those potential 14% of players wanting to main blader decided to not pre-order or wait until it is released later on, that's a potential 350,000 players or in monetary value, anywhere from $12-20 million USD. That's not a small chunk of money. (based on, say, 5 million total playerbase or sales)
    It's not the player's responsibility to pay up front for currently non-existing features in efforts to develop them. While the new era of pre-purchase and DLC game marketing would lead you to believe so, especially with grandeur of pre-purchase benefits and "exclusivity" to the game, the notion of paying for a product that is not currently tangible in hopes of it becoming tangible is backwards.
    I personally already pre-ordered BDO, but the point of the poll/question and topic is to bring to light a very real statistic-- some people are holding out on pre-ordering because the Blader is not going to be there on launch. Hopefully this information can help the developers decide whether or not to re-prioritize the class and consider either announcing its release on launch day or continuing to R&D for post launch.
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  13. LongSock added a post in a topic POLL: Is Blader absence keeping you from pre-ordering?   

    I've personally seen hyped games die faster than you can blink because what may or may not have been somewhat promised doesn't happen or is implemented in a poor way. And yes, some people don't want to spend $40-100 pre-ordering a game that doesn't give them certain features that they want in a game.
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  14. LongSock added a topic in Classes   

    POLL: Is Blader absence keeping you from pre-ordering?
    As the poll suggests, are you one of the people holding off on pre-ordering because there is no tentative release day on the Blader? If not, please comment below.
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  15. LongSock added a post in a topic West Coast CA/AZ   

    Oceanside/Vista/Carlsbad area and me and my buddies are super stoked!!
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