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  1. Zoldar added a post in a topic Epheria fishing rod question   

    Laria is correct, one branded rod at +5 will run out of bag space before durability. Consider also a branded and levelled Balenos Rod as well, it will autofish faster and still last overnight once you get it upgraded a few levels.
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  2. Zoldar added a post in a topic [Updated][Maintenance] Maintenance November 30th   

    That being the case, it would make sense then to have guild channel as one not used as much. But then why am I talking about making sense and talking in these forums, the two things don't go together. Forgot this is for flaming and not for constructive conversations that assist each other enjoy the game.
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  3. Zoldar added a post in a topic [Updated] Shovels & Bottles Temporarily Disabled   

    I enjoy the game, but why are we nearing next server down and still no hotfix for this problem. Yes you get bugs and sometimes they can be exploited, but surely a hotfix should be ready in 24hrs of discovery, not a week later and still no fix for the problem. Also it never ends to amaze me that in these discussions, there are never any feedback from CM's who as community managers I would of thought would be employed to do just that. Maybe they should look at how active CM's are in other similar games I have played over the years, this includes weekly video blogs etc on what is coming and what is happening on the servers. Bad communication is what will kill this game for the western world I think, and I can only assume bad management leads to this and filters down as the normal ethos of the company. I love the game, but no game is worth constant frustration coming from no communication. First time ever that I have to wait until after a patch is applied before I get to see the patch notes
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  4. Zoldar added a post in a topic Cadry Chief Gatekeeper spawns on top of Agrakhan   

    It is certainly doing that, another pearl sinkhole
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  5. Zoldar added a post in a topic Cadry Chief Gatekeeper spawns on top of Agrakhan   

    This does seem like a strange thing to do, was there any reason behind this for gameplay reasons, it would be nice to hear something from the CM's on this.
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  6. Zoldar added a post in a topic attendance event bug   

    This bug seems complete Server, we are on Edan and no one in guild has achieved it. Any word from anyone on this being recognised?
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  7. Zoldar added a post in a topic Explorer Event Series   

    Same here, it says it was collected, but no where to be found, come on guys, some ownership for the problem please. Communication goes a long way to stop people getting upset. Surely telling us all what is going on is a good start, I can accept things do not go as planned, but silence pisses everyone off.
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  8. Zoldar added a post in a topic Explorer Event Series   

    Same here, what is going on, nothing from CM's as per usual!
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  9. Zoldar added a post in a topic Golden Event Information   

    I have one to show for all my fishing gathering and killing lol, but then again I think I have the worst RNG in this game, anyone care to challenge that? The only time I succeed enchanting is when I am trying to build a failstack  and it is on a bit of junk that no one wants to buy....
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  10. Zoldar added a post in a topic Ninja and Kunoichi Update Events!   

    Dude, get a grip on yourself, these are now selling on the Auction House for 9.5Mil - so you get all the extras in game for in game silver. You get the advantage of what they are paying for plus the time to play, so you are the one with P2W.
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  11. Zoldar added a post in a topic Lag and freezing   

    On behalf of the Oceania Guild, I would like to say that lag and constant DCing has made a new combat quest we just started impossible to complete, we only have one player left who can stay in the game long enough to do anything. This is the first time that I have experienced lag in game as I have a 115Mb connection and high end series 6 I7 gaming rig, so it is not machine related, all files are also ok. This started about 25 mins ago and seems to have affected everyone, the game was the only thing affected as we use discord and still were able to keep each other updated on what is happening. This occurred on the Eden Server and a couple of channels... I am sure it will show in your logs if you are unaware of it. At present I can not even stay connected long enough to get out of Heidel , Please let us know what is happening or this is now a no go zone until the server reboot tomorrow.
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  12. Zoldar added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Server Channels up and down
    Edan server channels are dropping offline, things seem to be getting worse since the update, no problem prior....
    This is happening to everyone on these channels, so why is nothing in the forums yet from the CM's?????
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  13. Zoldar added a post in a topic Head Start Compensation & Support   

    @ CM_Jouska
    I was on Edan Serendia E1 and lost my two main chars, and can not claim their names back till the 30th of this month if I have read these things correctly.
    I have not claimed my headstart goods at that time, so that was not such an issue for me, but what was that I lost chars that I had just levelled for 2 hours. I waited and watched the very sparse replies from yourself! Given the time when I could start playing again safely again and now have incorrect names until the 30th, I lost 8 hours of gameplay time. Our Guild is well behind also due to this stuff up and our time online.
    I personally think the wise thing to do was to shut all servers down and when problem fixed, all bought up again. Your choice of actions on the NA Servers pitted users against each other as those still playing found the time to call those not playing wingers etc.
    Now having looked at your matrix above, it would appear that as I had not claimed my items at that stage, I am entitled to no compensation and if so, standby for my next blog posts  I am hoping your matrix is incorrect and although your compensation is still not well balanced for the problems people suffered. I think there should of been guild compensations as well for the lost time that Guilds had at the start.
    Lastly, I would suggest that yourself as Community Manager, learn your job if you wish to keep this community active and value it as you say you do by posting continuously even if there is no progress as people spoken to become a lot less agitated then people who are asking questions and not replied back to.
    Zoldar (AKA Zoldars thanks to you guys)
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