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  1. The_ID10t_Effect added a post in a topic PA/Kakao is genius   

    it would be endless crap cleaning, pointless to even try. hence my comment.
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  2. The_ID10t_Effect added a post in a topic PA/Kakao is genius   

    better just to lock the forums.
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  3. The_ID10t_Effect added a post in a topic PA/Kakao is genius   

    Police Brutality Is well deserved in almost all the cases i see on TV, i swear we need a "what to do when interacting with law enforcement" class.
    1) Hands must remain in plain sight at all times( AKA not telling the officer you own a gun, then reaching into your clothing)
    2) Follow the Officers Orders at all times(if he asks you to quack like a duck you -----ing quack like a duck)
    3) Do not be a Smart Ass (keep your replies simple= yes,sir/Ma'am or no,sir/Ma'am)
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  4. The_ID10t_Effect added a post in a topic Please remove Xigncode3 from the game.   

    not really, Removing XIGNCODE is as easy as it gets.
    If your serious about hackers the only real way to stop them is by designing some failsafes into the servers themselves, hell even old SNES games did this, most would lock you into a inescapable room. Ultima's NPC's would name and shame you if you where cheating.
    Most cheaters do so because they can get away with it on the anon and bring there bad habits to another game, the no name and shame policy was always stupid and still is. what we really need is a masterlist profile on every person caught cheating and apply bans to the game before it even releases. Most asian game markets have a system like this, it works surprisingly well.
    If your doing something that requires you to overlap that many AV's something tells me you shouldn't be doing it under windows.....use a Hardend *nix kernel.
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  5. The_ID10t_Effect added a post in a topic The Grass isn't Greener   

  6. The_ID10t_Effect added a post in a topic The Grass isn't Greener   

    Age of Conan was amazing, if you had a machine that could run it.
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  7. The_ID10t_Effect added a post in a topic I am locked out of all quests   

    You have to do your story progression quests, they appear has a yellow square with a ! in it.
    I've leveled a character with story quests and one with pure grind. the pure grind one took forever to go back and get the quests done not to mention you'll miss valuable side quests with the grind route.
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  8. The_ID10t_Effect added a post in a topic Can a GM or a CM explain this please ?   

    I never said a word about the Korean community, i also never said there wasn't any Koreans the United States. 
    type in chat: { こんにちは世界 } instead of that you get squares. this tells us that the language is not blocked, it simply does not exist. it also could be the font being used does not support it.
    In most games you can edit the font used via the INI files, i do not know if this is true for BDO.
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  9. The_ID10t_Effect added a post in a topic Costumes will be 60-80mil soon...   

    bullshit the item limit is already saturated, that's why there's a slowdown in pearl shop items being listed.
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  10. The_ID10t_Effect added a post in a topic Can a GM or a CM explain this please ?   

    Possibly encoding issues, or they where left out because they assumed western withdrawal (most Asian countries hate mingling with people outside the Asian Pacific) so no need to bloat your game with extra character sets.
    character sets are pretty large data wise, So one would assume it wouldn't be useful nor productive to have 300+ languages flying around in chat.
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  11. The_ID10t_Effect added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    costumes are capped at 20mill, that's not even an hours worth of grinding.
    Panic Mode Deactivated.
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  12. The_ID10t_Effect added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 10th   

    when the game is no longer generating enough revenue to keep the servers online.
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  13. The_ID10t_Effect added a post in a topic Pay2win Strategies! How to get the most for your milk   

    You want to know whats even more cancerous? gangrene, after your jolly good neighbor mutilates you with a pair of rusty lawn shears.
    I'll take a bullet any day over the alternatives.
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  14. The_ID10t_Effect added a post in a topic Grindy game and no Conquer pack TOLD YA NEVER LISTEN!!!!   

    there are very few of us who remain that remember MMO's for the journey they provided not the destination.
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  15. The_ID10t_Effect added a post in a topic Kakao is not going to listen to any of you   

    Its actually not that uncommon over there. This one of the reasons why they often sell the rights to another publisher like NCsoft or Nexon, instead of in house publishing.
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