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  1. WRX added a post in a topic Meme Castle Siege Part 1   

    So. Manup fought a castle 3v1, and they couldn't kill manup because shit positioning. Seems like they are just mad they got farmed.
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  2. WRX added a post in a topic Video 6   

    I have seen more compelling videos made by a 3rd grader. 
    Two things are certain. Nobody actually knows who this Torrent guy is, and Im sure that guild will have its 14th GM in 2 weeks when more people realize how bad they are. 
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  3. WRX added a post in a topic video 4   

    Lol gatekeeper probably should join preatorianrns on a dodge server. Hur hur you used a bug, that we couldnt use, because we cant kill anyone.
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  4. WRX added a post in a topic <EDAN> Baka join today!   

    That honestly looks like fun.
    EDIT: Nvm, thats not all at once.
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  5. WRX added a post in a topic Alliances in Node Wars   

    Brotherhood is a punch of carebare ******* thatll get pushed in once they get forced to a real server.
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  6. WRX added a post in a topic Alliance Betrayals   

    Bruh I already told you weeks ago to stick to your side of the pond before Mango Desert comes and destroys CoffenLaughing and everyone there as well.
    Go gather more screenshots for your spreadsheets so you know all your guildies gear. 280 was everyones score 1 month in.
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  7. WRX added a post in a topic [Official] Orwen Guild Rankings (5/25/2016)   

    But who cares if you are on orwen. King of bad, is still bad.
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  8. WRX added a post in a topic mangoGay [Orwen]   

    Pretarian is easily the #1 dodge guild NA
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  9. WRX added a post in a topic Are you in "The Brotherhood" on Uno?   

    Should just merge all servers now so Mango can dumpster more zerg alliances.
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  10. WRX added a post in a topic PRX t2 Support t5   

    Aren't you allied?
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  11. WRX added a post in a topic [Official] Edan guild ranking.   

    Another mango thread, with another shit guild in here who doesn't understand game mechanics. 
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  12. WRX added a post in a topic Mango Bay full of hackers   

    Shit, C rank guild, Desync is trying to make a name for themselves by putting S+ rank guild, Mangobay, in a video with themselves.
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  13. WRX added a post in a topic [Official] Edan guild ranking.   

    You should hear the TS. Feedz makes us practice strategies daily, and changes the codes and movements each time a member is removed from guild. 
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  14. WRX added a post in a topic Gatekeepers retiring before sieges   

    New gatekepper strat confirmed, developed by Saltya. 
    Circular shield wall. No mango flanks, and circles have no weak points. They got us now boiz.
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  15. WRX added a post in a topic Gatekeepers retiring before sieges   

    What is this garbage you are going on about? Numbers werent in Mangos favor, especially adding waifu to it. But in the end, who cares. GvG, and after the first 2 minutes Gatekepper and Wafiu got walked to the dumpster every single fight. We pushed you in and out of Sarma for fun, engaging every fight because some people just want to RP shield wall.
    If Kusha wasnt a save zone, you'd likely of all uninstalled. 
    "This is a game, a game for adults." "The way you talk makes you look like a -----ing joke"
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