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  1. xyanade added a post in a topic Conqueror Pack Horse Resolution   

    finally some good response from cs
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  2. xyanade added a post in a topic Conqueror's Pack Horse   

    meh, it doesn't solve the breeding mystery. 
    also the stats doesn't look good compare to T4 horse.
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  3. xyanade added a post in a topic Top 5 ways to make money?   

    you need high lv gathering too
    you need to supply yourself cause most final product is less worthy than raw mats.
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  4. xyanade added a post in a topic I heard you cry about the conqueror horse   

    it's a bit low tbh...
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  5. xyanade added a post in a topic Prices on craftable costumes   

    it happens in almost all field, most notably alchemy
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  6. xyanade added a post in a topic Daum Games, help me!.   

    hmm i might be sarcastic but the fact is daum might not care at all. I myself have faced payment issue, bugs, etc. all things you can think of happened in one game, and several of my friends got payment issues too, they are seemingly ignored, a month passed nobody replies.
    try tag CM Jouska, he might be helpful but in a limited way, I mean he might just be able to hand in the problem to the cs team or daum/pa, but if the latter won't be able to solve the problem you will be in the queue waiting for an answer for months too.
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  7. xyanade added a post in a topic Clipping and LOD   

    don't think this will ever bee solved, it's been in kr version for years
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  8. xyanade added a post in a topic Would i get much improvement if I upgraded my i5 2500k sandy bridge to something else?   

    won't increase much, better invest on gpu, ssd and cooling
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  9. xyanade added a post in a topic Daum Games, help me!.   

    hey don't jump the queue, we have a month ticket not solved yet
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  10. xyanade added a post in a topic Does luck and/or node investments affect professions (farming/gathering drop rates)?   

    it's based on rng, you can't reason with it.
    what's more, let's suppose the drop rate being 0.000001 and even if you increased by 10% from investing nodes, you won't feel the difference at all.
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  11. xyanade added a post in a topic How to unlock horse skills?   

    buy mount skins in cash shop, the set will increase the chance to get skill each time your mount levels up
    yes this is definitely p2w element, welcome to the world of (being) cash grab(bed)
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  12. xyanade added a post in a topic Realy? Conq T5 Horse   

    even lv25 can't make it easily. and even lv30 has chance to fail
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  13. xyanade added a post in a topic Realy? Conq T5 Horse   

    you sound like a T5 and a T4/T5 will surely make a T6, which is denied by the god of RNG.
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  14. xyanade added a post in a topic How do I say this without offending anyone?   

    This topic is invalid. We are now using words like "martial art" which came from the same source, so you should be able to accept "musa" or "musha" too.
    And, hell, there are ninja/kunoichi, what "localized" word do you want to use for those class?
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  15. xyanade added a post in a topic Diminishing return Contribution XP at 250?   

    it's almost a month and nobody from daum replies to this 

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