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  1. DeathBySnuSnu added a post in a topic DUPING EXPLOIT!!! (MARK OF SHADOW) PLS HELP!!!   

    I agree about the duping, saw a mark III on uno worth 500 mil, no way you have the money or time to do that without duping.
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  2. DeathBySnuSnu added a post in a topic Where's ninja class?   

    Funny, i have a wife and kids but i will never understand the touch of a woman.. your woman probably understands the touch, but it isn't your touch, its someone elses lmao.. she likely just with you because you pay all her bills and kiss her ass, but has that guy that can truly bang her on the side.  I feel sorry for your kid to have to grow up with such a shitty cuckhold of a father lmao.. someone will likely be with their real dad soon, I bet you arent the father.. lmao.. we all enjoy the taste of your salty tears here, there is no remorse for you! enjoy.  Never reproduce please or we will have to call the humane society on you.  Talk about other peoples IQ? dude you just came to the forum asking a stupid question that a child might be forgiven for asking, but basically everybody is laughing at you like that one kid that picks his nose and eats his boogers in class! I'm gonna call you woogie!
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  3. DeathBySnuSnu added a post in a topic Where's ninja class?   

    I don't know how you got a wife, probably online dating or pay for bride ads, but I really don't recommend you reproduce any further, you set a really bad example for your kid(s) and other kids.. Just don't do it, you should of worn a condom dude, we don't need more of you keyboard warriors running around lmao.
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  4. DeathBySnuSnu added a post in a topic Where's ninja class?   

    I feel sorry for his wife and kids, if their father is the one asking dumb questions. Does it show ninja on the classes list on the main website? No? well then its not here yet and probably wont be for 6 months or more, those other regions have been out for over a year.. Next time do research before you buy a game dumbass. 
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  5. DeathBySnuSnu added a post in a topic Why do I have to buy this game?   

    go mow some damn lawns man, or wait until your birthday/christmas, do chores around the house ask your parents for an allowance, sell some stuff you dont use anymore.. I dunno what to tell you, the b2p keeps p2w out of the game, i wouldn't play the game if it was p2w. 30 dollars shouldn't be too hard to come by man.
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  6. DeathBySnuSnu added a topic in General   

    No master baiters
    Never got my master baiter fishing title for catching a beltfish in CBT2.. 
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  7. DeathBySnuSnu added a post in a topic Give my money back! Daum   

    you purchased a 200 usd witch? damn thats an expensive witch.. is it a statue or something?
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  8. DeathBySnuSnu added a post in a topic [UPDATED] Daum - Why the hell can't we trade or mail items to friends?   

    havent seen one gold spammer yet and ive been on 24/7.. it has been wonderful.. please do not give in to the very vocal few.
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  9. DeathBySnuSnu added a topic in General   

    Can't Invite to Party.
    I tried the /whisper and when they reply it gives no option for party invite.. also tried /invite didnt work.. Tried invite from friends list didnt work.. whats going on? I havent tried in person but we are far apart.
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  10. DeathBySnuSnu added a post in a topic Make a new server.   

    cool story bro
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  11. DeathBySnuSnu added a post in a topic Make a new server.   

    Do something is all im saying.
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  12. DeathBySnuSnu added a topic in General   

    Make a new server.
    Servers are going apeshit, channels crashing, disconnecting every 2 minutes. No its not me or my computer lol.
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  13. DeathBySnuSnu added a post in a topic Can you no longer buy the actual boat from cash shop?   

    ok good im just making sure Im not doing all this work when someone could just pay for it.
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  14. DeathBySnuSnu added a topic in General   

    Can you no longer buy the actual boat from cash shop?
    I was checking cash up and noticed that the boats are costume only... so you don't get the actual boat with it now?
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  15. DeathBySnuSnu added a post in a topic Need some help for building Ferry   

    you have to actually be in that town to do it, cant remote it.
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