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  1. Suube added a post in a topic Post Picture's of Your Musa's (Blader's)!   

    Dynasty Warriors anyone?
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  2. Suube added a post in a topic PSA from RedFace - For all Guilds regarding exploits.   

    Pretty sure Hunting Rifles was not in the game during CBT/OBT of KR.
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  3. Suube added a post in a topic Exploit or fair game? Praetorian (Orwen) easy kill on bosses   

    @CM_Jouska, @CM_Tytyes, @PM_Belsazar, @CM_Praballo, @Deska 
    This definitely needs a response quickly or at least turn off the spawn on bosses for the time being.
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  4. Suube added a post in a topic what the crap are enhancement rates?   

    I actually made an app that simulates the Enchanting Process for Weapons.

    It has a chart displaying the rates so you can get an idea.
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  5. Suube added a post in a topic Crafting is bloody OP   

    Nice, working my way up in Alchemy as well.  Will say though that your Screenshot is a bit misleading as the bulk of the "Current Marketplace Asset Value" in your warehouse are items that have not even sold once on the Market or do not frequently sell.
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  6. Suube added a post in a topic Enchanting success rates?   

    I made an app to test Blackstone Enchanting for weapons if you're interested in testing your odds!
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  7. Suube added a post in a topic Bait Master Tour v2!   

    Character Name: Tambae
    Family Name: Suube
    Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/JZ7FBYo.jpg
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  8. Suube added a post in a topic ents | dank pvp, top guns, chill | recruiting   

    Oh snap!  I hope you guys are ready for the dank times in BDO!
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  9. Suube added a post in a topic Name Reservation Discussion   

    Don't think that guy realizes that in the NA region and EU there are areas where Weed/Marijuana/Cannabis is legal.  Not saying your name has anything to do with weed.
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  10. Suube added a post in a topic Blackstone Simulator [Android App][Updated to 1.2]   

    Thank you guys for your feedback and device info!  It's tremendously helpful!
    That's an awesome feature idea!  Sort of a upgrading diary for yourself, I'll try and see if I can implement it for an update.
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  11. Suube added a post in a topic Q&A with the Developers!   

    Will there ever be public information about enchanting rates for weapons/armors/jewelry?
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  12. Suube added a post in a topic ents | dank pvp, top guns, chill | recruiting   

    So hyped! New Updates on BDO and New Updates on my App :).
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  13. Suube added a post in a topic Blackstone Simulator [Android App][Updated to 1.2]   

    It's pretty awesome to see someone going through so many tries!  Thank you for using my app!  I'll probably make a insta-oneshot to 15 checkbox for people looking solely for averages.
    Updated to 1.2.
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  14. Suube added a post in a topic ents | dank pvp, top guns, chill | recruiting   

    see ents can be productive too
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