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  1. muscarine added a post in a topic Titles hidden stats   

    Most likely there is a CD to prevent peope from spamming a new title every 0.1s to spare the servers a superfluous burden from having to refresh, since this is showed to all players.
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  2. muscarine added a post in a topic Kzarka VS Liverto TEST   

    Good to know, thank you
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  3. muscarine added a post in a topic Kzarka VS Liverto TEST   

    Is there still a Kzarka buff planned in KR ?
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  4. muscarine added a post in a topic Patch Notes - September 14th   

    So with all the money you're making with your 100% convienience no p2w antics updates
    What about
    - Investing a bit into servers @ more than 10 tickrate
    - Reworking the memory fragment farming process which is the most tedious mechanic ever implemented in MMO history rather than just boring players to death so they throw money at you instead
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  5. muscarine added a post in a topic Maehwa = Unicorn   

    It's funny how people refer to me as "that blader" in game, or when i get some "your kunoichi looks good"
    And yet it's so sad
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  6. muscarine added a post in a topic [POLL] Most/Least played classes   

    You can't mix ninja/kunoichi and musa/maehwa.
    In both cases the male counterpart is much stronger and much more played than the female version.
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  7. muscarine added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 24th   

    Hopefully a good maintenance along with it, i could hear the servers squeeking like an old rusty door every time i used an action in game ~
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  8. muscarine added a post in a topic Gear and player gaps. Too much for average player?   

    Another way of saying "me"
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  9. muscarine added a post in a topic Dear developers, please nerf RNG   

    I'm afraid the guys at the top making the $$$ decisions are just waiting patiently for the forums to be filled enough with people being impatient over RNGs so they can introduce auto success PS items, which they will justify by saying "they listen to feedback".
    Stop being impatient and keep running at a none exhausting calculated pace. Just because some people got there before you doesn't mean it's unfair. Stop trying to water down every game you lay your hands on in the name of fairness. Instead, tell yourself that for every player that is ahead of you there's likely twice as much players behind you.
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  10. muscarine added a post in a topic New Dark Elf class   

  11. muscarine added a post in a topic Gear based PvP is only supported by plebs   

    How did you manage to still not block Kat and her Yes Men wagon, everytime there's a thread like this she will swarm on it with her No True Scotman pvper flag on fire
    I mean the girl even compared PKs to rapists back then
    You're wasting your time mate
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  12. muscarine added a post in a topic Gear based PvP is only supported by plebs   

    On top level pvp videos from KR we can see most fights barely last 2-3 seconds once contact is made so it's only going to get worst. I'm thinking Pearl Abyss might work on some mechanics to increase survivability with the Kamasilve update, hopefully not in the form of more iframe or pot spam, but more like people able to soak a bit more damage.
    Thing is of all the years i've been playing MMOs, it seems noone ever finds the right balance between faster than light TTK and the horror of unkillable attrition tank snoozefest. Which means if they were ever to increase DP efficiency we might fall from one flaw into another.
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  13. muscarine added a post in a topic Gear based PvP is only supported by plebs   

    Along with a way to pretend defeat is only due to gear, implying at equal gear they would surely win.
    So, this but with a pinch of inconspicuous sore loser powder.
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  14. muscarine added a post in a topic 1.5 Weeks of Farming: 1 Sharp/Hard Stone   

    At Artisan 3 i barely use 12-15 energy to clear a 5x10 garden, and i get 15-25 shards a week. I also use plants i can do something with.
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  15. muscarine added a post in a topic Gear and player gaps. Too much for average player?   

    You guys should complain a bit more so they eventually come back with Valk's Cry because "some players weren't able to enjoy the content". And end up making it worst while you will think this is a victory over these infamous nolife welfare basement dwellers.
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