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  1. Laarie added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 29th   

    where is this new loyalty award system?
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  2. Laarie added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 1st - extended   

    The dark knight alrdy reaps Havoc.... 1 hour added to maintanance.... this class is sooo evul!!
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  3. Laarie added a post in a topic Download reset   

    when you interupt the download and re/open the game will always start at 0%, then it will slowly determine what is already there and what needs to be downloaded. The funny part is for me it will actually show the drive speed as download speed. I had to interupt the dowload at like 50% and it took about 20mins to half an hour for the game to figure out where it stopped adn what to download. I am running teh game from an SSD drive, so the proces on a regular Hardrive mey even take longer.
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  4. Laarie added a post in a topic Still missing Pre-order items...   

    This is very BAD!!
    I can understand stuff going wrong. But it seems priorities are a  bit off at Daum... New patch, nw cashshop items, People still waiting on their stuff....
    Come on Daum, fix this please...!!  If you need costumer support reps, Pls contact me, I have years of costumer support experience and are available per Yesterday,
    I am based in the Netehrlands... So Daum your welcome to contact muh.. Ill probably work for free... wel almost free
    Wheres the job openings links? i cant find them......
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  5. Laarie added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   

    Server: Croxus
    Fam name: Koek
    Wagon, Horse and Boat

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  6. Laarie added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 16   

    Can we pleas get a 0 energy costing goldseller report button??
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  7. Laarie added a post in a topic Show Lingerie To All Players   

    pls god noo, there will be complete wank circles all over the place...
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  8. Laarie added a post in a topic [Updated] Patch Notes - March 11th   

    So with changing the traded items to character bound, and unvendorable or put on the marketplace, maybe we can expect more items being able to trade, Its really annoying when out in the sea that a fishing rod breaks and YOu have to go all the way back to town whilst a party member has 6 rod with him?? A healty trading enviroment makes for a healthy MMO experience?
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  9. Laarie added a post in a topic Do you miss a CBT2 title/reward after 9th of March? - please reply   

    i did the Beltfish thing so master baiter, and the marathon one.
    Server: Croxus,
    Fam name: Koek
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  10. Laarie added a post in a topic Bit confused about the boats...   

    I have teh fishing boat build, I  have been fishing for the past 2 days, It has a total of 174k lifespan, I am now on 160k. If setup properly, and you have effectively connected nodes and invested energy in em, plus some good workers to build it you can knock 1 boat a day out. The better your processing skill gets, the more ingots and plywoods you can make. Yes early game it might seem a bit short on lifespan. I have a total of 87 contribution ppoints, with that I have bought all the epheria port houses, and connected 2 tin mines and 2 birch forests to chalpeon. Plus I connected a copper mine to veila plus 2 patatoo farms. i have aslo connected 4 islands above epheria.
    It would be nice to have some lifespan options, but then in teh form of repairing it with some actual materials that are needed to build the boat in  the first place.
    Just a plain repair certificate  for silver would be lame. 
    I havent looked into the upgrade options alot, but indeed putting upgrades on it seem a waste of time seeing you're gonne need alchemy and alot of energy....
    So I have 1 question for the devs, Can we get a repair option on lifespan, in  the order of 12 ingots, 10 scantlings, 25 plywoods, 15 blackstone powders... or something along those lines? You could also limit the amount of times you can lifespan extend it. Because  looking at it now, its better to sell the components on the marketplace then teh actual boat itself....
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  11. Laarie added a post in a topic Head Start Compensation & Support   

    Thanks for all the head ups and keeping the community informed and very well compensated.
    unlike other big mmo companies....ahum B***rd
    that do launch on time but nobody can play.....  i rather have a late launch and smooth game, then rushed and crap..
     Trolls will troll, and we will alwasy find something to complain about
    Keep up the hard work, because ist probably alarm phase 10 in the office right now
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  12. Laarie added a post in a topic Reliant EU, PvX Semi-Hardcore, Multi Gaming community (croxus)   

    Our recruitment is OPEN!!!!
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  13. Laarie added a post in a topic Reliant EU, PvX Semi-Hardcore, Multi Gaming community (croxus)   

    your gonne give yourself diabetis markeh......
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  14. Laarie added a post in a topic Reliant EU, PvX Semi-Hardcore, Multi Gaming community (croxus)   

    Due to some technical issues we have decided to change the application process. For everybody that has made an apply but have not heard since. Plz login to your account and go to our reqruitment section : http://reliantgaming.eu/index.php/recruitment
    Due to some problems with the account activation mail system it can be that your actount is not active. PLZ sent me a PM on this forum SO I can fix this for you.
    Hope to see you soon
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  15. Laarie added a topic in Suggestions   

    My feedback, fishing suggestions.
    My feedback on the experience I had.
    Total time played : about 30 hours.
    I have been mainly focussing on the node system, fishing, and looking at the knkowledge system.
    I have been fishing inlands and at sea.
    I have not been able to invest energy into my cast. I held the space key the energy bar filled, but it never stayed and it did not deduct energy or had any inlfuence on the quality of the cast.
    Animation after cathing a fish is too long, the anmiiation cancels the control  mouse pointer. This also goes for exiting your rowboat.  Can you make te mousepointer not dissapear whn an animation is still finishing.
    The autopathing on the sea is ridiculous. It really prevers to zig zag on mid sea where theres no objects or islands. Auto rowing goes slow as it is and thats understandable. But to have a couple of hundred meters extra...\
    On land its middle of the road, Can it be shifted a ltiitle to teh left or right? knocking over honest trade folk and guards can not be good for you reputation
    Graphics wise:
    Iam running an older gtx 560 ti 448 1300 mb gddr5 . I know this is an older card. For its age its functions pretty nicely on high settings. I did encounter  an AA issue.
    For some reasons at times it does not apply AA anymore. And thats not even in crowded areas, where it does seem to work. It  feels abit random but at soem point edges get jagged and stays that way. My fps was about 25/30 in crowded areas and 40/ 45 at sea on an island fishing. 
    I had some textures that had some color fading issues,
    Node system:
    I encountered no Issues with connecting nodes and investing energy.
    Black spirit:
    As the noob I am I did manage to trow away my boots whilst tring to gem them first time around. I thought it could be dragged into the boxes.... Can you please disable the delete function completely whilst using the black spirit gemming system? Or make the stuff draggable into the box? Safes alot of "wtf"moments.
    Combat/ Skill  system:
    I absolutely love the combo system. i like the combat in this game very much.
    I myself like to test out different skills and abilities, as a big part of the experience is gonne be killing mobs with your skills. Due to the punishing system for changing skills I do have a feeling I am not able to test different setups say for my wizrd as a pure dmg or pure support build. I do not know how many skill points one can get at hiher levels. But one cannot unlearn skills or even make a dual setup for my witch / wizard without spending money. I do have the  50 package with partial skill resets. In my opinion this is preventing people from experimenting with builds. thats a shame.
    I did enjoy every moment of the game. I love how it look and feels. Plz stop putting stats on cosmetic items... plz dont make it too much p2w..
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