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  1. Merpeh added a post in a topic Gifting Trade Deals   

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  2. Merpeh added a post in a topic How many of us are left?   

    mained kuno since it realesed <3
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  3. Merpeh added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance November 9th   

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  4. Merpeh added a post in a topic Desert Shovel Exploit   

    nice! now buff kuno <3
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  5. Merpeh added a post in a topic [POLL]Attendance reward event   

    you'll always get your boss armor in the end anyway.
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  6. Merpeh added a post in a topic [POLL]Attendance reward event   

    as long as i get muskans im happy
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  7. Merpeh added a post in a topic [No Maintenance] August 17th   

    a bit late
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  8. Merpeh added a post in a topic Fast farming/grinding class 56+ (Awakening Ninja vs Kunoichi)   

    My guess is kunoichi. They seem to have better AoE farming skills with awakening
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  9. Merpeh added a post in a topic Awakening Weapon Skills and Level Exp   

    you get most skills at 57-58 but to have some skills maxed out you'll need a higher level. we dont even have the awakening weapons yet but 56 right now is really easy to get  so far there has been a catchup patch all the time so there will probably be some small boost to ppl when that comes too. my personal guess is that we'll get the awakening weapons in 2-3 months coz then all the awakenings should be realesed in kr!
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  10. Merpeh added a post in a topic Corrupt file for 1 character... ???   

    found my problem. im getting the error ones im just outside of altinova. doesnt say what file or w/e it is though..
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  11. Merpeh added a post in a topic [SOLUTION] File is corrupted even after repairs   

    found my error. corrupt file just outside of altinova.. doesnt say whatone it is though.
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  12. Merpeh added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Corrupt file for 1 character... ???
    So my main PC broke and started to turnitself off so i gotta send it in for repair..
    I downloaded the game on my brothers PC and when i try to loggin to my kunoichi i get "file is corrupt".
    Ive tried switching RAM downloaded the game on 3 different computers and i get the same problem on just this character. ran multiple repairs and i got no clue what to do now S:
    sent in a ticket but no reply so far..
    All that happends right now i get into the loading screen it and when its about to put me into the game the message comes up tells me to do a repair and i press ok then the game close..
    i need any help i can possibly get!
    theres no problem with my PC/internet/RAM that ive used.
    Update: i think the problem has something to do with Mervs pallet...
    Update: so i made an new character on a different server to just play around doing shit with my friend and when i came to mediah (the same area as my kunoichi that is struggeling is in) i got the corrupt file thing again..
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  13. Merpeh added a post in a topic Crashing after loading.   

    My game crash when i try to loggin to my kunoichi i get "File is corrupted" cant do anything myself about it.
    i can loggin on my normal PC but then the problem with thatone is that it turns itself off S: ... tried to play the game on 3 different computers getting the same error on all computers only for the same character.. no reply yet here either from the support l;
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  14. Merpeh added a post in a topic [SOLUTION] File is corrupted even after repairs   

    i get the same error but only on my kunoichi. the game worked just fine on my main PC but then it broke. after that i've tried 3 different computers. switching ram on 1. and i still get the same error on my kunoichi. "file is corrupted". ive run multiple repairs on all computers but nothing seem to work. at some point im able to loggin to my kunoichi but then about 10 min later i get the file is corrupted again and after that i cant loggin to that character again. all of my other characters works just fine but sadly not my kunoichi that i have all my gear on  
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