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  1. Chiarus added a post in a topic DO NOT MISS THE KEY DATES   

    i know that server right now are really busy by tons of players,but i wake up for play and i can play just 40 min then i need to go to work.. and i spent the first 30 for trying to go in, this isn't what i was expecting, just that...
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  2. Chiarus added a post in a topic NAME RESERVATION AND CBT2 INFO   

    This is what CM Praballo answer in the post  "At what time today can the CBT2 client be downloaded?" 
    So i can assume that they will allow download when they have finished to checking everything, and maybe will be a casual time..

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  3. Chiarus added a post in a topic Name Reservation Page   

    Done! finally! Continue to persist and you will have your reservation   good luck!

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  4. Chiarus added a post in a topic [POLL]Previous experience on the game   

    i have never played but i am ready with conq package to cbt 2
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  5. Chiarus added a post in a topic What were some of your first MMORPG's you played?   

    metin 2 D:
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  6. Chiarus added a post in a topic How does your PC run the game?   

    i have a custom maded pc , the chase is corsair carbide spec 3, the processor is intel I5 6600K Skylake , 16 gb corsair  vengeance lpx ddr4 ram 2666mhz, psu corsair RM750, vga MSI gtx 970 gaming 4G, mobo msi z170a gaming m7, corsair H60 Hydro cpu water cooler, SSD Crucial mx200 250 gb and hdd wd blue 1 tb, i have a total of 5 vent including the psu, and the monitor is asus VX238H Full hd response time 1ms,keyboard and mouse cooler master octane set, i have spent around 1800 eur, and i expect around 60 fps i think
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  7. Chiarus added a post in a topic Chosenhack   

    ciao alex anche io sono italiano, spero di poterci vedere in game e magari aiutarci a vicenda
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  8. Chiarus added a topic in New Adventurers   

    hey guys! from italy
    hello i am chiarus and i am really excited  to start CBT2!! this game seems really amazing, and for be ready for this awesomeness, i have just buy the 100€ pre order package, see you in game!
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  9. Chiarus added a post in a topic Post CBT-1 Update   

    I did the same thing too, but never matter i am excited to start CBT2! 
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