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  1. Zangeki added a post in a topic Things calming down?   

    So much this. 

    During CBT2 everything was great and fun and all that's because it was all new, now that I've went thru' the stuff that piqued my interest I dunno what to do in the game, for sure not gonna 24/7/365 grind only to be noticed by senpais in PvP.
    Gonna wait for Blader and Warrior Awakening and after trying that stuff I'm most likely done.
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  2. Zangeki added a post in a topic Any chance of Modding to help Role Play?   

    Might be wrong but wasn't there some nude mod or something already made ? Obviously what else is going to be modded first in a game with visuals like these lol
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  3. Zangeki added a post in a topic Mediah Expansion [ Discussion ] [Feedback ]   

    Isn't Tamer kinda Far Eastern styled class ? o:
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  4. Zangeki added a post in a topic I am not paying to block gold-sellers all day   

    Remove trading system they said, it won't have goldsellers and it will be fun they said.
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  5. Zangeki added a post in a topic I want to craft the Grunil Set. What do I need?   

    You can find how to obtain some items and materials via that Crafting Manual thingy when you hit F2 ingame.
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  6. Zangeki added a topic in Suggestions   

    Costume Exchange Coupon
    So I see there are some profession based costumes that can be crafted or bought using ingame currency, now the only problem is they apparently replace your actual armor so you can't use them in battle.
    Unless that is, you have this mystic "Costume Exchange Coupon" which will turn it into an actual costume and give you a +2 Movement speed status.

    Where is it and why isn't it in the loyalties section of the Cash Shop ? DAUM pls no pls don't take our money for this as well.
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  7. Zangeki added a post in a topic I want to craft the Grunil Set. What do I need?   

    If I'm not mistaken Grunil isn't available to us yet, the Armor Crafting house 6 (stage 6 has Grunil) thingy is in Media.
    There are workshops for specific weapons/armors those workshops can do reforms on that specific item, giving it another extra stat like attack/cast speed and changing it's color/rarity.

    I yoloed a +10 green Yuria into blue reform for the sake of trying it out, got Crit rate 1 + Attack speed 1 + Cast speed 1 and I'm not sure about the damage I think it stayed the same.

    Anyways on to your what to do.
    For Brass Ingot you need to get Melted Zinc Shards and Melted Copper Shards,you get those by simply heating 5 Zinc/Copper ores, combine the melted shards using a Mineral Workbench(there's a house for that in Heidel , you need a worker for this duh) to get Brass Ingots.
    Fine Tough Hide now I'm not exactly sure where to get Fine hides, I'm guessing it requires a higher processing skill and you just dry Boar leather which you get from tanning a ... you guess it Boar.
    Black Stone Powder can be made by grinding all those socketing gems you don't need or by refining Rough Stones in a Refinery(one of dem houses in cities as well).
    Black Crystal can be gained from Heating Rough Black Crystals but not sure where to get those, probably some node or maybe even mob drops, look it up on bdotome or somewhere.

    But yeah as I said, Grunil will come in later updates.
    If you're a Warrior and looking for armor I guess take Agerian or Taritas for accuracy dunno ?
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  8. Zangeki added a post in a topic Edan 6, Orwen 4, Uno 2 - Number of Channels that are at Overrun population   

    Just the thread I was looking for, so my random disconnects are due to whole Jordine being overrun on all channels ?
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  9. Zangeki added a post in a topic Maintenance Extended By 2H   

    I suppose some of the staff would wake up to find a cracked window on his car and a brick or two in it
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  10. Zangeki added a post in a topic Maintenance Extended By 2H   

    Just how many times do you expect a man/woman to take a good healthy dump ?
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  11. Zangeki added a post in a topic explorer's package can't login?   

    Yes, you will still get the goodies listed under the Explorer's Package pre order.
    I only bought the Traveler's Package so can't say for sure but I think you will be able to redeem those items from your Account settings on the official BDO site once you log into the game and make a character which will recieve those items.
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  12. Zangeki added a post in a topic Name System Needs Serious Revision   

    Sadly have to agree, I didn't play some of the larger MMO titles but I've played my share of MMOs back in the day, the usual you run into is only your character name has to be unique.
    Tree of Savior gave a shot at Family name and imo it worked pretty well, only your Family name had to be unique whereas your character names could be anything ,don't recall if they allowed spaces in names but still it was a fine system in my opinion.
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  13. Zangeki added a post in a topic Jouska , i have words for you ....   

    The man has a point, tho' such elitist guilds might be around even now, who will judge you according to your gear.
    Speaking of which I never bother looking at that in MMOs, is it possible to check someone's gear/stats ?
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  14. Zangeki added a post in a topic Pet Movement   

    I only want to be able to play with my pet, interact with it more.
    They have quite a few minigames already, why not give us something to do with our faithful companion ?
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  15. Zangeki added a post in a topic Frontal grab with guard up - warrior mirror matches   

    I played Warrior in CBT2 and I played some PvP for the sake of trying it out.
    Now, either I was doing it wrong but I didn't find myself using block that often especially against classes that weren't long range.
    I fought Archers and considering their playstyle I had no choice but to rely alot on block ,that was the longest battle I had ,aside from the archers versus most other classes I would only use block when I was close range and I saw my opponent use some bad news skill ,otherwise I'd rely more on dodging and knocking down the enemy than I did with blocking.

    Now ontopic regarding grabs on block,imo it's fine as it is ,I'm not a pro but it felt okay aside from the location desyncs and some lags.
    Warrior versus Warrior should have some more mindplay with things being the way they are I guess.
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