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  1. Nanaya added a post in a topic Extended Maintenence ohh .. what a shock   

    The question is, how many times will they push it back an additional hour?
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  2. Nanaya added a post in a topic Patch is up   

    maint delayed an hour.
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  3. Nanaya added a post in a topic A Sad day for those hoping for a toxic player purge   

    I wouldn't bother with that one. 
    What they are truly mad about is now investing in a game that will no longer have a community anymore. The only people that will be left are those who already have an insane GS. Which basically means when they finally comes across another player ingame it will be a short fight.
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  4. Nanaya added a post in a topic A Sad day for those hoping for a toxic player purge   

    This one made me giggle. Head back to World of Warcraft kiddie. 
    For those who actually logged in, you would have noticed the community was more serious about this than the forum community made it seem.
    People started uninstalling the day after the announcement, Many people quit within the last week, even more quit BDO for good last night. Doesn't stop there, you will have the community bleed out throughout this week. 
    There was another game which pulled the same stunt(Age of Conan), which had a extremely loyal ingame community. At first it was a monthly subscription based mmorpg and after it opened up a cash shop, then went f2p. Its basically been shut down for years. 
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  5. Nanaya added a post in a topic Do you know what is the funny thing out of all of this?   

    KR/RU Versions are truly P2W. The caps/returns are higher in the market place for cash shop items. 
    If you are pro p2w, why not reroll and have an easier time. I happen to know of NA/EU players that still have large communities on KR.
    What we wanted was a different version for NA/EU. Not another clone.
    What I fail to understand time and again is how everyone is so quick to adopt a format that is already in use and easily accessible.
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  6. Nanaya added a post in a topic Open Letter to Daum Games / Pearl Abyss. SIGN THE CHANGE.ORG PETITION   

    We all love this game to much and have hoped for the future. Which is why we fight for a certain structure that is known to work and give longevity to games that use it. P2W is a game killer.. It is a choice companies make to milk their player-base before abandoning any future development. 
    A large population just washed their hands altogether and quit without any attempt in revealing their opinions on the matter. I do not blame them. 
    However, until they actually decide to implement this change, I for one intend to fight for what was my last attempt at immersing myself in an mmo.
    BDO has the foundation of something magical. Lets preserve it. 
    If the changes are put into effect, MMO's will be a thing of the past for myself.
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  7. Nanaya added a post in a topic Collective attempt at preventing p2w in BDO   

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  8. Nanaya added a post in a topic Collective attempt at preventing p2w in BDO   

    If they go through with this p2w update after seeing the massive volume of opposition, it will regrettably be suicide.
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  9. Nanaya added a post in a topic Does this not say enough? - Valencia J2   

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  10. Nanaya added a post in a topic A list of things to do to combat the P2W change coming.   

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  11. Nanaya added a post in a topic #BDOLivesMatter -- NO TO P2W!!!   

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  12. Nanaya added a post in a topic <Cynical> Orwen PvP Guild | Join Us On Discord   

    #SaveBDO #Nop2w
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  13. Nanaya added a post in a topic Ok, this is P2W   

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  14. Nanaya added a post in a topic <Cynical> Orwen PvP Guild | Join Us On Discord   

    GG. Cynical OP'ed much?
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  15. Nanaya added a topic in General   

    Daum cash not working.
    Internal server error.
    All day erryday. Who else? 
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  16. Nanaya added a post in a topic NA Server Character Placement Issue Resolution   

    Some seriously bad customer service. Should be ashamed.
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  17. Nanaya added a topic in General   

    Shut down the game now.
    You are screwing half the community by keeping this game online while nothing is getting fixed. Since the team mixed up channels. 
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  18. Nanaya added a post in a topic Unable To Switch Channels & Characters Missing   

    People are right.
    The game should be taken offline until this is fixed.
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  19. Nanaya added a post in a topic Unable to Switch channels   

    They atleast better have serendia up soon. I can't find my character on any of the channels
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  20. Nanaya added a post in a topic Serendia E1 locked, characters gone.   

    So I picked Orwen Serendia.. Spent 3 hours since launch playing. The server went down and my characters don't seem to exist on any of the other channels. My character better not be stuck on a single channel(serendia).
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  21. Nanaya added a post in a topic BDO Community   

    I'm going to be honest. 
    Did not read a single response.
    Hopefully this was mentioned.
    This forum is open to public. 
    People can post anonymously.
    Until that is fixed, this forum will remain mostly toxic.
    Have fun.
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  22. Nanaya added a post in a topic PKer Guild   

    The karma penalties have basically destroyed any future PKing guilds. 
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  23. Nanaya added a post in a topic Server Configuration   

    I have to ask. Was this poll for real?
    The poll clearly shows that the community wants, what, multiple servers per region with minimal channels per server. 
    So is this what we are to expect on launch? 
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  24. Nanaya added a post in a topic I am mad at megaserver!   

    This is an obvious troll and should be treated as such.  With simple moderation by taking it down.
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  25. Nanaya added a post in a topic We need linked forum accounts.   

    I have 3 50+ on kr.
    Love how you all are trying to take over this thread by adding in pointless opposition. 
    The importance of having linked forums accounts is on another level.
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