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  1. Aries added a post in a topic How is the BDO community?   

    The community in a nutshell
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  2. Aries added a post in a topic Does anyone actualy make profitable money with crafting?   

    Teach me your ways. ◕ ‿ ◕
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  3. Aries added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 7th   

    Wiz/Witch Awakening next week?
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  4. Aries added a post in a topic BDO Gear Guides for New Players   

    Accessory Guide same link as Weapon Guide.
    Seems more towards Rangers I assume?
    Otherwise good job Viper!
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  5. Aries added a post in a topic Whats the deal with these elites?   

    The reason why OP can't handle elites properly is because he/she is a Witch.
    Witch/Wizard do not have awakenings released. Your damage is like 50% less than all other classes with Awakenings. It makes a HUGE difference.
    I'm a Wiz and it took me forever to kill elites in Valencia with 197 AP. Once our Awakenings release it will be much easier.
    All these people saying it's easy is because they have their Awakening weapon and you don't.
    However I was able to tank elites with no issue with less DP than you. Just have to be effective at dodging. Also use Magic Pharos to aggro surrounding mobs and lowers their Magic DP by -15 which helps you do more damage.
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  6. Aries added a post in a topic BDO would have been greatest MMO ever if no cash shop and less RNG.   

    If they went with FFXIV business model (which is also a eastern game that is extremely successful in the west with no P2W) BDO would be at the same lvl as GW2 if not surpassing it. Which would make it the #2 most popular MMO behind WoW or #3 behind GW2.
    Eastern games should really use FFXIV as an example of how successful your game can be in the long run with a different business mentality. Not a single player who played FFXIV for a long time will tell you it's P2W yet the company still makes a ton of money so it can be done it's just a matter of intention.
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  7. Aries added a post in a topic Performance Problem As Of Recently! - Game needs more optimization!   

    Any update on when the Staff Tracker will be back up?
    It was suppose to be down temporarily because of a supposed error but it's been months. That way I don't have to dig the forums to see CM activity all the time.
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  8. Aries added a post in a topic Well, it seems they're creeping closer to F2P.   

    Mind if you give a source?
    That way I can direct people there who think I'm trolling...
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  9. Aries added a post in a topic Is Black Desert Online Dead?   

    Nowadays every time I go to Calph/Heidel/Etc I see only a handful of active players doing things non AFK related.
    Back when this game was at it's peak you had so many active players in towns you could barely find NPC's or see the street. People would stop by and chat and talk about cool stories for fun. All of that is gone.
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  10. Aries added a post in a topic Reminder.   

    Do your research? Your too old to be spoon-fed, lol
    The fact that I've seen you here since the forum opened and you are either trolling or seriously missed the promises they advertised in interviews/websites/articles/forum/etc amazes me.
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  11. Aries added a post in a topic Artisan Memory now available for Pearls   

    What's unfair about using steroids to win the Olympics? They are available to everyone. It's far more fair that having elitists beating me at sports 99%. Seriously, stop blubbering.
    That's what you sound like right now....
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  12. Aries added a post in a topic Is there a Cure?   

    The cure is to quit the game sadly.
    You have to understand by know the publisher has no intention to change it's ways or listen to the community. Hence why the interaction between the staff and community is non existent anymore. Haven't you noticed the Staff Tracker has been "temporarily" down forever? Back in CB and even after release they interacted with the community on a daily basis and all of that vanished since it was pretense to build hype.
    The people who are left are either okay with P2W or are in denial.
    The people who care about making a difference and reaching out to daum/kakao have long left to better MMO's out there and that is the cure my friend.
    Look at behavior examples from other MMO companies. GW2 has been out for 4+ years and the company staff still interact with the community on a daily basis on forums/reddit and ask for feedback. Daum/kakao gave up after a few months because they had darker intentions and they knew they were deceiving from the start. You can literally analyze enough data to form accurate conclusions of a MMO companies intention with their community by observing their behavior. After all 93% of communication is non-verbal. If you have decent understanding of psychology you can easily interpret intentions from daum/kakao.
    I agree this game had great potential and could of been one of the best MMO's to exist in the western market. Best thing to do is find a game worth investing in with a company that has positive intentions for their community.
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  13. Aries added a post in a topic Artisan Memory now available for Pearls   

    Then why not add Boss gear and Kzarka weapons to Cash shop?
    It would be nowhere near P2W and in fact it would aid non-cash shop users.
    There's currently a lack of Boss Gear and Kzarka weapons on the marketplace, with this in Cash Shop (which a non-cash shop user can get based on RNG) cash shop users no longer need to spend as much time to get Boss gear and Kzarka as before. Also, buying Boss gear and Kzarka weapons on cash shop has absolutely NO affects on how good you are since this game is based on skill. So cash shop users will have a tad more silver, silver they have anyway due to the lack of Boss gear and Kzarka weapons on the marketplace.
    Therefore this wouldn't be P2W.
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  14. Aries added a post in a topic PSA: Kakao challenging charge backs now   

    I won mine
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