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  1. LordOnichan added a post in a topic Please bring back Cutscenes   

    They should let players voice their own renditions of cutscenes and quest dialog.
    Then we can have voice acted quests 😂😂😂
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  2. LordOnichan added a post in a topic What is your gear score?   

    Thank you best comment so far! That's all the best gear at very impressive level. Still under 500
    Full Tet! And just squeezing past 500!!
    So much good info on the actual power difference between players
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  3. LordOnichan added a topic in Suggestions   

    Suggestion for new PvP game type
    Open war.
    Any node a player has controlled for one full week is eligible to be fought for.
    At designated times a server channel is designated for open war. Any player may enter. For those nodes chosen as conflict nodes, each incoming player will be randomly assigned a role as a defender or attacker.
    Any game type or win condition can be used to determine winners and losers in this scenario.
    Very little programming, and a lot of replay value
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  4. LordOnichan added a post in a topic What class do you want to see next. After Dark Knight?   

    The Gunslinger Class! 
    A medium range male class that wields two pistols.
    His awakening is a rifle to shoot targets at long range with a scope.
    His unique mechanic is he must use a crafted consumable item to activate certain abilities. 
    Make him a male elf. And male elves can't use magic, so must craft gunpowder and other stuff to fuel their abilities.
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  5. LordOnichan added a post in a topic What is your gear score?   

    You got to have all Tri and some Tet boss gear and Tri accessories for 500+....
    it's pretty ultimate to hit 500
    I really like how the results are showing a clear curve. Very useful poll so far thanks people 😎
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  6. LordOnichan added a post in a topic What is your gear score?   

    And the awakened weapon gear score is seperate from normal gear score.
    please don't add both those together
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  7. LordOnichan added a post in a topic What is your gear score?   

    😂😂 Wow! You got over 500 shown gear score?!?! Please post pic, I want to know how. All tips appreciated.
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  8. LordOnichan added a post in a topic HOW DO YOU PEOPLE DO IT? Enchanting high risk?!   

    They grind. and grind. And grind.
    There is no secret to what they do. They just live in black desert, so have more of everything to risk.
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  9. LordOnichan added a topic in General   

    What is your gear score?
    hello BDO community! I am coming back after a few month hiatus. Now a year into the game and the super competitive grinders have left for the most part...
    What is everyone's gear score? (This means adding the AP/DP numbers together on your inventory screen. Do not add the awakened weapon. That is a seperate gear score)
    This is just to help me understand what the average player power level is in the game.
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  10. LordOnichan added a post in a topic Show off your Sorceress!!!   

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  11. LordOnichan added a topic in Valkyrie   

    Post pics and Videos of your Awakened Valkyries!
    Awakened Valkyries only!

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  12. LordOnichan added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    For the last month I've logged on, collected my login reward, then looked at my inventory, and all my characters with no more failstacks and log out.
    Just the thought of getting enough failstacks to upgrade any higher has caused me to lose all interest n continuing. I dont want to downgrade any items, and I am SICK OF FAILSTACKS!!!
    I play for ten minutes and feel like I'm wasting my time and log off.
    That's not a good sign.
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  13. LordOnichan added a post in a topic Gear Score Calculator, NOW WITH AWAKENING!   

    None of that number is evasion. Evasion, like accuracy is a seperate stat.
    For denoted evaion values it is relatively easy. However for those few items that give hidden evasion, tests need to be done to determine the value oer enchant.
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  14. LordOnichan added a post in a topic Gear Score Calculator, NOW WITH AWAKENING!   

    It can be done if we set a common baseline.
    Here are some assumptions that can be made with known observations about the game:
    1. Hidden Accuracy gains/per enchant are different between tiers of gear green/blue/gold< liverto< Boss gear.
                   Even between liverto and boss gear(kzarka) the last tests showed naught but a 1-3% difference at Tri. This means that you would start with a lower range in degrees of confidence by using the median value 2%
                  Level based difference in chance to hit in the last known study shows a 2% per 10 level change in chnce to hit according to level. Meaning fr every ten levels of difference, the increase in chance to hit only increases 2% or .2% per level.
                For shown accuracy values (+5 Acc items etc) the simplest way would be to add 1% chance to hit per bonus level. Although combining the results of the all the known studies shows it to be closer to .65%. (or more specifically, starting at a range of 1% at +1 acc to a minimum of .5% at +20 to +30 shown accuracy value.)
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  15. LordOnichan added a post in a topic Gear Score Calculator, NOW WITH AWAKENING!   

    The control status was of two players with the same gear and same enchant level as a baseline for comparison.
    ie 2 players each armed with liverto and vangertz, taritas armor, both +15 enchant strength.
    Between those two, the base chance of hit should be the same as those two players if their same kit was +0 enchant.
    after this baseline, quite obviously changes in acc or ev scores will affect the range of possible damage and strike outcomes.
    This wide range is what renders any attemot to equate Acc with AP as a linked factor in your equation will lead to wildly inaccurate results.
    The gearscore calc would be better served by seperating acc and ev scores from ap/dp and show the players how much extra chance to hit or not be hit they have based on that score.
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