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  1. Kit7ycat added a post in a topic Quest: Harpy Plume   

    Thank you ever so much! <3 this helped a lot.
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  2. Kit7ycat added a post in a topic Cash Shop Discussion   

    sorry for asking this if it has already been answered, but i didn't want to read thur 22 pages of people crying over 7days without a Cash shop on launch. 
    My question is about the below statement -- has anyone a GM or otherwise know how  the shop in CBT2 will work? will we have to buy extra pearls to buy items during CBT2 testing, or will we be provided with test pearls- if we do have to buy more, will it be reimbursed in live? 

    thankyou in advance ^^
    Cash Shop Opening
    • The Cash Shop will not be available at launch
    • All items available in the Cash Shop will be available during CBT2 testing phase including pricing
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  3. Kit7ycat added a post in a topic Territory of Service - Updated 13.11.2015   

    Stop giving them ideas! 
    That will be our next thread and petition --- "Release all the classes for Launch" ;P

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  4. Kit7ycat added a post in a topic Territory of Service - Updated 13.11.2015   

    Aww, The whole Oceania region thanks you for letting us play. <3 
    Patience everyone! We may all get there in the end. =)
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  5. Kit7ycat added a post in a topic STOP The IP Block Talk   

    I just want to point out, you technically made another post about it, it was all (mostly) tied up in one thread really, so you just made another.
    Well Done!
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  6. Kit7ycat added a post in a topic Australia - Release Date/ IP   

    No Yasuo, I said "sometime BEFORE July. I can't find the post any longer. but it is in the first part of the year.
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  7. Kit7ycat added a post in a topic Territory of Service   

    LOL shh, don't let them know of this problem we might have with english.

    But I am quite positive that we aren't IP blocked for our "bogan" way of speaking. ^^ 

    and in regards to a previous post, I think we need to be asking for a FULL list of countries who are and aren't blocked, cause there seems to be some unclear places. With all we know we are under NA and EU .. ;P 

    But yes, please devs could you release a full list including all small islands and countries that are listed under the IP block and who are free to play (b2p), with no restrictions.  Thanking you kindly. 
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  8. Kit7ycat added a post in a topic Territory of Service   

    Australia and NewZealand Speak english just fine, and so do a lot of other countries that are being blocked. Be careful what you say. ;P
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  9. Kit7ycat added a post in a topic Australia - Release Date/ IP   

    Yea, I personally waiting for a post that actually mentions Aus and NZ, cause I am yet to see one. We need this game. ^^
    And yes next Year (I think sometime before July) is launch, no offical date tho, But Beta is still gonna happen this year. 
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  10. Kit7ycat added a post in a topic Territory of Service   

    I get IP blocks i do, but i feel IP blocking Aussies and NZlers are just plan unfair. You would think we fall under EU, but nope - we have our own laws about MMOs and games being open to us. I guess it is just to much work. >.> -- Disappointed--
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  11. Kit7ycat added a post in a topic Territory of Service   

    This is really unfair, Australia and NewZealand gaming community have been waiting as long as everyone else for this game, we are so isolated here, you really need to make a concession here for our lonely little islands. We are willing to pay for this game and enjoy it like everyone else, Make the effort and unblock us please. 
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