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  1. DarkPlugin added a post in a topic Dark Elf December 15th KR   

    Look at this. 
    And then at this.
    If dark elf will be like arisha I will totally left my ranger behind arisha was just awesome back in vindi. Hope for the best
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  2. DarkPlugin added a post in a topic Vorstellung - Vorteilspakets   

    3 Monate gratis so muss das danke!
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  3. DarkPlugin added a post in a topic What did you name your Penguin?   

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  4. DarkPlugin added a post in a topic Arrival of the Night Vendor   

    Sweet thanks.
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  5. DarkPlugin added a post in a topic Did the failstacking system change? A lot of people (not everyone) seem to have problems with failstacking   

    I can't get any -----ing failstacks. Everything just success and if I don't realy wanna try my luck on expensive gear. Will fail anyway 
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  6. DarkPlugin added a post in a topic Ranger does no Damage in PvP   

    Ich warte auch nurnoch bis Kuno raus kommt man hat einfach so gut wie gar keine Chancen gegen Schild Klassen >.>
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  7. DarkPlugin added a post in a topic Can't accept achievement reward.   

    People on reddit said it's because the awakening reset item is disabled right now. Guess we'll have to wait until Daum changes it.
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  8. DarkPlugin added a post in a topic Kanye has taken over Serendia (Orwen server)   

    Ahahaha nice :')
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  9. DarkPlugin added a post in a topic For players that bought the Ghillie Suit before the date   

    I'm not using it at all mainly because I didn't touch the game for some month because I waited for Node Wars & Valencia. And for now I don't use it because it's useless in Red Battlefield and Node Wars + there is no real PvP anymore because of the changes to PK Exp loss.
    I want a refund because they changed stuff on already with real money payed items and this is not fair. 
    Can't explain it better sorry my english isn't that good. Just look at the other posts.
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  10. DarkPlugin added a post in a topic For players that bought the Ghillie Suit before the date   

    Only for PvP. I have 2 other costumes for farming.
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  11. DarkPlugin added a post in a topic For players that bought the Ghillie Suit before the date   

    Ofcourse he did like I did. I watched Videos & Streams from Kr since I know the game is out there and I loved to see Ranger with Ghillie flanking at Node wars. That's why I bought it. But yea you guys are so funny with your salt posts and you know why we bought the suit. 
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  12. DarkPlugin added a post in a topic !WARUNG! Benutzt kein WTfast oder andere Software die euren Ping reduziert order ihr werdet gebannt   

    Muss man nicht verstehen aber okay.. Sehe keinen Grund warum man wegen sowas gebannt werden sollte. Kann mir das mal jemand erklären?
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  13. DarkPlugin added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    Well I just quit the game because everytime I grinded for let's say 10% exp i got killed by 5 people pk'ing me over and over and over again because I always grind alone and I don't want or need a group for grinding mobs. So yea now I can go grind again and I don't have to care about when I get killed by a 5 man group where I don't have any chances if i get permanently grabed or knocked down and everyone just spam their skills on me while I can't move.
    So yea I realy love this change.
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  14. DarkPlugin added a post in a topic Spassbremse Tarnkleidung   

    Man sieht doch unten im Chat den Namen vom wem man getötet wurde oder nicht? Ist zumindest bei mir so. Außerdem gibt es doch einen Trank der den Tarnanzug eigentlich komplett unbrauchbar macht, weil man den Namen und alles sieht.
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  15. DarkPlugin added a post in a topic Patch is avalible   

    1GB for me
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