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  1. XLucaX added a post in a topic How to transport 70k crates to arehaza?   

    There is, 7k crates the limit. (its a little over 7k but not 8k)

    What you can do is get horse and ship, thats 14k.


    As to OP, theres no actual way to transfer that much. I dont know about that command gather 
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  2. XLucaX added a post in a topic Daylight saving time - Node and Siege War times changing   

    Theres a lot of problems about Steve and I think node war isnt one of them
    So many questions like, where is Steve going? 
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  3. XLucaX added a post in a topic In guild trading.. thought,   

  4. XLucaX added a post in a topic Male Ranger in 2017   

    If you watch the trailer theres ALOT of things that just disappeared. Like the banditry scene which probly had a purpose, then theres the herds running... and boss running.

    Heck, wtf happened in the end? what happened to that concept, the leading an army of npcs?
    Also, notice theres no other scene with the male bow user.
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  5. XLucaX added a post in a topic Which character do you find the most boring to play?   

    Ranger for sure. Specially since I dont know how to use it, I awakened my ranger but thats the most ill do.
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  6. XLucaX added a post in a topic Player-to-player trading   


    Courtesy of Aoia
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  7. XLucaX added a post in a topic Player-to-player trading   

    any hopes of P2P in BDO is dead. I suggest just ignoring that fact, and just wait for the true openworld sandbox mmos thats coming out later this year. And hope these peasants never leave this community so we who want to enjoy being able to give stuff to the person next to us can enjoy it. 

    Its still a funny scenario even after a year... I wanna give some soda to the person next to me but apparently I have to post it on Ebay for that person to BUY what I wanna GIVE to that person for FREE lol.
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  8. XLucaX added a post in a topic Player-to-player trading   

    Aside from RMT, thats also going to be the biggest, massive problem.
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  9. XLucaX added a post in a topic Valencia   

    is that really possible? im a guild master and ive maxed pay members, and the limit ive reached on myself and my members is 5 mil. How are people paying more than that? 
    (this was when we owned 2 nodes, now adays with 0 node owning, highest I contract is 500k, which nobody really collects).

    Is it because my guilds medium only that I cant contract more than 5 million?
    Or are you factoring the node war incentive function?
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  10. XLucaX added a topic in General   

    Valencia trade reform
    – Trading in Valencia will be more beneficial.
    – Increased sales benefit from trading to/from Valencia City compared to other parts of the world
    – Of course, beware red tendency players from raiding your trade wagons as they are no longer heavily penalised for doing so.

    New desert resources
    – ‘Black Water’ can be harvested by guilds building new extractors in the desert. Black Water is expected to be a highly beneficial resource in the future. References to sailing boats and ‘trains’ that will benefit from Black Water. (Personal interpretation: ‘Black Water’ could easily be a reference to ‘Black Liquid’ aka oil. This ‘trains’ reference is giving me There Will Be Blood flashbacks haha).
    – Guilds will need to keep an eye on their extractors, and they will require maintenance (eg. damage from sandstorms).
    Wtf happened to this?
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  11. XLucaX added a post in a topic Is BDO a PvP game or a PvE game?   

    lol, even that has its limit. How long are you going to make your e-peen sword before you realize "oh shift, I cant go anywhere except that stupid village in the desert that offers nothing to help me  "
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  12. XLucaX added a post in a topic Is putting PVP behind a PVE grind wall a good idea?   

    A year has past and its still the same subject lol. Literally read this kind of subjects a year ago.

    As long as there is no benefits to pking aside for showing that youre a huge D-Bag and best karma farmer ever, this games owpvping system is and will always be what it is, a useless feature that d-bags like to use.

    Theres really one thing that will make this game a great pvp game, and that is to provide incentives to doing so, but as ive read hundreds to thousands of times, those "hardcore" knucklehead pvpers are more than content with accumulating karma LOL, heck even the red village offers 0 benefits aside from the fact that its near a great grind spot. NOT EVEN HOUSES.

    Also, the game (NA server at least) are showing more crowded status more and more, so I highly doubt its bleeding people left and right. 
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  13. XLucaX added a post in a topic New Pet in Korea   

    I wonder if theyll ever implement a pet that looks like a squire or apprentices. 
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  14. XLucaX added a post in a topic Is BDO a PvP game or a PvE game?   

    Its a PvE game with PK button. Thats all. 

    You cannot progress as a single player in the game via pking people, whatsoever. NOTHING, 0, Notha single gain u can get via clicking that pk button aside for GAINING karma that when u do long enough will make npcs in towns kill you. NODE WAR IS NOT INDIVIDUAL GAINS.

    I repeat, its a PvE GAME with PK BOTTON ENABLER.

    A True pvp game actually have gains for doing pvp and pking. But that is apparently hard to comprehend. 

    Its like going to a steak house with meat menu everywhere and a pig being roasted right in plain sight, even in the front of the restaurant, BUT since you ordered your steak with some broccoli and some mix vegetable, you decide to do a yelp rating saying " 5/5 best vegetarian restaurant ever"   
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  15. XLucaX added a post in a topic Time stamp   

    Still waiting for CMs and GMs to respond on this.
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