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  1. ChiefRandom added a post in a topic Gravedigger, Gloomy, Ramhorn costumes missing the other costume benefits   

    With the ram horn set it says u get a skin for the hat and top. Are they not individual pieces? 
    Like hat glove boots top or is it like u equip the top and have the whole suit on? 
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  2. ChiefRandom added a topic in Technical Issues   

    suspicious email
    i recieved a somewhat strange email this morning from no-reply@blackdesert.com
    it just contained the following text "welcome!
    please confirm your email to preceed."
    and then a link to a website (i havent clicked it yet since i do not trust it)
    is this real or fake? if it is fake this is something to be warned off, if not i'd like to know what this is because i remember i had to verify my email before.

    Edit this is what the link points to

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  3. ChiefRandom added a post in a topic Auto-loop question   

    this hasnt happend to me yet, i mostly walk from ephenia > heidel> olvia> Ephenia and then it restarts again.
    so it doesnt really make a big turn at any point
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  4. ChiefRandom added a post in a topic No character slot with new class release?   

    they do that for a reason, cuz of the engery use and stuff. if u want more slot just get one
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  5. ChiefRandom added a post in a topic Auto-loop question   

    u can alt+richt click spots u want ur horse to run to and if u Alt+right click ur current location the line will complete itself and turn green,
    then just hit T and ur going in an endless loop
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  6. ChiefRandom added a post in a topic Varshen - UK/EU [Jordine] [PvX] - Semi-Casual Guild, Recruitment OPEN!   

    applied on the site, would be happy to join and help the guild out
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  7. ChiefRandom added a post in a topic Miitomo? :D   

    just followed ya!, 
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  8. ChiefRandom added a post in a topic Hazardous node - what is it?   

    as far as i know if u send over workers to gather items, it will take a longer time for them to do so.
    due to monsters being there or something.
    it adds into the immersion in my oppinion, so it looks like workers actually have to be more carefull to collect you're goods
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  9. ChiefRandom added a post in a topic Are imperial traders out?   

    would like for this to get into the game finally
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  10. ChiefRandom added a post in a topic Miitomo? :D   

    i did! add me or sent me ur QR

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  11. ChiefRandom added a post in a topic New Region - Mediah   

    To Mediah it is!

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  12. ChiefRandom added a post in a topic ETA on ninja?   

    if i had to gues they will be added either in the mediah patch or valencia.
    as i remember correctly it should go something like this
    Guild sieges > (maybe since they stated it with "very soon") Mediah update > Blader & plum > valencia > ninja & kunoichi.
    but thats just my guessing, apart from the guild sieges since they said that would be released aorund 4 weeks after the launch so that guilds had time to set things up.
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  13. ChiefRandom added a post in a topic Rule the waves ! Question about the naval part of the game.   

    i think this is being worked on currently in the korean version of the game, but dont quote me on that its just something i read.
    and yes i agree on the merchant ship to be added, since there are traders scattered around on various islands this would only make sence
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  14. ChiefRandom added a post in a topic Do you miss a CBT2 title/reward after 9th of March? - please reply   

    i've just checked my account on the site and it had a new line including the Triathlete Title.

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  15. ChiefRandom added a post in a topic Horse Walk Toggle   

    i agree, this would be a nice feature
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