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  1. Fireheart added a post in a topic What new class would you like to see?   

    This poll makes me think of a few things with those descriptions.
    1. Fixed Group Viable/New Skills Sorc (Warlock/Monk mix)
    2. Group Support Skills added to Witch/Wiz (Bard stuff with some DoTs)
    3. Male Ranger (Rangers able to use Guns)

    So, that leaves room for an actual new class instead of alterations on the current ones we have that could use help.

    Now for a real new class, my vote would go for a pure Spirit Class. Minions, Ghosts, Heals, think Ritualist & Spiritmaster from Guild Wars & Aion combined with this games combat system.

    Yes, Please.
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  2. Fireheart added a post in a topic Free event underwear   

    Beige Checkered (witch) 
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  3. Fireheart added a post in a topic Make weenie looney limited   

    Can we get her Sprint animation in this costume to her Riding that Broom please?
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  4. Fireheart added a post in a topic Petition to change Awakening Weapon's Name   

    Let's rename every weapon in the game. it's apparently not important since it has no effect on gameplay. I want a +15 gooblieblahblah boogles of nom nom.
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  5. Fireheart added a post in a topic New Korean costumes for valk/tamer/sorc/ranger   

    Really nice work on that Sorc costume. 
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  6. Fireheart added a topic in General   

    Ok, Time out
    All this ridiculous soap opera on this forum aside. Will this game have holiday events, teamwork, instances, fun things, community?

    My partner and best friend, her boyfriend and myself are all trying to find a game to play together and we all love to pvp AND PvE AND just quest for the love of questing and spending timet ogether and having fun.

    Is this game ever going to offer anything other than non-instanced mob grinding? I mean, I love this game, I really do, it has a lot of potential, but so far, it's just a glorified marvel heroes. Each class is a one trick pony that does nothing but go from point A to point B. Mob - Item - AH.

    WoW & Black Desert are our two candidates right now, back to WoW or do you think this game just needs some love and patience until the tweenie-boppers go to the next game and call that one p2w so this one can stabilize?

    Thank you for the opinions, onions, salsa and chips.  I love you and I hope you can love yourself as much as you claim you do.

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  7. Fireheart added a post in a topic Awakenings Discusion Thread   

    Release the awakenings all at once, but charge is for every swing! 
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  8. Fireheart added a post in a topic Dark Elf   

    Another melee class? How many different ways can you still swing that giant e-peen on a stick guys?

    *screaming intensifies*
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  9. Fireheart added a post in a topic Someone said..   

    I'm really hoping that the devs add some Chants/Aura/Hex type of abilities to Sorc to offer more options for playstyle as well as group and solo utility. 

    All the issues with Sorc would be adressed for the most part if she just had more DoTs, Auras that affected people and enemies around her, and yin-yang type of damage/buff skills. Hurts the Mob, benefits the Sorc, or Hurts the Sorc, benefits the group/hurts the mob. Weird magic, strange skills, but somehow work together. That seems to be Sorc so far, why not just embrace it and make her the Queen Cluncky McWeirdo of BDO.

    When I first saw videos of this game, the Sorc class reminded me of Psylocke, embrace iiiiiit, work it up. There's so much potential with this class, from dark elemental magic to summoner/melee type of playstyle to drain/sacrifice, to flat out Phoenix style destruction abilities.

    She needs a niche role, there's too many melee classes as it is, it's not suprising that sorc feels lackluster and outdated in many areas. I played a Ninja briefly to level 12 and they are so much more fun than a Sorc at 50. That means, it's time to go back and update Sorc imho.
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  10. Fireheart added a post in a topic Failure to Connect   

    I have, the ticket has been escalated to a "Senior Technician" and i'm reinstalling, again.
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  11. Fireheart added a topic in General   

    Failure to Connect
    Would it be possible to receive some support? I haven't been able to connect to the game since before the patch and I have yet to get a single response from anyone at this game.

    Is the game still being supported by a support team?
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  12. Fireheart added a post in a topic failed to connect   

    Same problem, any help on this or is it time to move to a new game?
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  13. Fireheart added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Cant login
    "Failure to Connect for 3 days" 

    Client hangs at "Processing", tried all search result suggestions and reddit. No help so far anywhere.
    Edit _: 39849028509284095
    Hi, does this game still have a support team? I don't mean to be rude, i'm asking because it's been days since i've had anyone show me that this game company actually has employees.

    I'm a bit confused.
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  14. Fireheart added a post in a topic Black Desert is an amazing Game...   

    I really like this game, so does my partner. It's really idiotic that we are basically required to avoid the official forums due to instigators and hypocrits. It would be an amazing place otherwise, if people could just speak with wisdom and integrity, instead of abbreviations and jokes to justify ignorance.

    Clear, Kind and patient communication would greatly benefit these forums, on both sides, developers as well as the players. We need to remember we're all in this together, what is the point of playing pretend if you're all going to be so -----ing serious about everything? 

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  15. Fireheart added a post in a topic Attack Speed is useless for Sorcs   

    Does this game still have a development team that responds to forums?
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