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  1. spook added a post in a topic Share Your Character Creation Templates   

    Here's a couple of mine, their kind of gothy, so I wouldn't be surprised if people didn't like them:
    And then this one which is less gothy, but has cool hair
    And here's the pack of them:
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  2. spook added a post in a topic Blade and soul fail launch! (Join in and laugh about it)   

    It's not even that hard to get a copy of the Chinese version.  Why don't they just play on a version that isn't completely -----ed?
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  3. spook added a post in a topic Post pics of your Sorceress   

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  4. spook added a post in a topic Post pics of your Tamer   


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  5. spook added a post in a topic Real/Game Character Comparisons   

    I pseudo-based mine on a friend of mine, although I can't find any pictures of her so just assume she looks kind of like this:

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  6. spook added a post in a topic What BDO truly needs.   

    Sorry, then.  This kind of threw me for a loop. V
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  7. spook added a post in a topic What BDO truly needs.   

    Am I stupid for thinking that if you're going to have "Non-PvP zones" that you should just turn off the ability to PvP in those zones in the first place?
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  8. spook added a post in a topic Energy/Vigor   

    Generally, I hate this type of system in an MMO.  Not because it messes with players, not even because it makes things more inconvenient, but mostly because it makes no sense to be in an MMO.  Let's say someone wants to do a boat load of crafting and doesn't want to buy any hypothetical refill potions.  That person is screwed.  I know the whole point is to keep players playing over a longer stretch; if you limit how much someone can do in a day, they will be forced to do it over multiple days.  All this system really does, though, at least in my experience, is cause people to just get annoyed and stop playing.  It's happened with Archeage, it's happened with Elsword (although that game was way worse off), and it looks like it's going to be seriously implemented here.  Come to think of it, the only time I've seen this system as such a big part of a game is in Korean MMO's.  Huh.
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  9. spook added a post in a topic What MMOs are you quitting when BDO hits NA/EU?   

    Quitting?  Quitting?!  I put way too many hours of my life into those other MMO's to just stop now.
    Maybe I'll just play a little less LOTRO and B&S...
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  10. spook added a post in a topic Hey cats   

    Thanks, maybe now I won't be so horribly clueless
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  11. spook added a post in a topic Hey cats   

    How, exactly?
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  12. spook added a post in a topic What song are you currently listening to?   

    Didn't bother to check if it's already been posted.  I doubt it though
    Jack White - Lazaretto
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  13. spook added a post in a topic Hey cats   

    Figured that might be the case.  I did some more looking and found that to be the case.  Bummer that I burned $50 for a Closed Beta that I missed, but I still get all the other bonuses that come with it so it's not all bad.  Thanks for your help  
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  14. spook added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Hey cats
    Hello everyone!  I'm Spook, or Spooky, if you will.  I've played a tonne of MMO's in my time, most of which just weren't able to suck me in.  I've been looking forward to this one for a long time, and I'm hoping it can suck away many hours of my life!
    On a side-note, I purchased the $99 version of the game (the one with access to both CBT1 and 2), but I purchased it after CBT1 ended .  If the game is still up, is there any way I can get the client, or am I screwed.  It looks like people have been playing after the "close" date, but I'm not sure.  If there is a way for me to download the client, as the official website just redirects to the homepage.  Thanks in advance if you can help
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